Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Have a Few Children

Matt (Clark) is one of those kids of mine that I didn't know I had until after he was born, after he was raised, after he joined the Army and ended up my son's little brother. There's no changing it, it's just done. I have another son. This time I'm lucky to get a kid that has been potty-trained and he's been educated. That's good, because the sheer size of this one warrants that if I had actually had to feed him and Reuben at the same time I'm pretty sure I would have not been able to do it. I've seen them eat!

Matt and Reuben were in Iraq together albeit with different locations, different experiences, difference jobs - - they were thrown together by chance, but became brothers by choice. It was a no-brainer when Reuben got out that Matt would want to be with his brother. He's in the process now of getting released from duties, his time is up, he's ready to start all the crazy plans they've schemed up together over the past 3.5 years together - - plans like: taking a month long road trip and seeing America rather than the ice and snow of Alaska where they were stationed. Making plans to become co-mayors of a small town somewhere and just running the show - - everyone has to exercise, everyone has to work, everyone has to be squared away. That's one city I will try to avoid early in the morning.

Yesterday was the first time I got the chance to hug my 22 year old son. He calls me "Mom", but I know and am told that he has another one too - - a real one that really loves him and keeps a watchful eye as well. You can't ever really have too many moms I guess - - as long as Reuben understands he can't replace me, I'm good. The second he thinks he can I will have no other choice but to take out the other woman and show her what's what....does that sound possessive because I was thinking it did, just as it came out of my keyboard I, never mind. He's MINE, MINE!!! I'll share Matt.

This was Faith's first time to see her other boy too - - she and he had talked on the phone and had gotten to know each other through stories and through Reuben's mutual recommendations; but it was great to see them together and wow, she loves him. He was even out of uniform!! He must be family.

So, it's hats off, rifles down, and out of the Army for my other son - - remind me to tell you about Jonathan when we get the chance. He's even bigger than Matt! How do I do this? How do I find these guys? (Jon and Reu met in the 4th grade.)