Thursday, December 21, 2017

Day 27 ACV - Getting Better at This

Day 27 and I have to say, I've only let 2 days go by where I didn't drink the Apple Cider Vinegar. I still haven't seen major effects taking place. I don't seem to be any thinner for the taking of the mixture, and I don't feel any major differences. What I do know is that I am receiving a good benefit from the fact that it works as a natural anti-inflammatory and it works well to both balance your blood's white count I think it is, and it lowers your cholesterol. I'm probably a lot healthier than I realize, but I'm not seeing any of the weight loss that people talked about.  I was HOPING that on the 4th week I could say "OMG, I've lost 12 pounds" but I can't say that. I don't think I have.

Well, at least I have the hopes and knowledge of knowing that I have been working out for about 5 days now. We've gone 3x so far, and I'll go another 3x in the next 4 days. I think every week we'll go about 5x and each time we'll work out, walk, use the robotic machines, we'll swim a little, sit in the hot tub, and both the wet and dry saunas.  I need to spend a bit more time in the pool, maybe at least 30 minutes each time. That's probably going to have to start happening. My son tells me that the pool will be my best bet to get the fat off this old body.

Let me tell you, there are too many mirrors in that place for my taste. I'm not kidding you. I almost have to wear dark sunglasses to avoid seeing myself from every damn angle. ROLLY POLLY is what I see. I'm still about 40 pounds too heavy and it's all right in the middle. EVERY inch of me outside of my torso is fine. If I was in proportion to my calves and biceps, I'd be a beautiful woman. LOL I would be 5'7", 128 pounds, solid as a rock, and probably have thicker hair too.  Why not; if we're going to pretend, we may has well do it all the way.

It's becoming easier to do the work out. I did notice that. The first time I sat at the elliptical (recumbent) machine I could barely push through 3 minutes. I am doing 5 minutes now and biking about 1.8 to 2.0 miles each time. I lose 30 to 50 calories, and get the blood pumping. I walk to the track, and walk it 10 times, which is 1/2 a mile, then I do the machines on the inside of it, the arms, bi-ceps, tri-ceps, and back muscle machines. Then I walk another 1/2 mile.  I do the other machines if I feel like torturing myself further, but today I picked up the 10 pound kettle ball to do a few swings. I need to start with the 10 even though I know it's light. I want to do 50 swings and then move up if I can do those without problems.

Off to the robotics, and let them do their thing. One of them literally massages your fat. You can sit on it, lay on your back and/or belly. You can do your thighs one at a time, or you can do calves. Another of my favorites shakes your bones loose from your muscles as you lay on it. It can either be your best friend or worst enemy, depending on the day I suppose. If you lay loosely it works your back, it you tighten your belly (while laying on your back) you get an ab work out like no other. I love it and I hate it, but I use it every time!

Following the robots I take to the pool if no one is there, and to the saunas if the pool is busy. I switch back and forth and usually end up in the jacuzzi at the end of the day. Ten minutes at least in that pool right up against the jets.....Oh, back loves me after that.  By the time we finish we may have spent 2 hours in the gym, which is absolutely crazy for us, we're usually at the barn, but NO MORE. We go to the barn on weekends now, and one day a week. When the weather is better, and the sun is out more we may hit the barn first, but we'll end up in that hot tub a lot more often than not. It's a good thing I don't have one at home, I may not go to work.

Soon, and very soon, I will tell you that my pants are falling off! That will be a great thing, and it will be a bad thing if I don't invest in a belt soon.  At least I can say I know it will happen. I'm making this body listen to my mind finally. I will be 140 and I will be a size 10. I will be healthier, and I will be able to swing 20 pound kettle balls ... just not right now. LOL

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Day 25 ACV - Sauna Time!

Day 25 of the ACV and I have to admit, I've not actually taken it today. I will though, probably as soon as I finish this blog.  I'm doing the whole whey protein shake thing right now. I worked out with Laura, and we immediately broke out the new protein tub. I think you call it a tub, it's not a bottle, it's the big fat canister type thing, a container, so yeah, I'm going to say tub. We opted for the vanilla so as to not overload ourselves with too many options. I added cinnamon to mine, she added half a banana to hers. I used the hand shaker, since she was insistent on using the Nutri-bullet for hers...I could have added ice to mine if I did, but I didn't so it's cool. Tomorrow I'll let her add other fruits, but I'm not the biggest fan of bananas in drinks. I'm OK with them on ice cream and on my cereal, maybe even on a pancake, and definitely on my peanut butter sandwiches, yes, bananas do have their place in our home.  With the cinnamon though, I get a little extra pep; so you gotta love that.

OK...sauna day. You have to earn it you know, you can't just walk in the door and make a Bee-line to the saunas. I guess you could, but we make it a reward thing.  First we destroy ourselves on the floor, then we sit for 30 minutes between the whirlpool at 105 degrees for 10, then the wet sauna for 10 and then the dry sauna for 10...if we can take it. If not, we get out and swim a few laps to cool off in the big pool. Truth we told, I end up doing that every time anyway to get my body moving again and to try and take off 5-10 more calories. If I can get my deficit in I can lose's all about the fat, baby.  Speaking of fat, Laura weighed herself. I told her not to. She's not fat, but she's about 13 pounds heavier than she thought she was, and that was enough to send her to the moon and back. I think she spent a few extra minutes on the treadmill and the standing elliptical. She was all about that 13 pounds today. I'm still hearing about it, and it's been 3 hours.  OK, we get're a cow!! LOL, no, she's not, she's doughy.  I have  a photo of her on my goal board. She's about 5'8" and 145 in the photo, and she's happy, just shampooing the horse. She agrees with me, when we had our own farm we were both a lot thinner and in better shape. You can't help it, you have to drag 50 pound feed bags around, bale hay, load hay, feed hay, clean stalls, work horses, and then some. Yes, you're going to be thinner and in better shape.  I miss my farm.

We live in the city now, and currently rent, but someday we'll get another farm. I don't think my daughter realizes she can get married and have her own place; at 28 shes still rather content to just hang with mom. It may happen, it may not, but no matter what happens in that realm we still have SAUNA DAY!  (I say that as if we're only going to use the saunas now and then. NOPE, we're going to use those rooms EVERY time we go....EVERY time.)  Before we hit the gym tonight we ran by Academy to pick up swimsuits and let me tell you, they still have tops and bottoms and they were on drastic sale. I picked up a long top sports bra for $10 and bottoms for $10.  We both bought thin t-shirts for $5 each, and shorts for $8.  Definitely going there Friday after work (pay day) for some future yoga pants.  I'd give it 1 month and I guarantee you I can fit in my wait, it will happen.  Wait and watch.

She's about 145-150 in this one. My goal.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Day 24 ACV Diet: Gym Time

Day 24 ACV Diet
Gym Time!!

OMG, so my daughter Laura and I have decided that enough is enough. We wanted to work out, exercise, burn those calories, and get fit. We also wanted to do it in a gym that was both inexpensive and close to our house. The one we found is PERFECT. It's also (a huge bonus) an all-women's fitness center. No men whatsoever, and they can't be sued for it, as there would be way too many sexual harassment complaints by the members; and the courts know this. Apparently, this particular gym has been sued two times, and every member to the last has agreed to keep it men-free.  That may sound sexist and terrible to some, but too damn bad.  Women need a place they can fart, stretch in strange ways, and roll their bodies into pretzels without some man watching them, judging them, analyzing them, or harassing them. If you disagree, go ahead and disagree, I think there should be all men places too; I'm progressive like that.

We joined yesterday and went today.  When you first walk in you realize that they don't allow kids under the age of 16 either and anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent, not an adult, an actual biological or adoptive parent or guardian. Again, they were sued, but they won that one too. No place of business needs to worry about a kid being hurt and not being able to find their parent or guardian. I love it.  We will probably stay at this place long after we have shed the pounds.

When you see the floor you realize the owner did everything the way she would want it, and luckily for everyone of the members, we like it too.  There are several types of machines, there are single types such as recumbent bikes and elliptical, standing elliptical and stair masters. There are treadmills and the standard regular bikes. They have spinners, weight machines, legs, arms, chests, back, hips,and gut working machines. They have the Lady Nautilus machines that are designed for women, so that we don't have our arms really stretched or our hips at the wrong angles. They have weight lifting machines and free weights, but my favorites are the motion machines. These are the type you see if you go to a Tan and Tone America. I don't know if you know what I'm talking about, but you lay down on them face up or down, depending on the device, and your body parts are moved around by the machine. You resist the force, and slowly the machine literally works the fat off of your body while it tones it. It's wonderful! There's one that just rolls and rolls and rolls, and you choose what gets rolled. I usually sit on it, and let my bum and my legs work out. It releases the cellulite and helps you flush the fat out. It really does work, and I am so glad they have these. I would join just for those alone.

