Thursday, November 29, 2007

300th Blog - You Gotta Pick Something Cool

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It's just a landmark, but a great one! 300th blog on the, it has to be something really awesome right? Or, it could just be a great picture of a great man in a great city, and it inspires me to think great thoughts....OK, fantasies. If my manager and my agent weren't constantly monitoring me by reading these blogs, I'd probably say more - you and I would both get a little grin out of it.

I'm an existentialist. Do you know what that is? I am someone who asks deep and meaningful (others say meaningless) questions that sometimes have answers and sometimes they don't have answers. I mention it only because I have a question to ask you. You think about it, really think about it, write me and let me know - or just write and tell a journal your answer. Here it goes: Say you're in a city that just makes your heart explode. You can't get it out of your head, it's everywhere. Say the smells of that city, the view, the skyline, everything repeats over and over in your head both at night when you're dreaming and during the day. Every time someone says the name of the city you jump. Every time someone mentions a building, or a street that you recognize as being in THAT city, your heart skips a beat...your eyes smile, and your face (without assistance) curls up in a big grin. Would you move to that city?

Henry James the pragmatic philosopher would argue that the only reason to move to the city would be commerce, relations or familial connection. He would state the obvious and logical thought process behind any decision should be. David Hume, on the other hand, being a more pleasure-driven philosopher, would argue that one may or may not choose a city, like a pair of shoes, or a coat that fits well, simply because one can, one looks good in it, one feels empowered by it, or one simply decides to. I'm an existentialist - I ask questions. Some of these questions have answers some don't.

What if that city, that exploding, exciting, charismatic, and cell-invigorating city was a man? Final question? What do you do when the man and the city co-exist in the same space at the same time? Wow! I love Chicago. Every hair on its head, every glance of its lake green eyes - every straight-lined smile carved by the El, every smell of its breath. I love Chicago.

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