Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bigenho For A Little While Longer


When we can't afford to buy our United States Army soldiers REAL beds to sleep in, and when we have to resort to building them little car beds to help them live 24/7 on the field, whether they are awake or in dreamland, we have got to rethink the way we are spending the millions and billions of dollars given to us to protect and outfit our guardians....may I have an "Amen!"

For a little while longer this woman's name is Laura Bigenho. You can see from her pajamas that she is an enlisted U.S. Army soldier. She happens to be serving overseas in the sandy, but constantly-falling-temperature country of Iraq. Although Alan Jackson can't tell you the difference between Iran and Iraq, Laura Bigenho's actual job as a journalist is to do exactly that! I believe if you were, as I am, on her mailing list, you too would be able to know the latest, and the greatest that comes out of this Army post. I'd tell you where she is exactly, but the shame of you seeing more of those little car beds would put me in an early grave.

Laura, and some of her fellow soldiers, have taken it upon themselves to live positively in some of the most unpopular and often negative times. They are often seen (caught if you will) praying to GOD, and asking for HIS help, in order to bring sense and order to their mission - - dare we admit that this brave, unmoved, strong, and courageous woman actually invokes the name of Jesus on a daily basis? Are we to believe that she actually believes that by doing so her work, her life, her love, her full existence will be enhanced? Come to think of it, I had a really good prayer this morning which left me feeling both relaxed and secure for the rest of the day - maybe she's onto something!

America! World Audience! Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing this very moment, you too can rest, and feel secure because THIS WOMAN (and nearly a million men and women just like her, but probably taller) are out in the world protecting you! They are the reason we sing "Land of the free, and home of the brave!" Hooah!

(How was that Laura, over the top, maybe ...just right? Oh, I forgot to mention Marcus.)

America! World Audience! Laura is engaged to another one of those nearly million men and or women who look like, act like, dress like, and fight like her...he's a guy, and he's considerably taller. His name is Marcus Levering, and I don't think he would mind me telling you that his little car bed is yellow!

Love you guys! Thanks for the prayers! I feel them. Have some of mine!

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