They have a whirlpool set at 105 degrees, a heated pool to do aerobics or freestyle swimming in, and two saunas, the dry and the wet, both really hot, and both so awesome on your aching sore muscles. The wet sauna has menthol added, and you walk out of there with your sinuses cleared, believe me. I am so tired but I feel so good.  We spent over 2 hours there today, and we'll do it again tomorrow, but heavier on the swimming tomorrow, and lighter on the weights. There's a walking track as well, and a really cool vibration stand (they have 4 because people love them). You stand up on the machine and bend your knees for about a minute, then you stand on the ground and put one foot on it, then the next. You can do push ups with your feet on the pad, or you can lay down and put your feet on the pad. It's really kind of crazy, but it gets your blood flowing!

I was measured today, officially, and while I refused to be weighed, I know I have about 45 pounds to lose.  I am pretty sure I tip the scale right at 200, but I didn't want it to be 204 or something and freak me out, so I declined. I'll weigh after I know I've lost weight, I won't be so hard on myself then. For now it's tough just knowing my belly is bigger than my chest by 1/2 an inch. I'm not happy about that fact, not happy at all.  BUT...the great news is, it won't be that way for long!

If you need to lose weight for health reasons like I do, I encourage you to do it. Just start slowly, and give up the fatty foods, the carbonated drinks, and the simple sugars. It will suck, but you can do it. Next just find a way to move your body. I walked for a good 4 months before I finally gave in and joined the gym. I wasn't getting my steps in like I thought I would. I did on the weekends, but not during the day.  So now I have NO excuse. I can do it all at the gym. I hope you'll follow me and see the progress. I don't expect to lose it in 2 or 3 months. It will be at least 6 probably. I don't want to lose it too fast.I want it to stay off forever. goals:  To weigh 145 (I'm 5'7") and to wear size 10 jeans and size Medium shirts easily. The current numbers?  Well, about 200-205 I suspect, and I'm wearing 18 jeans and XL shirts. It makes me sad, but it's true.  Right now my measurements are:  44, 40, 45....and my GUT is 44.5  That really makes me stop and ponder how I let this happen. We can say "life" all we want, but in the end we are ultimately responsible. We pay for the bad food, we eat the bad food, and we choose not to exercise. I can't blame anyone but myself.

I'll keep you posted. No before photos, I took them for myself, but I won't put them on the internet. I'll show you a "decent" before photo.  You can bet I'll put up the after photos!!! Oh yeah!!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Day 16 ACV Diet Tru Native Rolex

December 10, 2017
Day 16 ACV Diet

I'm not trying to be negative, I really am not trying to be a downer, but I've not really seen MUCH of a difference in my body after 16 days of taking 2 tablespoons of ACV with grapefruit juice. It is better taking it with grapefruit juice for me. Some people like the tea with lemon and honey, I prefer to get it down a bit faster. I drink about 4 ounces of red ruby grapefruit juice every day now, and pour about (or a little more) 2 tablespoons of Bragg's apple cider vinegar. It's not always easy, but I know I have to do it.  I will say this; my teeth don't hurt like they did (I need to get a couple of cavities filled, and am waiting for the insurance to kick in.) My knee, which normally hurts during the changes of weather, hasn't been hurting, so maybe the ACV is doing its job that way. I don't feel bloated either, but I don't see any real change in my size. I want change in my size! I want my belly to go away!

Tomorrow is the first day of work!! I'm so very excited, and not just because I can start paying my bills on time. I am excited because I can join a gym next week, and I can get my teeth filled very soon. I think I have to do that check up first with the cleaning, and schedule the "plan" again. I had a plan two years ago and then lost my good insurance. That's not to say I didn't have insurance with my last job, I did, but I didn't know I needed the work done until my teeth began hurting me, and that was about 4 months ago.  So yes, the ACV has helped that. There you go.

OK...let's talk about horses.  This week Laura, 1st daughter, bought her newest and probably her last horse for a while. This one will be the one she really works hard at training and then keeps. For years she's been working them, training them, selling them, or flipping and trading. This time it's a keeper. His name is Tru Native Rolex, and he's an American Paint Horse. He is about 14.2 hands tall now, and will grow only about 1 more inch. He'll top out at about 900 pounds. He's really pretty. With Paints you have to take photos of both sides, they have different patterns. I've taken a couple to show you. He's a Tobiano, meaning, his legs are white from the knees down, and there is more white than color. He is out of really good lines and should be quite athletic. She'll train him from the ground up and make him her top priority in both barrel racing and trails. She may try to be competitive, but she's really just very very happy to have found him.

People in the horse world will try to muscle you, and bully you into doing things their way. Laura and I have had to stand our ground a few too many times. With a horse like Rolex, most people would expect that he would cost $4000 but he was literally only $500. People will say you get what you pay for, but when it comes down to it, you get what is bred, and what you put into it. Laura intends to put her heart into this boy, and soon he'll be both.  I'll keep you posted. You can look Tru Native Rolex up on All Breed Pedigree, he's a 2014 model.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Day 12 of ACV Diet Bays and Sorrels

December 6, 2017
Day 12 of the ACV diet.

Again, not much to report here regarding the ACV Diet, but how about our President declaring Jerusalem to be the eternal Capital of Israel? WAY TO GO MR. TRUMP!  If you know me, you know I am a staunch supporter of Israel, I even named my cat Benjamin Netanyahu.  I suppose I could tell a truth about myself, and let you know I have a crush on Bibi. I have had one for many years.  In another place, at another time, maybe things could have worked out. LOL

Since there is nothing to report on the diet side of things, I'll tell you about my hair being dyed instead. Obviously I need to go back to work, I'm even boring myself nowadays. If I'm bored, you're bored, because I'm the writer, and you're the audience. That's how this blog thing works. I write what comes into my head, you read what I write, and it goes into your heads. Speaking of heads, I woke up a few days ago and realized I had more gray hairs, and I didn't really feel like I should be gray. If I were a horse I would say I was roaning, but I'm just an older than younger woman who has a few gray hairs coming out of her head at a time when she should be nearly completely gray.  I'm 56 and know women ten years my junior with more gray than myself - - either I'm less stressed, or I took on my father's darker roots gene, because I normally only see a few here and there at any given time. However, this is now, and that was as they say, then. I now have more gray! What to do? Well, I wasn't going to do anything, I'm not vain, and I really don't care about my hair, but my daughter, a freak of nature with the perfect color of reddish golden hair all over her damn head, suggested I color my hair for a completely different reason; she said it gives fine hair body! OK...we'll go with that.

I titled this blog "Bays and Sorrels" because a bay horse is brown and a sorrel horse is red. Most of my adult life I've been one or the other. I've had natural brown hair all of my life, and artificially colored red or brownish strands, hence the bay or the sorrel.  When my naturally sorrel headed daughter suggested I dye my hair, I decided to go a rich deep chestnut, but my hair had other thoughts. Sure, the box said medium auburn, but that's not what happened. I won't say "seal bay" but I could lean towards saying "dark liver chestnut" for sure.  I'm not sure I like it. I'm not sure I even recognize myself in the mirror at this point. When I applied my makeup I found myself using darker browns and bronzes to accommodate the hair color choice. Who does that? (Oh, I know, a criminal who wants to remain anonymous, that's who does that! Only they do it on purpose!)

Time is a wonderful thing -- soon I will step into the shower (a few dozen times) and I can be back to being the bay I knew I was before trying to hide the roaning. There is nothing wrong with gray - on a horse you spell it "grey", but it's the same thing, its FINE, it's perfectly OK to be 56 and GRAY!  Well, at least for this Christmas season granny will be hiding in the coals and no one will even know I'm there. I bet that  red headed freak of nature of mine will laugh and call it payback for something, I have no idea, but something.  By the way, when it comes to horses I prefer the sorrels to the bays, but somehow have ended up with a few darker hay burners in the pasture. I'll be watching myself a little closer next time around, you can bet on that. Just watch me! And, when I head over to the Health and Beauty side of things at Target I'll pick up a box that says "Flaming Angel" or something...maybe not that drastic, but I'm not suited to be this deeply bay. It feels weird.
Norman is a BAY Mustang (gelding)

Jade is a SORREL Quarter Horse (mare)

LAURA, my red-headed wonderful daughter. I have two wonderful daughters, the other is a BAY. LOL, and we both believe Laura is from outer space. 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Day 10 ACV Diet Fantasy Horses

December 4, 2017
Day 10 of the ACV diet.

Nothing to report regarding the Apple Cider Vinegar Diet. I've been dutiful, I've been faithful, I've been normal, and nothing out of the ordinary has happened. I may feel that my calves are less tight, which means the fat in them must be breaking down. I feel that my pants may feel a little loose, but until I can snap the size 16's in the closet, I'm not going to think I've really accomplished too much. We just move ahead, we plow through, we do what we do every day, and hopefully it all works out.
I will say that I'm watching what I eat in terms of high calorie foods, and the frequency of them. I am not eating nearly as often as I did before, and I don't keep snacks in my office, as I did before. Taking the snacks out, and forcing myself to get up and walk the kitchen gives me the chance to think about what I will eat and how much of it will be eaten.  Good plan.

