Friday, February 27, 2009

"Think Lt. Dan Meets Lassie"


That is what I was told this morning from a radio talk show host in NYC when I was called at 5:05 a.m. to do a recorded interview. I wasn't expecting the call so I wasn't exactly awake. Normally when I wake up at that hour it's my son calling from Iraq to tell me he's just won the bid on some "sweet" deal on Ebay! He can't wait to tell someone and he doesn't really care what time it is - - he just calls. I don't mind. This time it was a radio announcer, and to be 100% honest with you - I don't' have clue one as to which one it was. I'm sure he said it, I'm more than positive it was aired because I had to laugh at him when he said what he said. It went something like this:

"Good morning Jude, hey, I'm sorry to wake you up just to ask you this, but hey is it true that Faith is going to be a movie star?" My answer was yes, that indeed she was being cast as herself in the upcoming full feature film "FAITH" (working title) created and produced by Timber Creek Productions. The next line blew me away and I think I almost woke up. "I heard the movie is like Lt. Dan meets Lassie" ... pause on my end.....pregnant silence.

My answer was "I don't think we can ever compare the two dogs or the two men really. Lassie is a trained dog with several generations of excellent film work. Faith is a dog that happens to be a miracle in the making, and she's definitely one of a kind." I intentionally didn't go down the road of comparing our Lt. Monte Miller with Forrest Gump's Lt. Dan character. When people compare Lt. Dan to anyone they're somewhat assuming that Lt. Dan is real - - he's not real. Lassie is real. I've been privileged enough to have met the most recent Lassie, Faith has met it too - not sure if Lassie was a boy or a girl actually - - they change you know.

Radio Guy: "Yeah, but I heard it's like Lt. Dan meets Lassie, and the day is saved." OK...we'll go there now. I guess it's fair to say that Lt. Monte Miller is like Lt. Dan Taylor in many ways - - he's in the military, he's a Lt., he was in charge of a few good men, he was injured in war, he was even mad and pissed off about being alive and wished he could crawl into his bottle and just die...but he never fished for shrimp, never smoked a cigar, never had a wild and wicked New Year's Eve party, and he certainly never cussed at God. HOWEVER, they both were fitted with "magic legs" and Monte's legs are going to be made by Scott Sabolich in Oklahoma City, the maker and premiere prosthetics leader in the world! He could enter the 2012 Olympics! (Which is funny because he couldn't run before he got shot!)

Oh, I guess we could have a bit of fun comparing Lassie to Faith - - and we could have bit of fun comparing the two Lieutenants. Let's compare the men who play them -Denton Blane Everett (Monte Miller) and Gary Alan Sinise (Dan Taylor).

Denton Blane Everett has been in a few indy films where Gary has been in oh, a lot more. DBE is tall, dark, exquisitely handsome where Sinise is...well, OK, to me he's stunning. I couldn't go so far as to say anyone else would think so. Denton sings with the voice of an angel,has eyes that kill, and a breathy laugh to melt every girl's heart immediately...Gary is...well OK, to me he's stunning - - and wins my heart every time. Oh, and he has green eyes.

Gary Alan Sinise is a hero in terms of standing up for his beliefs in a community or an industry that doesn't always allow such controversial points of view. Denton hasn't had the chance to do much soapboxing, as he's only 32 and hasn't been asked by any media types what his views are - - but I know the kid, and he'll do the same as Sinise - - no matter what he feels he'll stick to it. Sinise has been a bass player and a musician for years - - has Denton! There's one they have in common! Gary has a heart of pure diamond: strong, rich, clear, and comes with many many angles - - Denton has his work cut out for him, but at least if he's going to be compared to Gary he'll have a magnificent template to go by.

"FAITH" is such a great film. It will not only showcase what true courage and empowerment from one's own soul can do for himself/ will relay the importance of animal-to-human relationships that have been neglected in our media thus far. We can't live without these guys and they do certainly need us. For the betterment of man, for the betterment of dog, this film will reflect the true to life events that take place with my dog Faith. She really has caused men and women to stop in their tracks and rethink their next move. She really does deserve the title of "Star", but maybe not with the word "Movie" attached. She's from Heaven.

