Friday, November 30, 2007

What Scorpio Wants - She Gets

Earlier in the year I posted a blog about Scorpio Women and how we always get what we want and someone (someone foolish I might add) wrote to me and challenged my reasoning. To this man, this very fine and uniquely positioned man in my life, I say this: I am a woman first, therefore, throw all reason out. I am a Scorpio woman secondly - duck! (She smiles as he stepped away slowly in a flirtatious Piscean retreat!)

When a woman has her mind set it would be an idiot's move to try and stop her. Even our our holy scriptures tell us it is better to dwell on the top of the roof than inside the house with an angry woman. Have you not been on the barrel end of the stare of a woman who either wants you so badly you're about to melt, or she hates you so badly you're about to melt? Either way - you melt. The only difference is where you will be doing that act itself. Location, location, location! Will it be in her bedroom, twisted among the sheets, or will it be on the bar stool all night alone with other loners who made the same mistakes? Women simply do two things gentlemen: First we rock the cradle, then we rule the world.

Caesar had a wife. He knew back in the day the importance of keeping her out of politics - it was HIS order that held voting to men and even the order deciding NOT to educate the women in Rome for only ONE reason - we rule the world. Sure, we let men live in it, work in it, play in it, even crave us and please us -- but it is our world to rock. Try living without a woman, she can do the time without you - or have you never actually thought that one out? Sorry to be the bearer of truth.

Now, let's get back to the Scorpio Woman versus all 11 other zodiac femme. It's not that we're the end all, or that we are the only champions of the world - no, that's not it. We simply have a bit more zeal, a bit more tenacity, a bit more I'll-get-it-because-I-want-it sort of thought process from the beginning and it's usually something she was born with, not learned. There are those really rare exceptions who were born on October 27, 1965, but we'll not get into that right now. A Scorpio Woman is more likely to face you and tell you exactly what she wants. You hear her, you know she's not blinking, her voice is clear, and you realize you don't have many options. That's how the power is instilled. There are other ways. She decides she wants something, she writes it down, perhaps blogs about it, and then she goes about her day reading, researching, planning, scheming, determining, and engineering every single minute detail of the capture, the conquer, the quest - until it's hers. There is no try with Scorpio. There is do.

Oh, I do apologize if these words seem harsh, uneasy, or even unbelievable to you - you're allowed to shake your head, just don't turn your back if she's smiling (without blinking)it could be your personal education.

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crofts50 said...

Yes you are COMPLETELY Right about it all!! Love from a Pisces/ Aries cusp, Scorpio ascendant woman (I mostly feel like a Scorpio though). It is ALL True!!!! YAY!! ;)