So, fantasy horses, huh?  Yes, I am one who just loves an online livestock auction if horses are being sold. I have my account at Cattle USA so that I can check in on any given auction on any given day, and I can pretend to buy gorgeous horses whenever I damn well feel like it. With an unlimited amount of pretend fantasy cash on hand, I can buy what I want!  I am quite fair with myself however, I don't out bid everyone, and I am honest about what my high bid would be before the bidding begins. Only every once in a while will I change my bid to win a particular pony!  Last night during the Bowie Auction online, I picked up 6 horses! That number actually surprised myself even, I was thinking I may come home with 2 maybe 3. Never did I imagine that I would continue to bid way into the night. The damn thing ended around midnight.

One of the pretend horses was an 8 year old sorrel gelding. He was grade, and wasn't much to look at, but he had a sweet eye, and I was danged if I was going to let him go to slaughter! I bid $500 thinking surely someone else would pick him up. When they didn't I was twice upset: once that I really didn't have the $500 to recover him, and secondly because he wasn't picked up, and now he faced going to slaughter. I was extremely happy to hear a few minutes later that the owners have decided to keep him on their property and bring him back to the auction next month. I wish I could get him then, but I'll just have started my job, and I know it will be impossible. Still, I will pray for him. He'll be OK.

Another fantasy equine was a 2004 model Paint mare. She was a little thin, and only went for $575. My top bid was $600, so I got her too. I decided to pretend to give her to my daughter who has a gelding that looks just like her in real life. They can party in the pasture.   Still another horse was in fact a 6 year old bay Mustang gelding. He was broke or I would not have bid the $700 that I did. He only sold for $650, so he's mine as well. You can pick up an unbroke Mustang in Oklahoma for $25 (yes, you really can, at the BLM in Pauls Valley, OK) and train them for a year. After you have them trained you can sell them for upwards of $2000!  Not a bad way to flip a horse.  I don't do it because I'm rather short on things you'd need to do it, such as a farm with an indoor arena, outdoor arena, round pen, and lots of time on your hands. It can be done.

The other three were:  gaited black mare, unregistered, grade, no one knows if she's a Walker or a Paso Fino.  She's about 15 hands and went for $575. I bid $650.  Another was another sorrel, this time a mare, and she was everything I needed; she had a blaze, 4 white socks, and was about 14 years and 14.2 hands tall. She was a ranching horse, and was registered to boot. I threw it all in for that girl, and got her for $1000!  She sold at the auction for $975.  The last horse was a bit of a sweet thing. I only got her because she was 17 and pregnant. She is a loud leopard Appaloosa, and was bred to another Appy, but I didn't know his coloring.  Her name was Dory, and I thought she looked like an angel. I would very much love to raise a baby, so I bought her with my pretend cash, and had her and the rest of them brought up to the pretend fantasy barn that I found on Zillow.  I'm going to have a pretend fantasy vet, farrier, and equine dentist come out this week to check them all out when they settle in.  Geez, this sort of hobby can sure wear on you!  I hope I can afford the fantasy feed.

This photo is of a horse much like the $25.00 horses you can get at Pauls Valley. They have an adoption of selected horses once a month too. It is held the 2nd Tuesday of every month, but it will not be held in December. Those animals go for $125.00 and are protected by the BLM.  After a year of ownership you will get a title of ownership and can sell if you wish. The $25 animals are sold as is, and have no protection under the BLM, but they are 100% Mustang, so if you're thinking about owning one, please invest the time it takes to know the breed. They are NOT domesticated animals. They do NOT behave like a quarter horse, paint, or thoroughbred.  With a Mustang you need to ASK permission every time, but when they learn, oh, they learn!! You'll have a friend forever. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Day 5 ACV Diet

November 28, 2017

Not much to report today. In fact, it's rather boring. I have no way to weigh myself, and I didn't put on any clothing that hasn't fit in the past. I did however decide to up my ACV to two juices or teas rather than just one. This morning I poured about 4 ounces of grapefruit juice into a glass and added 2 tablespoons of ACV and a little honey. I've always loved grapefruit juice, but have also only liked drinking 4-6 ounces of it at a time.  I can handle the fruit itself but I don't have the time to fight with a half piece of fruit in the mornings.  The ACV was barely detectable in the juice. I even wondered if I needed to add the honey; but I did, so there's that. I may  not add it tomorrow.

I don't like breakfast. I never have, and I really really wish I did. I don't mind eating breakfast foods around 10 a.m., but before that hour I'm lucky if I get anything at all, even a breakfast bar. I just don't like to eat early. Everyone screams at me, and they tell me it's the most important meal of the day, but I think it's not. I think for me I like lunch. I would rather eat around 10 and then 12, and then 3, and then 6, which I'm told you're supposed to do anyway for metabolism boosting. I don't know, I'm not into that so much, but I do like to snack on healthy foods throughout the day.

I'm the type of dieter who finds what works and then works with that. I don't starve myself, and I don't cut out 100% of anything. I feel that you should do everything within bounds and you're allowed to have bad things too, but not a lot of it. A small piece of cake is good, and a cookie here or there, but not 10 at a time. I love pizza, and so if I go out I'll have a good sized slice, but not 3. I may have two smaller pieces, it just depends on how it is cut. I make sure my chicken and rice is compact and not overflowing on the plate. I like salads, but I'm not about to pay the price these days! I will eat a good salad once a week for lunch, the rest of the time I can get my greens by adding spinach to my sandwiches.  For drinks I'm good. I don't like sweet drinks. I have never really been a sweet tea drinker, and even when I was a kid I couldn't finish a full 12 ounce bottle of Coke. I didn't like it. It was gross to me. I think I was that weirdo that drank unsweetened tea in High School, but I complained if it wasn't fresh. Coffee is my choice of morning drinks, and I don't have to have sugar as long as the creamer is available.  I'm even OK with just Half n' Half.

Boring day so far, nothing major to tell you - - I went to work and hung out for 3 hours. I don't start for 13 days so I'm more or less just learning and trying to figure out what I need to learn before I start and go into training. I drove around the Edmond, OK location where my office is located, and I found a few houses in the area that I could possibly get into this time next year. I hope to have my taxes and my student loans paid off by June or July, so that would raise my credit score to about 750 or higher!! I would then try to save the residuals to a point that I could trade them in for $15,000.00 and put that down on a house that is around $160,000.  If I can do that my house payments will be $750 with tax and insurance. I will be ONE happy gal! (For those living outside of Oklahoma, the cost of living in this state is amazing.)

Good plan.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Day 4 ACV Diet

November 27, 2017 and all is well in this corner of the world (for the most part).  I don't start my job until December 11, two more weeks, but I can handle it.  I have a great son who paid for my living expenses; Laura is paying all the major bills, and both my car and rent are being pushed back with the permission of the two creditors. This is good. I wouldn't ordinarily mention all the personal stuff, but to be honest with you, having stress in your life keeps you fat. It has kept me fat for a very long time. The stress starts with not being able to pay my bills, losing my job, having to give up the horse(s) that I love because I lose my job and so forth. In my life I have been fired 5 separate times by 5 separate school districts for 5 separate reasons. Every time it was unwarranted, and every time I fought back. Every time I won my severance with the exception of Tindley Accelerated, but I was able to prove my innocence, and I was able to have the school investigated. I was also able to go on unemployment until I could find a good job again. Stress has been an enemy of mine for quite a while.  Two doctors have told me I need to cut the stress out of my life. I wonder if they have some sort of a magic pill for that, or if they should just be slapped upside the head for even suggesting that it can be so readily taken care of.

My son is being deployed to Afghanistan; another deployment for him, another stresser for me.  My daughter and her husband rock back and forth financially because he seems to have employer problems as well. He'll catch the company up on their work, and they save money by letting him go. This world is nothing if not unpredictable. You can't be loyal, it neither pays, nor is it a good plan! My other daughter Laura lost her job due to no fault of her own, and here we have sat for months now trying our hardest to find good work. She's actually working for a temporary agency for a few weeks until she also can be hired permanently. At least that's the plan, so maybe the stress is beginning to ease.

Today I woke up at 8:10 and had my ACV drink. I chose lemon, tea, cinnamon, and honey this time. My morning bathroom break was good, nothing too exciting happened. I think I went a 2nd time, which is a bit unusual for me, but not for anyone taking in more  ACV and citrus. It's normal from everything I read.  I took the opportunity of being alone to read a book; "Hiding In Plain Sight", a biography about Raymond Burr, one of my all time favorites.   Around 11:30 I ate a small plate of chicken and rice, I had a little bit of pineapple with it as well. For an earlier snack I had a small piece of chocolate chip cake!  I downed that with a 1/2 cup of coffee with creamer but no sugar. The cake had enough.

Around 12:00 I went on my walking spree. I hit the Penn Square mall for the first mile, then went up to Target on Penn for the 2nd. I hadn't quite walked the 2nd, so I drove over to Hobby Lobby where I finished up; a total of 2.5 today so far, and I think that will be fine for now. I'm not trying to out do myself, or over do anything really. I'm trying to cut back on calories, have an up take on the exercise, and do the ACV 2 times a day. We'll see if it works out.  I have specific goals in my mind, I'll add them to my calendar as well as here, as I want to keep track of them.

Goal #1:  Finish the first week without any hitches.
Goal #2:  Add walking and/or bike riding into it (2 or 3 miles a day is good)
Goal #3:  Lessen the calorie intake to around 1000-1200 a day
Goal #4:  Pray and seek God's will about the entire diet, I don't want to screw it up.

