Monday, November 5, 2007

Smarter Than the Average Blogger Bears!

You guys are smart! You fellow-bloggers that is. I guess we're not on strike since we are continuing to blog, but then again, not many of us are being paid for our works huh? I can tell from the e-mails and the phone calls I'm receiving that some of you are putting two and two together.

Last July I blogged on my site about Sebastian Maniscalco and his faux-paux with the very public miscommunication about my dog Faith. I mentioned that I would be seeking legal counsel, and I did. I blogged a couple of days ago about Debra Opri being said legal counsel, and she's fantastic! She's wonderful in fact. I couldn't have asked for a better person to represent me. She loves dogs, she loves people, she's open and honest. I think honestly, that I we're in the best of hands. Well, there you bloggers go; reading between the lines, watching the Maniscalco YouTube, and deriving from what it says that the man being held responsible for the basis of the suit (pending) is a well-named actor other than Sebastian Maniscalco - - you've done all that you can do to make me say his name, but I don't think that matters.

Saying his name doesn't (or won't) change matters. He has agreed to apologize to us, which is better toward good will -- don't you think? I'll let the attorneys handle the names, and the reputations. There's no need to even worry about it. When TMZ called me this evening to confirm the NAME of the man involved, I directed them to speak with Debra. They went so far as to say that on the YouTube there is a definite name mentioned, that Sebastian Maniscalco was directly involved with "X" man, and they wanted to know YES or NO if this was the man I hold in such high esteem that although I may have to file a suit against him, I choose not to say his name. I'm sure Debra's number is listed....I'll smile from behind my monitor, and know that I'm in the best hands possible.

An alliance will be made - - I believe in this. As for Hollywood, names, gossips, and rumors, here's one: Faith is going to be in a movie soon, and you wouldn't believe who her leading man will be!!! Oh, dare I tease? Giggles.

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