Tuesday, November 13, 2007

No Matter What Your Politics - Love Them

PFC Reuben Stringfellow (top photo)

Cpl Kory D. Wiens and Mine Dog Cooper (bottom photo)

When I think about what energy goes in on BOTH sides of the issue of war, I am always confronted with one question: What about the troops? What do you, those who are opposed to the war, feel for the men and women, who because they promised they would go, and because they are ordered to do so - protect us? What do we FEEL? It's not a question of what do we do. We don't ever DO enough. We can't give them enough protection to continue protecting us. We can't and don't pray enough, but we can sure try. What do we FEEL?

When we're feeling, when we're emitting energy to the universe, the world, the community, the people, we are showing our emotions. We are demonstrating our true heart. You can be pro-peace and pro-troop at the same time. You can be anti-war and love the guys and girls wearing the uniform, holding the gun, watching the corners, using their skills, training, knowledge, and experience to keep themselves, their commanders, their units, and all of us as safe as they can. There will be accidents. There will be complications, and there will be death, sorrow, and hurt. In my heart in my soul I hold the heroes of our times to be as gallant and as brave as in any other time. They are truly to be honored and remembered correctly.

Before I had kids I used to throw out this really selfish statement. I'd say "I don't salute generals", and for me that meant that I didn't take orders. It was my arrogant, cocky way of saying I stood on my own two feet, and I was fully capable to do so. I don't believe I could have been any further off the mark than I was during that time of my life. Give me the lowest ranking man or woman in the service, and you will see me standing straight, my eyes looking forward, my back and hips in place, and you can bet your heart I've got my hand out to shake their hand, to thank them, and I wouldn't dream of saluting them now because I don't believe I have deserved that honor. I do salute my son, but not in public. He has to correct me every time I do it. (with that smile of his. "Mom, you're such a dork!")

The picture at the top of this blog is that of Cpl Kory Wiens. He is a 20 year old man. He will never be 21. He was killed in Iraq by an IED while he and his dog Cooper, a full blooded Labrador, were on mission. Their destroyed bodies were found close by each other, and they were returned to the Wien family in Dallas, Oregon. Their bodies were cremated and then buried together in a single small grave. For that I say thank you to the Wiens family. Now, I won't blog about every young soldier that surrenders his or her life for us, but this one was a little special to me. If you set my son's picture next to that of Cpl Kory Wiens, you'll see that they resemble each other. Faith, my precious U.S. Army SGT dog, is part Labrador, so this story is especially close to my heart.

We can't pray enough, we can't do enough, but we can love enough. We can stop fighting over the fact that we're fighting - - we can be pro-peace rather than anti-war. I've said it before and it warrants me saying it again: To positively live, you must live positively. Thank you - - is not enough. I love you! I truly truly LOVE you. Come home when you can.

Army Journalist Laura Bigenho wrote an article about Cpl. Wiens and Cooper months before they were killed. Here is that link. Thank you Laura! :http://www.blackanthem.com/News/U_S_Military_19/Man_s_best_friends_are_unsung_heroes5030.shtml

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