Weight Goals:  140 to finish, and date goals would be fluid, nothing in stone. I'm looking at losing 10 pounds by Christmas, 10 more by Valentine's Day, another 10 by Easter, and another 10 by end of Spring.  I will still have 20 more to go, but that will be a slower process. By this time next year I hope to have my goals met 100%.

I can do this! God will help me.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Day 3 of the ACV Diet

It may turn out to be good that I number the dates at the top of each post so I can keep track of the progress I'm going to make. I can already report on some of the unexpected (and expected) things that happened to me while doing this "diet". I really don't like the word "diet", but it is what it is, I'm combating my fat with a change in my diet, so it is a diet.  Are you ready? There will be GROSS information in this blog. I'll use the words "WARNING: GROSSNESS" so you know when it starts.

My son is in the Army, to be more specific, he is in the Oklahoma National Guard, and is serving another tour coming up this next month. He was in the regular Army for about 6 years and made it to Specialist I think, but then when he went Guard he was given his E5 status. He's had it too long, but since he's about to deploy they're going to make him wait on the E6 so he's not out ranking so many of the men he's been training with.  It's an Army thing. Mom's like to see their son's promote. Why am I rattling on about my son? Well, when he comes home for any reason he starts in on me. I expect it, and this time I was ready for him. I had already started the process, he was just going to be there to support me, not complain about what I was eating, or my lack of exercise. Usually he turns to me and says "Let's go shopping!"  That means he's about to walk me through 100 stores at a fast and brisk pace. He'll pump up the steps on my Fitbit and he'll feel better about having helped me rather than watching me sit around the house. Ha! I was ready for him this time!

We went Christmas shopping for the kids, his niece and nephew, my grandbabies. We went to 5 stores total, but we walked the mall a few times to get from one to the other, then we went shopping for him, and naturally that meant we had to go to 11 more stores, walk a few more miles, and get only a couple of things that he didn't really need, but it makes the trip that much more enjoyable. He usually feeds me during these treks, and of course we eat very very healthy food when we stop to re-energize before round two.  WARNING: GROSSNESS.  One of the stops was Cabela's Sporting store, and I usually end up losing him almost as soon as we go into the store front.  I typically go to the bathroom, and he's either in guns or camping.  This time the urge to go to the bathroom came out of nowhere, but it wasn't that overwhelming. I knew I had to go, but I didn't have any idea HOW badly I needed to go. When I got to the toilet I found out. Thank God there was no one else in the bathroom, and I was free to literally poop my guts out. I filled up the freaking toilet with poop and water from that same area, I was not urinating; so naturally I was a bit surprised. I flushed literally 3 times, not because I had to, but I'm rather nice that way.  I didn't hurt, there wasn't any pain or cramping, I really do not know why my body reacted the way it did. It may have been the 2 cups of ACV tea, it may have been the nearly 5 miles we had walked, I'm not sure, but it was something! That was very unexpected.

OK NO MORE GROSSNESS: Earlier in the day, in fact when I had just woken up, I had what I can only describe as a head fog.  I wasn't upset, I didn't have a headache, but my head was really foggy and my thoughts were as if I were still partially asleep. I had taken the first ACV tea in the minutes before, and was starting on my coffee.  When I finished my coffee I noticed I felt better, but I had not experienced that in the past with dieting. I wasn't light headed, it was just foggy.  I stretched and forced my way through the feeling(s), but for the most part I thought I was just going to have to deal with it.  I looked up side effects of drinking ACV and lemon, and there it was: brain fog is what they called it. It happens when the candida or bad bacteria begins to die off inside your body when you douse it with apple cider vinegar and lemon juice all at once. These little bacteria balloons blow up and release toxins into your blood stream. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, and that's a good clue that you've done too much too fast. It can be counter productive, so you need to back off a bit if that happens.

After shopping and eating, and more shopping, and more walking, we finally decided to go to the Army/Air Force Exchange and do more walking and shopping.  Inside the base department store we ran into a man in Reuben's unit. Unlike Reuben this man was in uniform, and he was looking for gun pieces and parts so the two of them chatted it up while I made a bee-line to the furniture side of the store and took a 10 minute break from the Task Master.  When they found me Reuben explained to his buddy that he'd walked me a bit. I checked my Fitbit, he had walked me 5.8 miles in just under 2 hours. King, the man in uniform, looked at me and said "It doesn't surprise me, he does that to us all the time."  I love my son, he only has my best interest at heart, even if my fat body can't hardly handle it.  I'll start my work out soon enough, and when he comes back from Afghanistan we'll see if his old mom can keep up without complaining!

Too Fat To Admit It

So, about this time every year it seems I really take a hard look at myself physically, and I vow up and down 10 times over that I'm going to do something about this added packed on fat. I won't call it a pudge because to do so would be to lessen what it is. I'm a fat woman.  I have noticed that I intentionally avoid mirrors and I don't glance at myself as I pass by a shiny window either. I know what I'll see; a fat woman. I tried the "Paleo" diet, and I won't say it didn't work, I will say I didn't work it well. I did however learn things from it, and I will incorporate that into my new diet and life style plan. I just don't think a person can diet without changing their life style; I can't anyway.

I didn't go to Thanksgiving dinner with the family this year, opting instead to stay at home with my daughter Laura.  We ate a smaller, more reasonable dinner consisting of baked chicken, yams, green beans, grand biscuits, and a piece of pumpkin pie. We drank water.  You can't get too much water. If I had been at my mom's I would have eaten 3x as much as I need to, and I would have had the belly aches to show for it later.  Sometimes the hardest things to do when you're dieting or changing your eating habits is to avoid loved ones. My family is fat, I'm not going to be kind about it; there are many more obese people in my family than there are healthy. I'm throwing myself in that ring as well. My kids are all healthy, my sister Linda, my mom, and my sister Andie is healthy now, having spent a great deal of money on stomach surgery after many years of over eating and neglect. I was thin for many years, well into my early 30's, but when I lost it, and began eating and not working out, I really put on the pounds. I've been heavy now for 10 solid years I know, and off and on the 10 years before that. It's time to stop the madness.

I could make up the best excuses, and there is truly a kernel of truth to them all, but the bottom line is, I need to lose 60 pounds. I'm hovering 205 pounds at 5'7" tall, and that's simply too big. I wear size 18 jeans, XL dresses, if I wear dresses at all, and I can't put a belt around my waist, I wouldn't even know what size of a belt I would need to buy! I'm not kidding, it would be a 42 inch belt I'm sure. All that changes now!

For the past 3 days I've been on my diet and changing my ways when it comes to food and exercise.  I'm 56 years old as of 4 days ago, and it's time I start helping my body, not hurting it. I've been drinking tea with apple cider vinegar at least 2x a day, and I add lemon or lime to it. I add honey, cinnamon, and even clove oil. I think I drank 3 cups the first day, and 2 yesterday, I'll have 3 today total. That's the start of the "change" from drinking regular water. I never drink sweet drinks like cola or sweet tea, or even Kool-aid. I really only drink water and  I'll have a coffee in the morning.  My food portions are way down, 1/2 of what I used to eat, and I don't miss it. I don't. In fact, yesterday I ate something I shouldn't have, 1/2 a cheeseburger from Freddy's (and fries) and I thought I was going to vomit. Thank God I was able to eliminate it today! That's another good thing, you will eliminate a great deal more with this "change" of drinking ACV and either lime or lemon. I drink about 8-10 ounces hot in a tea, sometimes adding a tea bag as a matter of fact, and I put 1 tablespoon of honey, and 2 tablespoons of ACV with a 1/2 lemon or whole lime. Good stuff.

So, what I will do, and I'll make myself a promise so I do it, I'll write here every day and just sort of go over what happens and what I feel. I may turn it into a book - - you never know. If I get too gross, or talk about poop to the point that you don't want to read my blog, don't. It's MY BLOG. I won't apologize for that. I will say that I will get nasty at times, so you may want to read with caution. Well, that's about it. I'm on day 3 so it's not that exciting yet. I did have a moment, but I'll talk about it tomorrow and put up a warning sign first. LOL

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Switching Gears

OK hey, it's been quite a while since I last wrote. I have been doing so much, and just haven't gotten around to doing more writing. I'm thinking hard about changing all that, not only because I'm unemployed again, but also because I think the world is about to come to Jesus! I should actually clarify that, and say that Jesus is about to come to the air, where He'll take all of His Church! When that happens you can bet your ... well, your anything you care to bet, that the world will be mourning not only the loss of their loved ones, but also the babies, the children, the special needs people, and mostly those who thought they were going to go UP will realize they didn't go up with the Church. They will probably mourn the most! People, it could be in a matter of weeks, months, or days. We don't have time. We do not have the time that Satan wants people to think we have. We DO NOT have that kind of time; so get it through your hearts and heads's time to SWITCH GEARS and kick it into overdrive!

Christians..STEP UP. Tell people. I doesn't matter if you'll lose your job. God will provide for you. YES, it sucks! It sucks really really badly, but it's time to tell the world that if they don't take Christ as their own personal Savior, there will be hell to pay - literally, HELL to pay.

