Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Been a While

OK....we have been working on the movie "FAITH" and getting the script just right. The men working on the script are my Executive Producer Buck Stienke and my Director Ken Farmer (Seen with Denton and the statue for Best Actor) I can't tell you how great they are. You'll have to see it for yourself when you pick up your ticket next year and see the movie in theatres all around the world. This movie has already been talked about, written about, discussed and even in some cases lied about - - (You know who you are, Eric!) LOL So that must mean we're doing our job huh?

Ken and Buck celebrated this past week with a GIANT boost as their first film "Rockabilly Baby" starring Denton Blane Everett, Todd Farr, and Brandi Price, took Audience Choice at the Trail Dance Film Festival. Denton took home the coveted Best Actor..there were 84 films at the festival!

Of course you know by now that Tanker will be playing the part of Faith in the movie. He'll have to be a little puppy without arms, so it's really a good thing that Tanker is actually a little puppy that was born without his front arms! We're adopting his little fuzzy mutt body soon - - and I can't wait. He's fat, fluffy, rolling around, scooting, and crying like the baby that he is. I'm sure he'll fit right in. I Googled him the other day and the thought occurred to me that not every one is able to Google their own dog. They should be able to. Here's what you do; you sign up on and you write out stories about your beloved mutt - - then in a few days you start Googling and there you go -- your dog is on the internet. If your dog is like any of my dogs they'll be picked up by another blogger, talked about, photos will be shared and instantly you're the mom or the dad of an internet celebrity! Just like that!

Faith and Matrix are quite used to it. Rupert has a little bit of an edge still - - can't figure out what all the fuss is about. Little Tanker won't know that this isn't the norm. He'll have cameras and people buzzing around him all of his life. I'm planning on taking him to work with me every day - - since I'm a producer for film company it stands to reason that he'll become quite used to the noise, the buzz, the people, the lights, the action, and all the glory of moving sets around for hours waiting for that one 30 second shot - - and of course the hot actors! Oh yes, we wouldn't do this job without the hotties!! Enter Todd Farr and Denton Blane Everett and Jodie Moore! You know, Brandi Price is cute too, but she's a girl -- all girl. She's about nine feet tall too, so she scares me! Not really. I'm kidding...stop Brandi, I'm kidding..AAAAHHHHHH!

Well, here you go - - my first blog in a week or more. I'm not making excuses I've been working on the script, driving back and forth from my former home in Oklahoma to my new home in Gainesville, Texas where the shirts I wear will still be as crimson as they ever were...Boomer Sooner. You can't cross into Texas without feeling the change of air, the generosity of the people, and the immediate knowledge that as a Sooner fan you're outnumbered...nevertheless, if you only drink bottled water that hasn't been opened you won't be sucked into the Longhorn Fan Club. All is well!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tanker Hope Orlando Stringfellow - Born December 2008

God is soooooooo funny. He's the greatest, and He's the best, and He's the most Almighty and He just makes me laugh. Sometimes God calls His believers to do certain things for Him and to carry out His mission in certain ways - - I think of Martin Luther and his personal stand on faith. I think of Moses and how God chose him to lead Israel when Moses himself thought he wasn't educated enough, he wasn't well spoken, or polished...I know how he felt. Sometimes I open my mouth and I shouldn't. Often times I feel with my words and I should not..should not...should not! I think of the men and women God has sent to Africa, China, Central and South America to colonize, testify, and to lead non-believers to His cause. I am not one of these people. God, in His infinite wisdom and grace has given me the patience and strange quirkiness of mind and soul to adopt, train, and love - - two legged dogs.

Now, say to yourself that I must have a couple of loose screws, I have to right? My dad just stopped shaking his head the other day over what I have managed to do with Faith; and now he has to start it all over again. Oh, but this time I have a plan! A plan that's been worked out with the military, the people in Hollywood, and so many others who had to be trained right along with my first two-legged dog Faith. I have been telling people for years that I really think I do a few things well, and raising two-legged dogs is one of those things. I also (in case you care to know) make beautiful children, bake well, and I write rather nicely too. God did actually bless me with the love I have for the written word.

TANKER was named Tanker because my son is one in Iraq. I wanted THIS two-legged dog, my second, to be strong, forceful, and a presence to be reckoned with. I wanted this dog to be dominant, powerful, and have all the benefits for knowing not only that things were going to be OK, they were going to be fantastic. Tanker's life didn't begin well - - I wanted him to realize that he will have a forever home that will teach him more than just how to stand and walk on his own, but to be a military therapy dog, to be a children's hospital bedside companion...he will be trained, used, loved, and appreciated every day of his life.

About a week ago I got an e-mail from a woman who asked me if I could help her train a little deformed puppy who was dropped off in a box with several others in the Orlando, FL. area. I answered that I would help her. I wanted to know a little about his breed, as I believe that smaller dogs make better candidates for walking upright if walking upright was her plan for the new little puppy. I would prefer to see the puppy wheeling on a cart made for the front legs if we can get one that works and if he can push it without becoming frustrated from the mechanics of having to learn to do so. It just seems best right? Well, after a day or so of thinking about it I asked the woman if I could actually adopt the puppy. We needed a little two-legged pup for our upcoming movie about Faith, but I also get excited about helping another special needs dog, especially one that I can actually do something for because I have experience in this particular area...thanks to YOU KNOW WHO - - Jesus! (But we're not naming names) LOL

I was told I could adopt him! I was told he was a boy! I decided to name him Tanker after the job my son holds in Iraq. Then I was told Tanker was a girl - - and she became Tanker Hope....but then today it was confirmed that the puppy is indeed a boy dog. He is a he, and he is still named Tanker Hope, but I decided to add a little manly name as well - - and since God made very few men better looking than Orlando Bloom, and this guy was born in the Orlando area - - he is Tanker Hope Orlando Stringfellow. I simply can not wait to get my kisses on him. I'm told he's already strong, pulling and scooting. He's up and about with his siblings giving them heck, and he's already made friends with a cat or two - - they like to give him baths. Good. I don't have any cats, but cats are always good allies to have. Better to have a cat as a friend than an enemy, yes?

