Friday, November 23, 2007

Stand Like Waite - Hold Your Ground

Oklahomans don't have much of a problem making a stand and then digging their (our) heels in really deeply to let themselves and the rest of the freaking world know EXACTLY where they stand. I wasn't surprised when my publicist asked me to write a book about my opinions. I felt it coming. We'd had discussions over and over again covering topics the polite people say you should never have - not in public anyway. Does Starbucks count as being all that public? Fine! I don't think I have to warn you, my opinions are MINE. I came upon them all by myself, sharing them won't hurt me one bit - no extra charge. (Not now, wait until the book is out, then you'll have to pay for them! LOL)

If you know anything about the Civil War and the way it ended you'll know the South came out on the south of it so to speak. Oklahoma had a very unique position in that we were officially a neutral territory - Indian territory, and since Native Americans weren't considered real Americans, they didn't count - or did they? I'm not Native American -- something I regret. I would be if I could go back and do something about it. I would be a Cherokee I think. They're the ones with the pretty cheek bones, and they had Stand Waite! Now, there's a man of history to be admired. Did you know that there's NEVER been another full blooded Native American General? He was it! He was the LAST, the very very very last General to surrender to the Union. He was from the Indian Territory, but before he was in Oklahoma (land wise) he was from Florida - - a very southern man.

Well, Stand made a stand. He proved to everyone that you have to sometimes wait it out to be sure, absolutely sure that all has been done - his dogmatic behavior lives today in many of us who call this land ours. I'm one of his biggest fans I think. Sometimes forced to do what he did not want to do. Sometimes given the opportunity to make the decisions - when he was able to, he told the children of the areas he would go to that they were to be proud no matter what the outcome of the great war, they were to stay in their belief that we would be healed as a nation...he also believed in one God; and he was seen in public discussing His existence. He questioned why anyone else would question it.

There is another man I like to quote from time to time; though most think the adage came from a country western song - - Alexander Hamilton told members of Congress that "If we stand for nothing we will fall for anything". I'm not sure those words were the reason he made it on the $10 bill, but they may have gotten him shot! Nevertheless, I would rather die standing for my heart's pull than falling over it. I do know what my motto, if I had one, would be: "Let your yes be yes, and your no be no" - you know who said that! (Hint: died for me and you, too.)

I'm about to write a book about my feelings, my points of view, my opinions, my thoughts, and MY ideas - if I need to place a warning or a disclaimer in the front of it for the weak of souls I will -- but I will not, I cannot back off what I think to be honest, truth, or right. Don't ask me to, you won't like me much after that. Like the great Native American Warrior/General - I will wait you out. I will NOT surrender without being forced. This is a good thing. You'll never NOT know where you stand with me; and just in case you're wondering - yeah, I'm still going to love you even if we disagree. You have the right to be as wrong as you want to be! Hahahaha

Did I mention I was a bit conceited at times too? (Truth! Not making that up) If only we were all this honest. Can you imagine? Voting wouldn't be half as difficult and court rooms wouldn't be so full.

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