With the 2 major signs coming this late summer and early fall, you can't help but know that God is fulfilling every last prophecy He ever said He would. He told us He would, and He even said in John 14 that He was telling us (them) that these things would happen, so that when they did happen we (us) would not be taken off guard. We (us) would see the coming of the Son of Man in the sky and we would meet Him there (rapture).  What signs?  Well, the Moon will be turned to blood, which we saw already, but there will also be a darkening of the Sun before the day of the Lord, which is the beginning of Jacob's trouble, or the Tribulation.  THIS August 21, the Moon will eclipse the Sun and there will be a nationwide eclipse over the U.S. and many other gentile nations.  That will be one sign. The 2nd will be on September 23, 2017, which is the Revelation 12 sign. THE GIANT BIG FAT SIGN that will tell the world, the WHOLE world, that Lord is God, and He will not tolerate the continued mocking of His word.

Revelation 12 talks of the star constellation in Virgo with the Moon at her feet, clothed in the Sun (during the day) and 12 stars above her head. That's 9 stars of the constellation of Leo, and 3 roaming planets: Mars, Mercury, and Venus...all lined up perfectly, with JUPITER between the legs of the virgin about to be "born". The BIRTHDAY is September 23, 2017.  Jupiter (which has been in the belly of Virgo for 42 weeks at that time) will exit. This HAS NEVER happened in the history of the history. NEVER has this constellation and/or sign ever happened, but God said it would, and He said it would in the LAST DAYS people.  If you don't hear anything else, pay attention. That day may be too late for you if you are not a Christian. I'm not saying it WILL happen, but there are a lot of reasons why it may.  These reasons would include, but are not limited to, the fact that Israel is 70 years old after May 12 of this year. Some think it will be 69 after the May 14 celebration, but God's calendar is 360 days, not 365 days, and since the day Israel became a nation, there have been 70 years of 360 she's 70.  The Bible says THAT generation, the one that sees Israel become a nation, will NOT pass without these things happening, and it is not passing - - things are happening.

Of course there are signs such as wars, rumors of wars, famine, earthquakes, etc...that's the beginning, and not we have more birth pangs. THIS IS IT people, and I don't care how religious that sounds, it's Biblical, not religious.  There is a difference.  Now, that being said, Jesus is NOT bound by the Feasts dates to show up. He could come at any minute...any minute at all.  We are to live our lives accordingly. We are to occupy, and to plan for the next years to come, but not expect to live here for them. We know this generation will not pass.  We are there!!!

Please, to know more, to hear more: Go to YouTube and look up the following preachers and/or teachers.

1. Charlie Garrett of The Superior Word in Sarasota, FL
2. J.D. Farag of Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, HI
3. Perry Stone Ministries
4. Pastor Paul Begley
5. Thomas Ice
6.  Lamb and Lion Ministries
7. is a good one for Bible questions.

I just want you to be SAVED. I want you to know Jesus really really is the Son of God, and He really did die for you, and He really will forgive you. REALLY...have I said REALLY?  OK. I love Jesus, and I know you will too once you find Him and know it's not a joke -- this world as we know it is coming to an end; why not leave it and join Jesus in eternity, in peace.  I pray you do.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Losin' It!

Oh, the time has come to proclaim it...I'm LOSIN' IT!!  By "it" I mean my weight. YEA. It is happening. I don't know the exact number, it is between 2-4 pounds, but I can say honestly that I feel lighter. My pants are beginning to slide around a bit when I walk; not a lot, but a bit. I can say I have more energy than I did a week and a half ago. I am also able to say I'm not where I need to be, or where I want to be. It's coming, but it's taking it's time.

I buy a lot of my clothes online through a consignment shopping site called  I love it actually, and I decided to do myself a big favor. I bought several pieces of clothes that I found really appealing, and they had to be just a little tighter than the clothes I'm wearing now, so that when I do lose a bit of weight I'll have something to wear to work without looking frumpy and dumpy. No one wants to look frumpy or dumpy, and everyone wants to wear fine new clothes!  Gotta say, it's a WIN. So, I have a new pair of size 16 Levi jeans that are new without tags. They still had the little tape strip down the front though. I'm in between the 18 and the 16 at this moment. I was a 16 for many years, and somehow it just got away from me.  These jeans are awesome, and I'll wear them in about 2 weeks. I can't wait to do that because not only will I have these new jeans, I have about 12 pairs of nice dress pants that I forced myself to keep when I gained weight. I typically give the old clothes or tight clothes to Goodwill. NOT THESE...I paid full price for most of my dress pants. I just couldn't see the value in letting them go.  When I go under the size 16 I will have the strength to give them away, and I will give them up to charity. I will feel good about it, and someone will be happy. They really are nice.

It's been 10 days officially. and I'd bet I am right there in the middle of where people are who go on this diet. I'm not one to lose weight too quickly anyway, so I'm OK with just having lost a few pounds. That's a few more than I had packed on, and it's a few less than I have to shed now. I'm hoping to keep it up, and shed 4 pounds every 10 days for the next...say...100 days.  I'd like that a lot. By the day Spring hits I'll have lost 15 pounds for sure, and then another 15 by Summer. It can happen. I can be PRETTY and SLIM FIGURED again - - YEA!!  (too much?) 🙆

The biggest changes I've noticed is the way I sleep. I think I feel better, so I rest better. I drink more tea, I drink less coffee. I have absolutely no bread or cane sugars. If I get sugars it's from the fruits and natural juices. Oh, I have to tell the truth, OK, I do have 2 pieces of 72% cacao chocolate, and that has some cane sugar, but the sweetener I use for the "mush" and other foods is Stevia, and I don't make a habit of that...just enough, or under enough.  I use a bit of organic "Half and Half" once a day for the coffee, and 2 tablespoons on the "mush" (which is made like oatmeal, but it's with flaxseed and pumpkin puree).  I throw a few raisins and walnuts in it, and bam...good food!  I love this diet. I'm never hungry, although people told me I would be. Reuben insisted I would be. If I get close to it, I simply pop a few carrots, an apple slice or two, or I eat a handful of raisins. I can do this! I know I can do this. It's taking me a long time to say, but I'm finally, finally losin' it. YES.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Nothin's Kickin' My Butt Yet.

January 16, 2017, just about 5 days (if you include the 16th) I began the Paleo Diet. Some people call it the Caveman Diet, it's where you're allowed all the animal proteins such as steak, chicken, eggs, lamb, ground lean beef, bacon, pork chops, ham, and of course fish of any kind.  I don't think crustaceans are on the "allowed" list.  You can eat veggies, fruits, nuts, and all the dark chocolate you want (less sugar) and yes, my favorite, coffee.  Now, I will have to be honest with you, I cheat ever so slightly on the no dairy rule. I do allow myself about 2 tablespoons of half-and-half in the mornings for my coffee, but after that, I'm good.  Five days without bread!  Five days without cereal! Five days without binging on sugar and carbs while I type at this very same computer!  I'm not lying, I would have a stack of gummi bears, potato chips, maybe a big canister of party peanuts...chomp, chomp, chomp, all night long. I'm fat, I mean, I'm 190 pounds at 5'6", but I'm not grotesque.  All that changes!  I've already started feeling more energetic and I'm only five (5) days into it. WOW. Imagine what 30 will do!

I went to my kitchen cabinets and looked through them. Did I surprise myself? No, I was the one that bought all the crap I bought before January 16. I was the one driving to the store, parking my car, walking into the store, pulling out a cart, filling it up with things that were never good for me, and going to the cashier to pay good hard-earned money to hurt my body. No body stopped me. Why would they stop me? I'm an American, I'm an adult, I can buy whatever I want. That's the fact...I can buy whatever I want. So, why not buy what I should be buying, and eat what I should be eating, and do what I should be doing, and get off this fat butt of mine, and lose not only weight, but several inches in the process?  That's exactly what I'm doing now! (Thank you very much) 😊

(I just found the emoji feature on this blog forum. That changes so much.)

Alright, so there I am standing at the cabinets in my kitchen. Open doors 1 & 2.  I see candy, lots of it too. Christmas candy that was bought on sale less than a month ago, and I went wild with it. I bought so much of it. It's as if I thought I had to. I don't even know why I did it unless I use the reasonable somewhat acceptable excuse that it was on sale, and hey, it's good to have a little sugar in the house. Well, I gave it to the ladies in the office at the school where I teach. They didn't have the same convictions as I did, not yet, they're holding out to see how I do on the Paleo before making any long term commitments. I don't blame them. I was exactly the same way. People have been talking about this diet for years, but I've held off, thinking it would be impossible to drop breads. It isn't.

Open doors 3 & 4.  Though doors 1 & 2 had more than just candy, there wasn't much in them other than cookies, packaged treats, boxed pastries like Pop Tarts and Keeblers. I don't know about you, but I don't need that now. I don't, and I won't, so that's that. I have to get fed up with it, and when I do, I step all over it.   Doors 3 & 4 had all the other bad things that are white: pasta, rice, wheat flour, sugar, bread...even if it is 9 grain bread, it's bread, and it has grains; nine in fact.  When you can't have any grain on a diet, 9 is 9 too many.  No more pasta, (5 boxes of various types) no more rice (2 packages, 3 boxes) and no more grain whatsoever..there goes the tortillas, the loaves, and the boxes of cornbread mix, muffin mix, brownie mix, and cake mix.  I am dumbfounded by how many boxes of grain and sugar filled things I had in my house just lurking and waiting on my hands to pull them out of their tombs; they were given to the neighbor.  She likes stuff like that, most people do.

