Monday, November 12, 2007


Sometimes you have a very very relaxing day and all you do all day is, drink in the day, let the sun hit your face, let the wind blow through your hair, and you chase geese. Seventeen is a great age some days.

I got up the nerve to spy on my kid today, and where that can bring me the strangest of awarenesses that maybe I did or didn't want to know - today was wonderful. You can see she was having the best time of it with about 40 or 50 flapping birds that reside just outside our apartments. We live in a little neighborhood of buildings that resemble townhouses, but once you walk through the front doors of one you realize you're in the foyer of four separate apartments. My girls live very close to me, and that's good...but sometimes they're a little too quiet - - you know what I mean. I can do the dumb-mom game, and just bring over a batch of cookies, stare into their rooms and count their toes, or I can go through the front door with both mom-barrels loaded, asking questions and prenatally demanding answers. Today I did neither.

Today I walked out the back gate, it made the metallic squeal that alerts the neighbors that I'm doing so, and they all pop their heads up to see where I'm going - - they love to spy on me as much as I love to spy on them. Today my baby girl was outside feeding the wild Canada Geese (the ones we used to call Canadian Geese, but someone corrected us, now didn't they?) and she was playing with them, chasing them, catching them, even petting them, and they didn't really seem to mind all that much. If they knew what the dead beaver knew about this imp they may change their beakish minds -- Caity can be so gentle and for that I am grateful. She would never harm an animal; but she would cut them up and dissect any dead one - in a heart beat!

Some of the geese were trying to establish their domination with each other, mounting and biting, doing the goose and gander dance when Caity Baby decided to interrupt their lives for a few hours. She was outside with them for several hours, and one has to ask - why wasn't she working today? Whose paying her rent, what did she do for lunch, did she remember to take out her laundry or is it still in the washer? Most of the time I would have walked right up and questioned her, but not today -- today was a day to hang back, use the telephoto lens and surprise her with 5x7 black and white photos framed on her wall when she came home from going to the mall with her sister!

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