Wow..I wish these radio guys would warn me in the future about what they're going to ask me on live radio. I wouldn't have laughed so loudly, and maybe I would have been a better mega phone for the boys. LOVE, genuine love to you both.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yes, as a Matter of Fact - - I DO Get My Way

I spend a great deal of time explaining to people why (exactly) that I get nearly everything I want in life. They just don't understand why I'm so happy and yet, I'm not really rich in terms of having a bunch of money. My normal response to anyone asking me why I don't meditate and ask God for money is this "I'm OK without it, you should see how great I am working and living on nothing!" My desires are MY desires. Money, because it is necessary, is something I pray about, I ask for the daily bread and there are times when I ask for a bit of a bigger piece of that loaf. I'm not really money driven. I'm more of the joy-filled type, you know us, we're the ones smiling when the world seems to be crashing down around us. I remember being in the hospital after a complication presented itself during a very routine gall bladder surgery - - the nurses were in stitches too. I kept them that way. It was my healing!

When I say, and almost boast, that I get what I want I MEAN IT. I have taken the word of God very seriously at times and when He makes a promise about MY HEART'S DESIRE (not yours) I listen. I can count at least 5 verses that are dedicated to that one thing - - my answered prayer. It just makes sense to me that either God is or He is NOT real. He either IS or He is NOT making promises, and if He is, then He's either telling the truth...or all of it could be called into question. SO, with that in mind - - I choose to believe in His honesty, in His faithfulness, and His abilities to do whatever He promises me He'll do...and get this: I just have to ask. I don't have to beg. I don't have to keep asking either. I just need to be real and sincere - - OH, and then believe it. I have to believe that the gift, the desire will be delivered. So yeah, as a matter of FACT I do get what I want!

During my meditations I have been known to completely zone out while listening to earth drums, flutes, maybe a few ethnic chants just pouring my mind into a very very spiritual place. I pray with rocks in my hand and that just cracks some people us when they see me rocking out...hahahaa...prayer humor...sorry. I hold rocks for a reason. I don't worship them, no way, I use them to worship. See, the same Bible that promised me the desires of my true soul and heart also tells me that if, if, if, I forget to praise Jesus that the rocks themselves will do it for me! I believe that too. I don't ever want those rocks talking because I didn't - - don't get me wrong, they can feel free to join in with me while praising God, but to forget to thank Him, forgetaboutit! Ain't happening!

What do I want? I'm there. I do want more - - and in the right time, that too will be mine. I'll have to put the rocks down to hold it, but he won't mind. Some things just take a little more time that's all. Make NO mistake - - I do get what I want! (Thank you Jesus!)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

GROW Baby, Grow!

KING Leonidas. I finally learned how to spell my own dog's name. Actually, to be honest with you, King belongs to Caity, as does Rupert. Rupert is a 10 month old long haired full blooded Dachshund and weighs just under 15 pounds. He's solid, rather squirmy, and quite the jealous one when it comes to being loved on first. With King in the picture there are many bursts and interruptions created by Rupert when he sees that he is not the one being held and hugged on. King continues to tolerate it at this point, but in just over a week of having him he's already surpassed Rupert in height - he still only weighs about 11-12 pounds, but give that a week longer. He eats enough. It's bound to happen. St. Bernard/Mastiff/Huskies aren't known for remaining small - - we're looking forward to it really. We need a big dog to go walking with in the evenings.

I was reading online this afternoon where St. Bernards don't really make good guard dogs. They make good watch dogs. They bark - and that deep roaring bark can ward off the would be playmate and/or thief; however, they are more suitable for rescuing and dragging one around in the snow. Mastiffs on the other hand are fantastic guard dogs and were indeed bred to be so in the early part of the 16th Century. Huskies drag sleds around in the snow. I think our King will have a bit of a good time outdoors but I won't count on him to stop the criminals - - but then again, if they come close enough to steal something he may decide to play with them, trapping them under his massive soon-to-be body and licking them to the point of exhaustion. It could happen.

Rupert on the other hand will bite the leg of anyone coming near the house. Perhaps he can teach King a thing or two about protecting, and King can do the dirty work of holding the fort down with his looks and steely blue eyes. It won't be long before I'm reporting that King is bigger than Matrix, then bigger than Faith, then bigger than Caity, and hopefully since he's going to be 150 pounds he'll even be bigger than me! C'MON can do it! I'll do what I can to dwindle down to 130 so he won't have as far to go. I'm thinking by Christmas he'll be the largest mammal in the house for two weeks and then the boy comes home from Iraq! YES!

Joe and Jane Fiber

The average (Joe and/or Jane) American gets about 10 grams of fiber a day and they need to be eating (or ingesting) upward of 25 grams per day in order to keep their average (Joe and/or Jane) bowels working properly. This is the information I am receiving from several internet medical sites as well as confirming it with my own doctor.