Cabinet 5 had nothing but beans! I must have had every damn bean in that thing.  Pork and beans, black beans, kidney beans, charro beans, chili beans, red beans, even a can of black eyed peas I was thinking about eating at New Years. GONE.  Oh, you say what? Yes, and the peanut butter, Nutella and Trader Joe's Cookie Butter...GONE. Heartless woman that I am, I am no longer buying cheese, milk, dairy creamer, sour cream, whipped cream, cream cheese spreads or fake butter.  What in the world will I eat?  Good stuff.

I can have bread, just not breads made out of grain. I can make it at home, in a bread maker, or in a loaf pan. I can use almond flour, tapioca flour, even coconut flour. I will buy raw cider vinegar, no yeast, baking soda, eggs, and sea salt.  If I want flavor I can add vanilla, bananas, nuts, zucchini, and other stuff. Who needs grain? Dogs don't need it; all the best dog foods are all grain free. You feed cows and pigs corn and other grains to fatten them up for slaughter. You feed chickens corn to fatten them up too. Why would I want to do that to myself? I have for sooooo very long, and I simply won't do it to myself another day. Nope!  I kick my own butt, I don't need food to do it for me.

Shopping list:  Well, it's too long to record here, but go up and down the produce aisle in your mind. Go up and down the meat aisles. Go up and down the seeds and nuts bulk aisle. I'll buy raisins, dark chocolate, and like I said, I can have a little sugar, but if I can use Stevia I'll do that.  It's a big big change, but it's one that is long in the making. I should have done this 10 years ago or more. I tend to be a bit stubborn when it comes to being hard on myself, but believe me, I'm doing this for me. I want to work that horse, ride him soon without feeling fat and unbalanced. I want more energy to ride longer and stay at the barn longer. I want to be able to say yes more than I have in the past when someone asks me if I'm feeling good...yes, I'm feeling great now.  Five days in and two pounds down, but there's so much more to come off. I want to lose 40 pounds all together.

When I meet the goal I'll have a little ice cream. I'll have a little celebration, or perhaps a bit of a cheat. There's just no reason to do that now. I don't want to ruin what I've got going.  There's no one else to kick my butt but me....and I'm good at it.


I am not the least bit ashamed to admit that a year ago, in January 2016, I was not sure I wanted Donald Trump to be "my president". In fact, I remember laughing at the fact that he was being serious when he said he would run. I think I was narrow-minded and perhaps thinking too much in the box when I conjured my first impressions of him. It wasn't his hair that did it, but that is a rather strange piece of mop-top (if we had to be honest) now, isn't it? I think what I was thinking at that time, or what I remember thinking, is that he won't make it past the General election, so there's no reason to worry about him.  I didn't vote for him in the General, and I was really surprised he won! I was elated to find out this past November that he won the Big Prize, because I don't know if my heart could take it if Hillary Rodham Clinton had won. She is such a waste of space! In my opinion, and probably that of millions of others, she's a murdering bitch piece of shit that don't need to be breathing right now, but that's being polite. If I really wanted to verbalize my opinions about her, I wouldn't hold back.

Trump? Really? Well, OK, let's talk about it. From the day I first heard his name, sometime in the 90's, I thought he was the guy that killed the Canadian Football. He was the guy that outbid every contractor in NYC and he was the guy that started a ridiculous reality show that set people up to be humiliated on air. I watched the show 2 times and said to myself "No, he's rude, he's arrogant, and we can't all be rich and semi-famous for being rich and semi-famous."  I wasn't impressed.  As time went by, and through this past year, I've become impressed.  I've become more than impressed, I've become convinced that he may be the one guy on the planet that can actually do what needs to be done if he can stay alive, and not be shot for his work, words, and deeds.  There are so many whack jobs out there trying to make a name for themselves, or trying to push their New World Order agenda, that his life may be in constant jeopardy. We'll have to add a few extra prayers for him now and then.

When the debates came, and he wouldn't (or couldn't) stop harassing Hillary, I was amused. I'm not going to lie. I was Twittering "Bitch stop lying!" and worse. I was screaming at the television and hoping he'd bring up the leaked emails. I was hoping he'd dominate and bust her chops more, but he was a gentlemen and held back most of his disdain for the former First Lady.   Sadly, the only time the word "Lady" is every associated with Hillary is when the word "First" is tagged with it. She's no lady. She's a witch, and a practicing one at that. Well, no worries...from what I understand, Pence and Trump are both born again, they can pray a hedge around themselves and the wrath of her kind can't touch them unless and until God wants that to happen as part of His plan.  Obama was most assuredly in God's plan. God used him to divide this nation, to bring about prophecy, and fulfill His promises. Just days before Trump stepped up and took office the Satan-lovers in the Obama camp wrecked havoc as they saw fit, but God protected Israel -- and He will always protect Israel.

The ONE thing that got my vote for Trump in the Primary was his stand on Israel.  Ben Carson was a good choice too, as was Huckabee. There were a few good people to choose from. I knew I didn't want another Bush. I didn't want Cruz, and I didn't want Rubio. Cruz is a great guy, but he's Canadian born, and I just have an issue with that....since our LAST president was Kenyan born, I have a real issue with it.  The stand Trump took for Israel was the clincher. I wanted to believe him. I watched, and I listened, and I cried when I heard that he stood up during this past week's Peace Conference (not at it, but during it) and he said he would do everything in his power to stop the 70 nations from coming against Israel, he wouldn't honor their forcing of a two-state solution, and he wouldn't back the UN in the future. LOVED that...that was that. He will be a good friend to Israel, and possibly spare America from REAL punishment from God. Trump, like me, takes God at His word when He stated in Genesis that He would bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse her.

Mike Pence is from Indiana. I spent 4 good years there. I loved that place. I loved that man when he was our governor. He and the man he replaced, both fantastic!  Trump and Pence make an amazing team, and I have to be honest with you, I was short sighted then, but looking toward the brightest future we've seen since Reagan, and I have to add, it may even be better.  We're going to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Go Trump.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Paleo, Paleo, Where For Art Thou, Paleo?

My new life, my new diet, my new way, my new challenges - here we go.  My son is a Paleo Diet eater, he looks good, so maybe it won't be so bad.  My best friend is a vegetarian, and there's absolutely no way I could do that. I'm not fond of diets, never have been a conformist in any way. I've always had to beat my own drum, even if the beats sound very familiar to someone else's drum.  I don't listen to anyone else telling me what I need to do, it has to be MY decision.  OK, it's my decision now; I'm going Paleo.

I remember when the Paleo Diet was called the "Cave Man Diet" because apparently you're allowed to eat just about anything they ate back in the way-back day. If they caught it, if it lived, if it was hanging off a tree, or growing out of the ground you can it. That's nice and all, but I'm also throwing out the lectins.  Lectins are (according to Google) "any of a class of proteins, chiefly of plant origin, that bind specifically to certain sugars and so cause agglutination of particular cell types."  Well, of course they are!  Did you catch that? What the hell is an agglutination, and really, I don't care what it is, I don't want my sugars or anything else doing that inside of me. Keep your lectins!

Lectins are found in tomatoes, potatoes, all beans, nuts, soys, any grain whatsoever, and that last one is the saddest bit of news I've ever had to type out in public.  If coffee or chocolate had lectins I'd say screw it, and die, but they don't. I can have all the dark chocolate and all the coffee I want! Take that LECTIN!! In your face!  But I digress.  Giving up grain products is part of the Paleo / Cave Man Diet too, but it allows tomatoes, and it allows potatoes. I'm choosing to let them go; just one more thing to not have to worry about in my digestive system. That area of my body hasn't been properly clean in years, and it's about time to start.

About nine years ago I started the new year with the resolution to lose 30 pounds in 60 days or something silly like that. I jumped feet first into the gambit. I swam in the lies. I was all over it for about a week before my body decided to shut me down with an unforgettable gallbladder attack. Seems you're not really suppose to go cold turkey when you're old, and you haven't properly prepared yourself for that big of a change.  What a set back! I was in the hospital for over 4 days due to complications; which of course is an entirely different blog spot, remind me to tell you what happened. I was on really really good drugs for most of the duration and I do actually remember some of the stupid things I agreed to with the nursing staff.

Again, I digress. I'll get around to letting you know how this thing works out, and when I do you'll either decide to do it as well, or you can have fun laughing at me, with me, because of me, it doesn't matter, I'm doing it!  I'm not looking to lose 30 pounds in 60 days this time, more likes 40 pounds whenever it decides to come off, but I'm going to chip, chip, chip at it until it does come off...without chips, chips, chips too! I'm going to do it one egg, one side of green beans, an apple here and there, carrots for snacks, and chicken! I'm doing the chicken thing! If I can eat all the chicken and eggs I want I should be good. I was all about those beans and tomatoes yesterday. I couldn't wait to pile on those red chunks and scarf...until I found out that lectin THRIVES in tomatoes and more so in BEANS.  What the hell? Well, it's true, and there's not a thing I can do about it. This cave woman is not caving in. I'm not allowing it, I'm saying no, and there's not a gallbladder in me now to argue! Ha!