So, welcome to the Stringfellow family Mr. Tanker Hope Orlando Stringfellow. Just as soon as he is in my hands I will tell the world which rescue center he came from,and where they can donate for the support and love of others. I'm not about to tell you now and have someone abscond with my baby! NO WAY! LOL...can't wait to see you little guy. My first present to him is a little blanket I got from the U.S. Army. He's going to be a good military mutt...a really good soldier from day one!

Friday, January 9, 2009


Believe me, if you called me last night or today to give me heck about the game I would be the first person to shake your hand to agree with you. JUST LIKE last year when West Virginia beat us and I passed a guy on the boardwalk on Venice Beach wearing a West Virginia hoodie - - I bought him coffee. We didn't suck last night, it wasn't that we were playing all that badly, we just didn't seem to have the heat that we have had all season long. We weren't out there losing the game on purpose - - well, except for a couple of plays that looked a bit sketchy, and I'm sure Stoops will point those out this afternoon if he hasn't already to the team.

We could go on and on about the refs, the line-judges, the fact that they didn't call holding penalties on Florida or that they didn't give the Gators penalties for moving the damn ball at the line, which they did. You don't have 11 players pointing and screaming without something going on - - but it wasn't called. We could go on and on about the first touch down which was very clearly NOT a touch down, but a butt-down on the ground, and could talk about the clipping call that wasn't called that resulted in the bobble of the ball when we were going into the end zone.

Rather than going over the game with microscopes - - let's hope the BCS realizes that you don't play a game in Florida if one of the teams is from that state. It's clearly a conflict of interest and in this case it was a loss of a National title possibly. Tebow was great, he was there, he showed up, I think he was more motivated than Sam, but it could have been because he wanted it more. I don't know. It was the 3rd time Florida has won, and OU has won 7 National titles. Maybe we went in that game thinking it was our game. Well, if that's the case, we got chomped!

It's a bit obvious to everyone when the cameras are focused 90/10 on the Florida fans, and cheerleaders, or taking sideline questions from Florida fans and/or ex-players that the media may have been a bit shouldn't be, and it wouldn't have been in say Arizona, California, Hawaii. Tickets should have been offered to the Oklahoma fans like they were to the Florida fans - - and yes, the refs should be from separate conferences. A holding call is a holding call rather it's from Oklahoma or Florida -- not calling it is wrong, and although we're rather used to it by now when we play in Florida, it still bites that they feel they have to cheat to win... I think Tebow and his crew could have done it without the refs, but we'll never know will we?

I will say this: Bob...I love you, but you should have challenged more. I'll keep you around another few years because you're the man, you're the best, and the Sooners absolutely thrive under your coaching....BUT...who in the HELL was letting #8 over that line last night? He was Sooner material, call the boy and see if he's wanting to jump ship and eat a little beef next season!

Congratulations to the Florida Gators, to Mr. & Mrs. Tebow for raising such a great kid, and to Tim - - for your courage to wear the black pads under your eyes encouraging all of us to read John 3:16. Damn the torpedoes and praise God! Next year Sooners.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Other Son Matt (Spc. Clark)

I don't say enough about my other son....Matthew Douglas Clark. I have to talk about Matty, he's getting MARRIED in a month!!

Some of you may say that I don't talk about Matt as much as I do Reuben because, well, let's face it, I'm not his real mom. I adopted Matt last year when he and Reuben met in Alaska; nevertheless he is my baby too.

Matt and Reuben are out there in the sand and wind finding better and more better ways to protect you and me from the world and what-would-be bad guys of the world. I can say this without reservations even after looking at his most recent photos, that I trust my life in Matt's long as someones watching Matt to make sure he's still standing. From what I hear he and Reuben trade off falling down laughing when they're together, so maybe I'd actually feel more comfortable putting my life in someone else's hands when those two are together. Just maybe.

Mr. Matt is getting married in a few weeks so you can see from the photos that he's been practicing what he is thinking about doing as soon as he gets back home and find that pretty bride, but what he doesn't realize is that I've posted these pictures and I've kidnapped pretty Brit so that he'll have to a least work on his form before I let her go running into his muscled up arms. WAIT....if he's here and getting married in a few weeks; whose going to be protecting ME? MY GOD, that leaves only Reuben! Do we think that's such a good idea?

Matt Clark has been achieving great and fantastic goals since he left his home in Iowa to become one of the two best looking, best acting, best performing, and best dressed soldiers in the United States Army. He's managed to survive the Arctic cold, the heat in Iraq, the spit flying from yet another First Sergeant's mouth as he/she cries out another ridiculous order before dawn has a chance to dust off its feet to stand guard over the day! He's learned to dance, he's learned to squat to pick up the soap, he's learned to load the right end of a rocket launcher, and he's lived through a few...shall we say...tests.

OK...true colors. Matt likes to show them off now and then, and from the looks of it so do his best buds and compadres...those colors would be red, white, blue, and a bit of dingy green mixed with dusty brown. That's why we love you Matt...that's why we love you....that and you helped Reuben wipe his butt when he hurt his hand last year, wow, that was going beyond the call Spc. Clark, you ARE a true friend.

Congrats on the marriage thing - - hope that soldier you're "doing" doesn't get all jealous and stuff when you come back.