At first I thought eating that much fiber would be hard but now I find myself eating over 25 grams of fiber in one meal at times. Let me show you how easy it is to really get the fiber you need if you're serious about being healthy that is. A slice of double fiber multi-grain bread has 5 grams of fiber, so if you eat a sandwich using two slices you're almost half way there. I made myself a peanut butter and raw honey sandwich today and added flax seed meal to the peanut butter. Flax seed meal has 3 grams of fiber for 1 tablespoon. Mixing it with the peanut butter makes sense taste wise and it's easy to do. Raw honey has no dietary fiber but the liquid fiber I poured into my water does. It's tasteless and odorless -- OK, it's expensive too, but you don't have to buy soft drinks anymore now do you? Couple that with what I save on buying meat since I don't eat it anymore, and there you go - - I'm fibered up and hopefully losing the fat that took me YEARS to accumulate.

Just because I can, I eat a couple of dried plums (prunes) and that adds another 2 fibers. So, let's add it up. 10 for the bread, 6 for the peanut butter, 3 for the flax seal meal, and 4 for the liquid fiber. That's 23, oh, and the prunes makes it 25! WOW....what a meal. Easy to make, easy to clean up, if you just fold over a napkin rather than using a plate you're even able to get away with not washing dishes - - except the knife I guess. You should wash the knife. I forgot to tell you I was drinking bottled water with either green tea or some sort of joint supplement in it - - I'm telling you - - this being healthy isn't the easiest thing, but it's the best thing. My daughter is laying sick on the couch behind me and I think out loud to her that she missed a few fiber days and she missed a lot of vitamin taking days. I don't know the last time I saw her walk a mile - - now, if I could only make my face look like hers, my hips rolls like hers, and my jeans fit like hers and I would be set! (She can keep the flu thing. I don't want it.)

This morning I was juicing a couple of apples, a cup of cranberries and a cup of grapes for breakfast when the thought hit me; there's not much time left before spring is here and then summer - - I have this stupid weight to manage and get under control and here she is eating like a horse, hardly ever exercising, and she doesn't drink nearly the amount of water she should - - Youth is wasted on the YOUNG! I would SO MUCH more appreciate it than she does. Oh well, I played in the sun a little too much in the 80's. I remember. (Thank you Mr. Kodak, and Mr. Eastman)

Monday, February 16, 2009

King Leon!

Welcome the world of Jude Stringfellow.

I was just sitting at my desk the other day, minding my own business; because that is what I do. I mind my own business you know. I was typing, reading, answering phones calls, just being the producer that I am here at Timber Creek Productions in Gainesville, Texas, when my Executive Producer Buck Stienke informed me that he wanted me to attend the Board of Directors meeting for the local animal shelter called Noah's Ark. Buck is on the Board, and he wanted to show me what it was all about - - seems he had a plan. I was of course part of that plan. Buck wants me on the Board - and I can only imagine it would be because I'm such a great producer!

Can you see me laughing? I'm a marketer. I market. I find money for people. I do wish I could spin my wheels and find money for myself from time to time, but I'm so darn busy finding money for everyone else you see. It was decided that I would go to the meeting and after I fell in love with the idea I would be introduced to the group as their new Marketing Director. I think we're holding off until next month to make it official.

The Noah's Ark Animal Center had a birthday celebration on Friday the 13th at the shelter, and of course Faith was invited. Not only was Faith invited, but I was invited and my daughter Caity was invited, and that's the big mistake I made...I brought my daughter Caity to an animal shelter where there are dogs to be adopted. I brought my daughter Caity to an animal shelter where there are dogs to be adopted and I will be named the Marketing Director soon. I brought my daughter Caity to an animal shelter where dogs are being adopted, where I will be on the Board soon, and everyone there knew I couldn't possibly say no to them asking me to adopt a dog or a cat! Given my options I was stuck!

Naturally Caity decided on the largest dog in the facility...correction, in the state of Texas.

Caity picked up this 11 pound dog whose eyes are as blue as the sky. His body screams of being a very very large breed, his face and markings are identical to those of Beethoven the St. Bernard, and the intake papers only confirm my thoughts of him being a mega-mutt...yes, we will have the biggest dog in the county soon. At 8 weeks he is currently 11 pounds and already rather floppy and bumbly, he's incredibly observant and has a mind of his own when it comes to sharing anything that hits the floor that resembles food. Poor Rupert will be stepped on.