Tonight Laura and I went to the barn to love on the horses, then we drove to Crest to get a few days worth of good from the Earth eatin'.  On the menu for the next few days will be:  eggs, turkey, chicken, beef, avocados, apples, carrots, grapes, spinach, salad (premix), pumpkin seeds, walnuts, raisins, dark chocolate, coffee, my one downfall - half and half in small amounts, and green tea. Lots of green tea will be made in the Stringfellow house my friends....strong green tea!  Raw honey is good too, but I already have it, and Reuben told me I can eat peanuts, so there's that binge too. I'll allow it as I'm just that much a rebel. I can't do anything 100% properly, it wouldn't be me if I did. There, I have my one dose of half and half, and my handful of raw peanuts. Oh, you don't like raw peanuts? You think they taste like plastic? OK...I'll eat yours, I have no issues with it.

Paleo, here I come!!  I'll keep my calendar handy so I can write down any substantial weight loss. Maybe once a week I'll weigh in. Seems like a plan. Keep reading, you'll probably find something you can relate to.

Monday, January 16, 2017

The American Mustang in My Life: Norman Brock Stringfellow

Ever since I was a kid I wanted a Mustang. I never dreamed I would actually have one, owning a Mustang isn't like owning a domesticated horse. A domesticated horse, such as a Quarter Horse, Paint, Tennessee Walker, or any number of other breeds, have one thing in common: they have been handled by humans since the day they were born. Their parents were born in captivity, their ancestors too, and that can make a huge difference in the social and emotional make up of a creature.  Think about this way; would you go out and find a wolf pup to raise in your house? Taking on a non-domesticated animal has certain challenges. I wanted to be up to accepting them without compromising the animal's experience. I didn't "own" a Mustang until I was 55 years old. I don't own him now, I have adopted him. There is a difference.

His name is Norman Brock Stringfellow today, but when he was born he was dubbed #10612979, a bay colt born to a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) captured mare probably under the age of 6. If she had been older than 6 she wouldn't have been kept once she was rounded up. She would have been treated, allowed to foal, and then returned to the herd she came from. Norman's number was shortened to #2979 when he was tagged at the facility where he was born. He was born in captivity on May 11, 2010, at the Herd Management Area holding facility called Broken Arrow in Fallon, NV. He was one of many bay colts; nothing really all that special, and certainly nothing stood out about him as the next few years passed. He was chosen or picked to be trained at a northern Nevada prisoner camp, a place where wild burros and horses are taken to be gentled and adopted out, but Norman wasn't adopted out. Somehow he had been dubbed a "hump back" and was either left untrained, or wasn't given the full training as others were. He was passed up on adoption day, and then returned to another holding facility, and onto yet a third, the Pauls Valley holding facility in central Oklahoma.

Once at the Pauls Valley BLM area #2979 was taken to two more places to be seen and examined by would be adopters. Though he would stand taller than most American Mustangs at 15.2H, and he had both back "socks" of white, as well as a star, stripe, and white snip on his dark bay face, he was not chosen at either. Perhaps it was the hump back that kept him from being picked, or perhaps the BLM had grouped him with more flashy horses and not enough adopters had shown up to pick him on either occasion. I like to think that God had other plans for Norman, and that he was saved for the day I would happen to ramble onto the premises this past October 11, 2016. I think Norman knew something was up before I knew, but however it happened, it did in fact happen, and before the adoption-ending noon bell rang, Norman was being loaded onto a trailer and being carried off to be trained by a professional TIP, or Training Incentive Program trainer.  He was adopted by ME and he was no longer a wild horse. He was on his way to being...well, domesticated.

I wasn't going to the BLM that day to adopt anything. I wasn't expecting to adopt, I wasn't thinking about adopting.  I was there to look at horses for my daughter Laura who had wanted to adopt one soon enough; she wanted to train one to become her mounted shooting partner. She and I took the day off, the 2nd Tuesday of the month, as that is when adoptions take place at the BLM in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.  I went to help Laura. I wasn't going to find the love of my life; it just sort of happened.

When we pulled up to the gates we saw a few others standing around, waiting for the adoptions to take place. We had never been through the process, so we were hanging back and watching. We weren't participating, we were just viewing to see what would happen, how it would happen, if it happened, and why it happened. There was a woman there with her young blond daughter, the girl was about 11 years old. We watched as she galloped back and forth calling to the horses. She was home schooled, and her mother wanted to show her the animals up close, as sort of a field trip. There was a man with his wife as well, she was smallish, and seemed a bit timid around all of the barricaded animals; she looked as if she feared at any moment one of them would jump the 6 foot fencing and attack her. Nothing of the sort would ever actually happen, but she stood close to her husband just in case.   Her husband, a wealthy car-dealer from another state, was eager to find the exact horse that would make him happy. He wore an arm sling, a trophy of the effects of finding a horse that wasn't exactly the right horse.  He and his wife had decided to bring a horse back to the BLM facility in fact, one that didn't work out for him.  The man was open, fun, and smiling at all of the horses, going from one to the other, hoping to make eye contact and know instantly that he had found his match!

There was another set of people there too. There was a man, his wife, and her young adult daughter, who looked to be around 18 or so. The couple were quiet, and moved about, watching the daughter, and listening to the eager man wearing the sling. It became obvious by counting the trucks and cars in the parking lot, that these two couples had come together in a truck with a very large trailer. The fact that the quiet man had the keys in his hand, led me to know that he was the owner of the truck and trailer. This meant one thing to me, he had to be a trainer, the other man was the buyer. The man with the sling bought or adopted horses, and the quiet man trained them. I figured this out about the same time that Norman decided to put his large imposing head over the fence and onto the top of my head without warning!  "He likes you!"  said the quiet man; that point was obvious to everyone now, as the horse continued to press himself closer to me, and through the rails of the fence.  If he had arms he would have reached through the fence and grabbed me, probably holding me against his chest, it was quite interesting how Norman would not allow other horses to come near me. Using his body, his tail, his voice, and his feet, he kept all of the others away, and stayed as close to me as he possibly could. To the quiet man, who was now smiling, and sticking out his hand for an introduction, this meant that #2979 had found his match, whether or not I was obliged to return the sentiment.

"Hi, I'm Tim Brock", said the quiet man now standing in front of the larger than life horse who was refusing to release me from his gaze. I introduced myself, and listened as Tim explained that for the past few minutes he was considering taking #2979 as a TIP horse either for Jeff, the man with the sling, or just because, as he felt that the horse had more potential than others. He hadn't made up his mind, but he was thinking about it. Lauren, his step daughter, who is also a TIP trainer, had a few others in mind, and the boring big bay gelding wasn't one of the ones she wanted.  Jeff didn't want him either, he was too big, and there was that hump or high wither that didn't interest him. Laura, my own daughter, laughed at me and said, "You know, you already have your adoption application in the BLM  system, so you could take him."  I smiled. I didn't do more than that, but I did smile.  It was then that Tim explained to me how the TIP program worked. Seems he was being paid by the Mustang Heritage Foundation to train qualified horses at the BLM; ones who would then be adopted. If I wanted Norman, or as he was named #2979, all I had to do was say so. Tim would take him to Missouri where he lived and operated, train him for two or three months, and bring him back  all ready to go!  It would only cost me $125 to adopt, and whatever to bring him home, but since he'd be back to pick up others, it shouldn't be much.

Was I hearing this correctly?  I was being asked if I wanted to adopt this massive 1100 pound horse, the one standing a good hand taller than the tallest horse I would ever want? The horse that for some odd reason found me more attractive than the others at the gates that day, and the one that wasn't even all that...different. He was in fact rather ordinary if you had to be honest about it.  The Mustang I had always dreamed of owning would be smaller, around 14.2 hands maybe, and he'd be bright colored, maybe sorrel, maybe roan, he could possibly be a bay, but with a broad blaze and four white socks. This horse was staring at me, and in that moment I realized that he was absolutely perfect. There wasn't a single thing wrong with him; even his hump backed wither seemed to be saying "at least your saddle won't ever fall off".  I told Tim yes, I would adopt the horse, and yes, he could take him to Missouri to train. The only thing left to do was to let the BLM guys know, because they're the ones who actually take the money!

There's more to the story of course, and I'll save that for another blog post, but suffice it to say that on that day, October 11, 2016, #2979, a big beautiful bay American Mustang gelding became my new best friend; and naming him after the city of Norman, Oklahoma was easy! It was that or Boomer. His middle name is Brock for his trainer Tim, and of course he bears my surname.  When Gary, the BLM hand,  cut the nylon tag with the number on it from Norman's neck he handed the tag to Tim, who then handed it to me, symbolizing that Norman was no longer wild or captive.  Norman was now adopted, I think I cried in my soul.  He deserved to be loved, and on this day he demanded it.  Thank you God.

