Wednesday, November 7, 2007

CBS, Animal Planet, They All Want My Dog!

Here's how today went: I got up on time, did the exercises, took the shower, got to work on time. Then I realized that my phone was at home, probably on the kitchen cabinet next to the B-12 I was trying to force open when the bottle opened and little pills flew everywhere. So, I reversed the car, turned it around, got back on the highway and tooled it on home to pick up the phone. Just before I reached the actual highway I noticed I was out of gas...good thing to note before you get on the freeway right? So, I pull into the nearest Shell, pick up a couple or three Powerball tickets (God, if I win this is truly going to be a better story to blog about tomorrow) and I got the gas.

After arriving home I found two men in my kitchen pulling my oven away from the wall - and yes, they were eating the cookies I had made for them the night before. You see, my oven went out on me and the maintenance men at my apartment complex are the best! They replaced the old oven with a brand new one, but it didn't heat either! They decided to test it again and again by having me bake them some cookies to see exactly how long that would take! What should have been 15 minutes at 375 degrees took 1 hour at 200 or less....that's why they were in the kitchen this morning. I literally came around the living room corner when a big man's arm reached up from NO WHERE and handed me my cell - "You forgot this!" He said. I thanked him and just as I did, the phone rang. It was my agent.

Mike Maguire calls me a lot these days to say this company, that company, this group, or that group is wanting to film my dog for the holidays. I understand that, and I love that! It was just a great timing thing that I happened to walk through the door at that minute and catch this particular call because it was CBS! I love CBS...they're the ones who bring me CSI, CSI-Miami, CSI-NYC, NCIS....Cold Case, Without a Trace - is it just me? Am I really that starved for forensic/sick/twisted drama? Probably. They also have Animal Planet! It was the call we knew would eventually come...Animal Planet wants me to film my dog for their End of the Year show, the best of the best pets, and you know...that means Faith! She's awesome!!!

Faith has been nominated so very often for shows like this because she just gives and gives. She's always happy, always up, always wagging her tail and her tongue and just wanting to be a part of everyone's holiday and every day life! She's such a pretty little girl too, and she's got something about her that makes people want to reach out and hug her. In fact, a great many people do exactly that. We don't mind. She doesn't always cotton up to men, but she's getting better...the maintenance men are her best friends now, they throw her milk bones from under the sink now, and they reach in my refrigerator and find her cheese too. You'd have to see these two, they could take it on the road - - great timing!

So, I rushed back to work, made calls, got the mail out, did the work-thing for a couple of hours and then rushed back home. I needed a new battery charger for my SONY Handicam 8mm, and that wasn't easy to find - but it was found. I am currently charging the little battery, and in no time I'll be outside taking shots of the mutt running up and down the lawn and along the pond where she is seen on a daily basis chasing geese, ducks, we even had an otter that she lives to play with. He/She isn't quite sure what to think of Faith nosing around the den, but Faith loves to look! Soon you'll see the special, probably at the end of the year - Best of 2007, that sort of thing. We're also getting ready for an Oklahoma Centennial Celebration with Faith and a few others - wonderful Oklahomans who are helping our great state commemorate 100 years of statehood this next week. November 16, 1907 to November 16, 2007...too bad Teddy Roosevelt can't be here for the anniversary - he signed us into statehood that afternoon.

Well, gotta scoot, the dog and her public are waiting. I'm the cameraman/woman on this one. I'll let Laura and Caity be seen on the show...I did mention to the producer Scott Day of CBS that he had to do me this one favor: He had to put us on an episode of CSI-NY....if for no other reason I'd love to see Faith walking into the lab and just freak the bajeebies out of the crew! She's table height when she stands up, perhaps she could help Hawkes do an autopsy! WOOF!

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