We'll be taking our new monster, I mean puppy, who Caity has aptly named for King Leonidas from the movie "300" - - to therapy school, obedience training school, and to PetSmart every single week in order to train him to be polite and courteous. He'll be trained under very strict guidelines soon so that he will become a military therapy dog - - and we'll have him helping injured soldiers to stand up from a sitting position, or to sit from a standing position. Something tells me that plan will be a ways off - - if he starts that practice now the poor soldiers will be on their faces with a big furry dog licking them to death, trying to get to the dinner before they can. We've got plans for this blue eyed beauty!

So, maybe being on the Board wasn't such a bad idea - - I get to do what I do, I can force Caity to volunteer (when I say "force" I'm caught laughing, as if I could stop her. She's out there already - - rolling around in puppies) at the shelter. I can have my pick of all the dogs I want - - please stop me God, please, please, please!

I know when I get to Heaven there will be a big back yard just outside my house. I have no doubt that every unadoptable dog will be waiting for me too. I tell you, God just won't let up! (Thank you, Jesus)

Monday, February 9, 2009

I Love My Job!

You know, sometimes you get up and you get dressed and go to work and nothing cool happens. You just work, or drink your coffee hoping that someone comes into the office to make the day jump. Actually, with my new job I'm the one jumping. I get up earlier and earlier, and I find myself not even putting my makeup on. I just want to get out the door and go to work! I love this place. I love my new job. Not only am I working for and with two of the greatest guys - - they're filmmakers. We're making the movie "FAITH" or "Sgt. Faith" and we're in the middle of the prep work now. We'll start the production in a couple more months.

Denton Blane Everett is our leading man for this film. He's standing in our office in the top shot holding the award given to him by the Trail Dance Film Festival this year for "BEST ACTOR"! The film was another film that my guys made. Timber Creek Production,LLC is the name of our production company. They finished "Rockabilly Baby" before I came into town and took over the Consulting Producer role. Denton played the lead in this film as well, and his character literally POPS on stage. You'll see his fire, you'll feel his compassion in "Rockabilly Baby", then you get to see and feel him in "FAITH" as a wounded American solider. Faith, my dog Faith, plays the leading female role - - as herself of course. Denton's character was created with several men in mind. He's already working out to get his upper body in shape to play the role - - it's hard to roll yourself, lift yourself, and to be without legs for too long. (Think Lt. Dan, then drop that thought and think Monte Miller! Denton has other issues and he is NOT Lt. Dan Taylor.)

As I'm writing this blog Ken and Buck are meeting with a military expert and going over language, terms, situations, scenarios, and weapons we'll be using in the movie. Neither Denton nor I have been in the military, we're learning this from scratch! I can't tell you how much more I appreciate our military when you stop and consider the mental aspect of it as well as the physical requirements and drains. Denton's going to need those extra pounds Ken and I are talking him into...just to provide the muscle to haul the dog around and push himself up the ramps. (I'm bringing my video, I have a feeling there are going to be a few really really good bloopers for the Special Features DVD!) LOL

Check out Denton Blane Everett on and the trailer with him playing the role of Baby Boy Watkins in "Rockabilly Baby" at

He's a hottie. I don't mind saying it - - I could look at him all day...can't wait til I get to. Oh, and then there's Todd Farr too! Yes, it is true, I love my job. I love my job, I love my job!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Alas - - No Tanker

Well, as it turns out there will be less two-legged dogs in my life. I am not adopting the little fur ball formerly known as Tanker Hope Orlando Stringfellow. I believe, and am being told, that he will simply be called Hope. He will be adopted by someone locally in his Orlando area I am told. I hope that he and his trainers will fall in love and everything will work out 100% according to God's ultimate plan.

There are one or two issues to be resolved, and it's only notable because I have in the past been an idiot and have sent e-mails out to either everyone when I was suppose to only send them out to one person, or in this case I was rude and I didn't have any reason to be. I say I didn't have a reason to be, I think at the time I thought I had a very good reason to be. I was under the impression that I was being talked poorly about, and even accused of something I not only wasn't doing, but something I would not do.

Let me preface the entire explanation with this: I am a red-headed Celtic woman, I am also a passionate Scorpio. Some times, not all times, but some times I get bent and I do and/or say things when I should just shut my big fat mouth. I've already apologized for my ignorance, so you don't need to e-mail me and comment about my damning words - - I've been forgiven. Thank you Judy Sarullo, you are a saint.