Most photos by Karin O'very (Tim's wife)


Actually they shot all of us!

Brandi Simons (Photographer) and Shasha Gill (Hair/Make-Up Artist) got us ready for a really fun shoot for an uncoming PEOPLE magazine.

Confessions of a Writer

The man in this picture was not only a writer, he was an orator - a speaker of great power and prose. He was Temple Lea Houston, son of the great Sam Houston, our country's legendary hero. So why would I be interested in this man - well, besides being talented both as an orator and a writer, he was Oklahoma's premier lawyer of the frontier. I don't know the exact count, I used to know the numbers, he represented the little guy, the downtrodden, the poor - and without asking for much in terms of payment, because he was set from his father's wealth, Temple Houston brought true legal justice to a group of people who otherwise would have faced jail time or worse - a noose, if he hadn't been gracious, generous, and giving.

That said, I also think the man was really hot and when I first found out about him all I wanted to do was read everything I could about him, trying to weasel my way into his life long enough to really get to know him intellecturally. I used to tell people that my main goal once I actually got to Heaven was to track this man down. The fact that he's now had over 100 years to get to know the territory up there gives him at least a fighter's chance - but I do have time on my side. Eternity is indeed - eternal.

I think the statutes of limitations has run out on what I am about to confess - and if you've read this story before somewhere, it may very well be that you have relatives in Western Oklahoma who have sent it to you after a version of my tale was recorded in the papers - making it legend itself. Truth can be stranger than fiction, and in my case, in this case, it is in deed quite strange - but I had my reasons.

It was at the time that I was reading about Temple, getting to know him through one of the only two books written about his life - Glenn Shirley's book "Temple Houston: Lawyer with a Gun". I found myself mesmerized by the very spirit of this compelling pioneer who would not only choose to leave the life of luxery that he had been given, but to avoid politics in general after having been nominated for such high offices as senator, govenor, even once being asked to run for the vice presidency - he declined. After getting to know him, knowing that his temper was a firey hot as his silver-tongue oratories, he made the right choice. He would have been arrested probably for outrages in public that you and I would consider manic at best - firing guns in the courtroom for instance, bringing snakes in baskets to public schools to prove which ones bit and which ones didn't - you just can't do that anymore without licenses and surety bonds, letters of recommendation, and all the red tape Houston would have thrown out the door as being unncessisary.

I wanted to know the man, I wanted to hold his gun, wear his hat, sit at his desk, breathe in the air of the city he lived in - which at the time of his death was Topeka, KS, but he lived in Woodward, Oklahoma for many years prior to the actual event of his demise. To think that the museum of history in Woodward, OK was not only NOT displaying his things, they were saying they wouldn't be getting around to organizing them either.  What I did wasn't exactly criminal, as I was not told I couldn't be on the premises, I was never asked to leave either. I simply didn't leave when they ladies closed down the museum for the night.  I set out the tables in a fine and organized way, still in the back room, as I felt that there may be cameras in the front lobby. This being 1987 or so, I wasn't sure what type of technology to expect. I wanted to be safe as possible, but do as much good as I could.

When the ladies returned the next morning to open shop, the display I had created using almost all of Temple's belongings at the museum, were in fact in order and on display - even if only in the backroom.  I was careful to use gloves, and I recorded everything in a fine and meticulous fashion. The only thing I didn't use in the display was a book owned by Temple Houston, one he had personally drawn in. I took that book home, again, not breaking any laws because it was never mentioned (or warned) that I could not. I returned it after I had cleaned it properly, so that it too could be displayed.  When I returned it I looked the front desk clerk in the eyes, handing it to her, and I said "I believe this belongs to the museum."  She looked at me with a sparkle in her eyes. It had been a few weeks since I had organized the display.  She took the book easily, gently, and she said to me "Why, yes, it does belong here. Was it a good read?"  I answered that it was. She then said "Thank you by the way, the display couldn't have been more tenderly created."  I smiled back at her, not wanting to betray myself, and I said..."Well, I don't know what you mean, but if I did know, I would say you're welcome."

How did I manage to evade the ladies that day, you may ask? When they went to close the museum I was the last patron. I excused myself to use the bathroom, then called out "good night" before retreating to the men's restroom. There was a bell on the front door, so I let the door close before sneaking back to the men's restroom. They never looked in the restroom for me, I never came out. It wasn't exactly against the law, but I wasn't exactly going to take the chance.  

Back At It

Size does matter!  I am a size 18 now. ABSOLUTELY too fat for my liking. Others may like it, they may be "comfortable" in their bodies at that size, but I am not. I have decided that I've let this thing go on too far. I'm not only heavier, I'm not happy about it. That's why I've decided to stomp on this thing and get my "Me" back. I'm 55, 5'7" and I weigh 200 pounds. There, I've said it out loud, and I can't take it back. I bet if I were 100% honest with myself, I'd say I weigh 204, but today we'll just say 200 and go from there. I need to, and I want to, lose 50 pounds.  I am pretty happy at 150. I look good at 150, and I'm not too skinny at that weight.

I moved to Indiana in 2010. This seemed to be when I began to let things slide. I really just sort of stopped taking care of what I allowed into my house in terms of food. I was the one buying it. I don't blame anyone else. I eat whatever I want, whenever I want, and it's really taken it's toll on my body. I moved back to Oklahoma a couple of years ago, but I didn't make any diet changes.  I ride horses, and I've seen the difference when I'm in the saddle. I have in fact, stopped pushing my horse(s) because I am no longer balancing in the saddle the way I should. I will begin the posting routines again, and get those thighs working as soon as I can. My current horse is an American Mustang, and he's not ready for me to canter. In fact, I just received him from the trainer last week. He's ready to walk and trot, but the weather hasn't been good enough to explore. It will be!! We will make this happen.

So, what I've decided to do is this:  Cut out as much high fructose corn syrup as possible. I'll cut back on most sugars as well; there just doesn't seem to be a need for it. I'll get plenty of sugar through fruits and vegetables. I'll have to use half and half for the coffee, but that's OK. I was shocked to find out that the high fructose corn syrup is a chemical(s) that our brains doesn't recognize, therefore it can't be processed well in the gut. The good bacteria is lowered and it can't combat it. There's evidence to show that fat is stored because of this, and I'm not willing to let my body suffer any longer than it has. I'm FAT, and not happy about it.

When I'm not fat I ride better, I walk further, I lift more, and I don't complain about going up stairs or carrying my luggage. My boobs are in the way now, and I can't always see my feet when I need to. For a former gymnast this is a problem. I used to be able to see my feet by standing on my hands and bringing my feet over my head and in front of my face. Where I won't be doing that again, I at least should be able to glance down and not see boobs and belly fat obstructing my view of my tennis shoes.  There are a few things that I will do, and if you want to, you can follow along with me, as I plan on keeping this blog up for a while, and making it a daily or almost daily event, showing off how I plan on losing my weight, and keeping in shape.

Since I don't really exercise all that much, other than riding my horse, and walking the halls (and stairs) at the school I teach at, I will be adding several things to my diet, and taking things from my diet, in order to fully achieve my goals of losing weight and looking better in about 90 days. I'm not pushing the date, but it's about 90 days from warmer good riding weather, so that's a good goal.

FIRST:  Giving up sugars will be the hardest part, but I'll substitute by adding fruit, vegetables and nuts. Not all fruits are good for you, so I'll stick with apples, grapes, strawberries, blue berries, and probably cantaloupe.   For nuts, I'm a big almond fan, and I eat quite a few peanuts, so that has to change to less dense nuts such as walnuts, which have  great antioxidants anyway.  For veggies, nothing beats a bowl of baby carrots while you write. I can also see me eating more squash, spinach, peas, green beans, and black beans. I'm not opposed to black beans and tomatoes for dinner.

SECOND: adding herbs that are known to curb appetite and promote good health.  Green tea extract, or EGCG and Caralluma Fimbriata are two very good supplements you can buy over the counter and both are inexpensive. You don't need to go to a fancy place, or order them online from a club. Wal-Mart carries them both, and I bet quite a few stores do; just be sure to get pure extract without fillers.  The other thing I'm adding is a good strong probiotic; one with at least 10 billion units, I may opt for more, we'll see. I prefer the liquid type, but they sell it in pill form as well.

THIRD:  water, water, then more water, but of course if you know me, you know I drink coffee in the morning as well. I'm not giving that up, but I am giving up creamer. I will use an organic half creamer, one without sugar, and all should be fine. I drink water now, but I've let it slack off. I remember drinking 2 bottles in the morning, 3 bottles at night (or the equivalent) and then tea in the evenings. I have been really lax with my water intake, so that changes immediately. I don't do cold water. I know I drive my friend Jeannie crazy, as I don't have ice in my house. Since I don't drink soft drinks, I don't do ice. I also know that cold water makes your body work harder, but I don't like colder water; never have. I'll do the room temp water, and more hot teas than I have been.

There we go. Day 1 in motion. When Laura gets home we're going to the store to get what I need. I'll let her keep the foods she wants, but we're throwing out the junk - - done!  Viva la 150!!  YEA.