Friday, November 2, 2007

People in High Places!

What you couldn't have known about my son is all the famous and influential people connected to his life! Look at him! Hob-knobbing with the 2-Star Generals of this world, wearing his Boomer Sooner colors, that smile of his - so natural!

When Reuben was born I was a member of the same church as the Governor of our state. His name is Governor George Nigh (D) of Oklahoma. We're Republican, but we love George and Donna! We absolutely love them. It was Governor Nigh who, from the pulpit of our church, announced Reuben's birth to the congregation after the preacher refused to because Reuben's father and I weren't married. Gov. Nigh realized that a new baby as more important to the church than politics and/or appearances of evil I suppose. For that we have always loved him. He was among the first to babysit Reuben, and I have to tell you; it was odd driving Reuben to the Governor's mansion to be babysat when he was just a teeny-tiny boy - that was in 1986.

After a few year rolled by (1992), Reuben became the first child EVER to be kicked out of Moore Public Schools for campaigning on Election Day. They pulled me out of the long line was in, and they forced him on a three-day suspension. I could have been fined for his behavior, but I was unaware of it. Here I was standing in a 2-3 hour long waiting line to vote for George Bush Sr. for President of the United States and my son is going up and down the line saying "Vote for Bush" and he was extending his hand to make it official I guess. He was 6. Well, he decided to write to former President Bush and tell him what happened. From 1992 to 2001 he and Mr. Bush exchanged quite a few letters and photos of each other, all personal, all beautiful.

In 2000 (The year OU took National Championship in football) Reuben was the official campaign manager for George W. Bush. He was outlandishly loud about it, covering more ground than most could have imagined. My boy ran miles and miles around our town campaigning - and it was simply suppose to be a school based project! The night of the controversial recount - the boy could be heard in TEXAS screaming and throwing his fits....but overcome with JOY he was when HIS President won in the end.

At the pleasure of our dear president, my son now proudly serves in the U.S. Army, where he expresses himself, his abilities, and his opinions just as loudly and openly as he always has....100% always. I like what Reuben stands for. I like the way he approaches life - FULLY and up front, in your face, and always with that big smile of his.....always! His commanding officers have been teasing me for a year now that Reuben RUINS every picture they have because he smiles while everyone else is looking hard and stern faced. This is something he did on the field too when he played football. Well, come to think of it, it's something he has done when he's engaged in what we appropriately call "Full-Contact Baseball", "Full-Contact Basketball" and "Full-Contact Bowling" - all of which have been through his church. There just isn't much out there that can stop this bull once he gets his hoofs on the ground and pointed in the right direction!

Governors, presidents, and generals....what's next?
Proud of you Boy!

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