OK, about a week or so ago all was well in the land of Jude-will-be-adopting-Tanker, but something went crazy on the way to the arrangement to have him picked up. I called to get the spelling of Judy's last name, and was informed that she and everyone at the Pet Rescue by Judy in Sanford, Florida were asked by a publicist (who will remain nameless on my end) not to speak to me. There was no explanation, she (Judy) just said she couldn't talk to me about the adoption, and that no one was picking the puppy up on Feb. 2. This was alarming to say the least. I had just moved to Texas from Oklahoma (God's country) to accommodate the traveling plans of the little dog. I had given up work, I had spent lots of money in the move, and I was really under the impression that we had a deal. Apparently the publicist was successful in turning the tables somewhat (at least that's my theory) and no one would answer me. I couldn't get the publicist to call or write either. Days went by and no news led me to believe there was certainly something going on.

There was ONE volunteer that called me and anonymously told me what was happening, but I wasn't allowed to use her name in connection with any of the news. I was being put off (in her words) because the publicist felt it best to give more credit and air time to the center, and it was reported to me that the publicist said I was trying to take the corner on raising two-legged dogs for....get this...profit. Oh, my tax lady would have had a good laugh on that one.

Well, I got ugly and because the last couple of e-mails I sent to the center were also sent to my attorney Debra Opri, the center wanted to know why I would send the e-mails to an attorney. I noted that they had as well - - something the publicist hadn't mentioned to them I suppose, but you know, the publicist used a phrase about her own clients that upset me and I almost wrote the center and told them. She said, and I quote "These people clean out cages all day, I had to help them." She had also admitted to being a volunteer, was she putting herself into that lower-than-herself category? I didn't ask. I was just shocked that they were listening to someone who would say such things.

When the channel 6 reporter from WKMG (Erik Von Ancken) called me and asked me repeatedly if I planned on suing Judy and/or the center for not allowing me to adopt Tanker I repeatedly told him NO. I wouldn't be a part of that sort of trashy controversy, and he needed to get off the subject. He related to me that the center's publicist and people at the center had asked him to call me, he was calling on their behalf - - which a reporter worth anything knows you can't do. You MUST remain neutral. Nevertheless I was being accused of using poor Tanker for promotional purposes on my new film "FAITH", which is as the title suggests, about my dog Faith, not about Tanker. Tanker was going to be with me 24/7 during the filming prep and I would be working with him to sit up and get off his chest. By virtue of his presence on location and on the sets he would be in the film. It was suppose to be an honor - - one they took as exploitation I believe, and that is the second the very second I pulled out.

I will not ever exploit an animal or a person for my personal gain, and that was the last straw. They can say I'm a bitch, they can say I'm mean, nasty, rude, and/or uncooperative - - I get those words used quite often concerning my character, but you can not ever say I would use an animal for promotion or profit. The reporter asked a stupid question: "Will there be media covering the making of the film?" Can you tell me one that isn't covered by the media? He was trying to bait me. I hope I answered him correctly without being too crash....well, I sort of hope that. (LOL)

Anyway - I wrote to Judy Sarullo, who I believe and know to be a wonderful person with only good intention - - and agreed to let her rescind her invitation to allow me to adopt the puppy. Her publicist had convinced her to say that there were time issues and procedure issues, but that's not true - - sorry, it wasn't discussed, in fact, the center and everyone at it was happy we were taking Tanker and training him. They were thrilled about the film - it wasn't until after this publicist decided, in my opinion, to make a media circus out it that we had any problems whatsoever. Think about it, I was willing to take a dog that simply must have special needs cared for, and they came to me because they trusted me. The only thing to change was the fact that the publicist saw a way to get more attention to the center through the dog. I will not say she was trying to exploit Tanker, she simply in my opinion wanted to use his new situation to better fund or better promote the center for future donations....and by the way, the center deserves every single penny you can give it! GIVE! GIVE!

So there you have it. The two sides are all friendly again, and we're meeting on air with the Inside Edition this week to talk about it. We've been written up and discussed on every coast and some of the things being reported are even true...this should set the record straight. I won't be a part of the on-going controversy, and I don't believe Judy wants to be either. I bet the publicist finally got that through her head - - but I know I wasn't the one to call the news or the Inside Edition, so maybe she's just making good on what she wanted to do in the first place. Either way, I won't say anything nasty about Judy or the Pet Rescue by Judy, as she is fantastic and did the right thing for Tanker...who is now Hope.

Good luck my new friends. See ya in the papers!