Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Veterans Day

November 11, 2007 - Happy Veterans Day to every single man and every single woman who has served in the Armed Forces. I don't believe that Veterans Day is to be only focused on the soldiers who have died or given up their lives in the line of fire. I believe a Veteran is anyone who has ever taken an oath, worn a uniform, worked and/or lived as an Armed Forces soldier. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!

Of course, I have a few of my personal favorite Veterans. My father Reuben Stringfellow was in the Navy, and proudly served during the Korean War. He was (and is still) an electrician. He served on a ship, but said he really never got off of it to do much in the way of combat -- I suppose that's a great thing, he is THAT GUY that kept the communication lines open. After he served in the U.S. Navy my dad met my mom, they married, had four children, and he spent 30 years practicing and perfecting his electrical skills working as a Regional Wire Tech for Western Union.

My uncle Marvin Humphrey was in the Air Force, he was in World War II, and I have very little information about what his mission was, but I know this; he dropped food in Berlin during those times of starvation, and that makes him a hero in my heart.

My uncle Bill Stringfellow was also in the Air Force, too tall to fly he flew anyway! Something like my son, he just SAID he was shorter in order to do the job. He also served during the Korean War, and after he left the service he became a lineman for the county - we used to tease him and say that Glen Campbell sang about him. He resided in Denver.

My former employer the Hon. Edward H. Moler, another Air Force pilot too tall to fly! He served during World War II, and he did so as a flight scout. In 1999 Mr. Moler brought his really cool binoculars to the office and from the 28th floor of the building we worked in, I could literally see President Clinton giving a speech several city blocks away - - that was cool until a Blackhawk hovered over our building outside our window and the passenger soldier asked me to put them down! OK, yes sir, you betcha! ....please step away from the window! Yes...of course.

There is a woman in there too: Spc. and/or SGT Laura Bigenho of Ft. Lewis, (Seattle) Washington. Currently serving in Iraq! Currently making out with another beautiful soldier, just doing her duty, keeping the man warm - tough assignment, but you know, good work if you can get it. That soldier is a ninja, I can't possibly give up his assignment! Rumor has it the two of have been found holding hands and giggling behind sand dunes! Come on, I thought it was suppose to be all work over there. Seriously, Laura is a journalist, I have no idea what Levering does, but he's out there doing it! Thank you.

My FAVORITE Veteran? Oh, you don't even have to ask. Baby Boy Reuben Andrew! PFC Reuben Andrew Stringfellow of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Top notch, handsome, fast, clever, full of spunk and energy - capable and able to be anywhere at anytime, doing anything he's asked...why? Because he's perfect! Oh, OK...he's not exactly, not 100% perfect - - but damn close! He's my son!

I should mention my dog too! Faith is an honorarily commissioned SGT in the U.S. Army, and she's out there making everyone of the soldiers she meets to know we love them! Love them. LOVE THEM.

Happy Veterans Day! BIG SMILES!! LOVE TO YOU ALL.

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