Tuesday, September 22, 2009


WOW -- a full week into the RAW foods and I feel awesome. I haven't been able to say that about any other diet I've been on. When I jumped off the deep end this year and did the hormone thing, the HG whatever diet, I was hungry all the freakin' time. I couldn't wait for the tiny little bit of food allowed, and the strict regulations seemed a bit over the top, but they promised results...I should have been more savvy than that. Promises are just empty words when they don't back it up with good science - - well, when it comes to dieting or losing weight anyway.

I found a diet this past week involving eating specifically for your blood type and it was all very cool until I researched the doctor and found that he had never done any real medical journaling about it. He hadn't bothered to ask the science world to engage in studies I guess, and it was more or less in my opinion a way for him to make money. I know, I bet he had reasons and he was all thrilled about the concept; there may even be some 1/2 truths in there too. I just don't want to do anything faddish, or do anything remotely limited because I can't live that way. I'm too active. I get out there in the world and I work hard. I play hard. I want things for myself and that means I have to be able to believe in what I'm doing as far as my eating is concerned.

I remembered being a kid and having all the energy in the world. Why is that? Probably because I wasn't trashing my body with fast food and we ate ONE cooked meal a day in the evening and the rest of the time I was running, playing, skipping, riding my bike, walking, hiking, climbing, and chasing every stray animal I could find. I was actually working my muscles and making them move a bit more than I am now. One other thing, I didn't drink cokes! I never drank them because I came from a family that couldn't afford a bunch of sweets and I'm OK with that.

My grandparents on my mother's side had a huge monstrous garden in their backyard. They had plum trees, apple trees, peach trees and pecan trees too. I remember that. I remember watching and helping my grandpa tend the garden and we ate from it. Mom had one too, but it wasn't nearly as big as grandpa's. She had maybe six or seven things, he had more than 20 or 30 I bet. I don't know, but I remember thinking it was lame to eat what came out of the ground and cool to eat what you could buy at the store. WHY did I think that? Must have been the times - - the advertisements on TV about Tv-Dinners and convenience. Thank God my mother didn't get a microwave until we were out of the house.

I went to the store today and bought a bunch of raw foods. I was finished pretty fast and realized that if I wanted the really good stuff I'm going to have to find a farmers market, a side of the road produce vendor, or drive the distance to the Whole Foods Market - - people in line behind me were commenting on my choices. I thought about it, and then turned to interact with them about the food in my basket. I showed them how I felt after just one week and invited them to look at my YouTubes with Faith and see the physical difference in body! If nothing else LOOK at that! I've lost weight over the past 2 years from exercise and dieting yes, but I never had the glow I have today - - I'm beaming! (Could be the amount of yellow and orange roughage I ate last night!) LOL

Going raw doesn't mean eating salads all the time either. I had a great smoothie for breakfast with sprouted bread and real jam. I had beets, carrots, apples, and spinach juiced for lunch, and I ate another piece of sprouted bread. I'll have seared tuna tonight with artichokes and asperagus heated to 110 degrees with a dab of almond butter over it - - I'm not complaining.

Anyway, I won't say that I won't be 10% this or that, going 100% is hard. Geographically if you're not in the best area you can't get the best things, but you can do better than you think you can. Bottom line - - it's YOUR body. Love it enough to keep it around for a while. Grandpas are good for more than just kissing and hugging, mine taught me that tending a garden at the age of 91 ain't such a bad thing. He did die by the way, which really upset me, I wasn't ready for his exit - - but he was happy.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dream Manipulator!!

Laura was so cute; just lying in her bed sound asleep a few minutes ago. It's 2:40 p.m. so I figured she needed to get up. Rather than yell at her, shake her or cause her to be uncomfortable I decided to spray a light scented body spray over her bed and let the little tiny particles drift down to her face. You should have seen her reaction.

First she was just laying there, no change - - but within a few seconds her eye brows lifted; and then the little smile. At first it was just a little showing of her teeth. Soon a little broad grin pulled across her face and I could visually witness her eyes rolling, knocking on the back of her sockets. Three or four seconds passed and the smile disappeared. Just as I thought Laura would drift back into her deep slumber I heard a little muted sound, something like a grunt, but it was pleasant. I saw my little girl's eyes open and shift from one side to the other and she back to blink.."Mommy, I had the best dream." She stated...then she thought about it and added "Why do I smell lemons? I smell lemons! I dreamed I was in a lemon pudding mom, it was weird, I was swimming and it was really warm, and ..." she trailed off. I grinned as I held up the spritzer (citrus). I figure I can do this to all my kids every day and have them become a lot more livable!

I guess it should be noted that the kid sleeps most of her life away but I don't mind as long as she sings and dances and has a good healthy life otherwise. She eats well, poops well, and works from time to time. Perhaps in the very near future she'll get her 5'8" frame to Tokyo and sing professionally -- we're hoping she can start that part of her life next week.

To hear Laura sing online go to www.showcaseyourmusic.com/Laura she was playing around with it, but she's pretty good!

I love my kids.

Monday, September 7, 2009

TRUE STORY: You Don't Mess With Momma!

Reuben was only 4 months old when it happened. He was a good baby. He was a beautiful baby. Most of all he was MY baby. Remember that throughout this blog, it's very important.

When I was pregnant a whacked out singles minister of my church literally went behind my back and arranged for my son to be adopted because I wasn't married and was about to give birth. I was called into the church office where I was introduced to the female attorney who held in her hands a cashier's check made out to me for $50,000 (the signature was not legible, and I doubted at the time that the real benefactor was named on the check to begin with.) I was told that my son, who was due in just a few days, would be cared for, he would be loved, he would be provided for in ways I was unable to manage. The check would assure me a good and fresh new start; it was suggested that I move to another city and even perhaps to another state. My signature on a paper was required of course.

Now, a Christian woman isn't suppose to do what I had done. A Christian woman wasn't suppose to find herself in this situation; I was to be happy and joyful even that the church had found a home for my illegimate son and I was to be pleased that he would be raised genteelly and with a family that could afford to give him what he needed.

I don't know if I cussed first or just ripped up the agreement nearly taking off the hand that offered it. I'm not sure I swung or not, but I was certainly asked to keep this matter to myself and not make a scene OUTSIDE the office as I was clearly making INSIDE of it. I do remember walking out of the office with enough fear and anger in my heart to set fire to the entire mess of them, but even I knew that would be wrong - - justified perhaps, but wrong....at least illegal, right? Hell, the word "REUBEN" is literally translated "Behold MY Son" MY SON!!

Well, March 22, 1986 found me sitting bolt upright with a painful stab in my belly so severe I thought I would have just collapsed and died from it. However, God in His ways let me have a few more equally and then increasingly stronger punches one right after the other for no more than 4 hours before the joy of my life was finally assisted into the world and laid to sleep in my arms - - all 6 pounds 10 ounces of him. All 21 full long inches; blue eyed and bald - with a winking right eye. Doctor said it was nerves. Sometimes I remember the wink and think "No, no, it's not nerves Doctor, he's up to something." The wink is always followed by a smile. ALWAYS.

As it turns out the singles minister and the church was right about a few things: I couldn't afford this kid. I didn't have money to cover his needs. I didn't have what it took to raise a baby anymore than I had sense not get myself into that situation in the first place - - but I was there, and it was my situation, and Reuben was most certainly MY baby. I turned him over to God on his third day of life; asking God Almighty not only to protect him, but to never take him from me, never.

Reuben was about 4 months old when it happened. A man thinking his girlfriend Melissa still lived in the little house I lived in began banging on my door demanding entry saying he wanted his baby. He wanted his baby and he would kill to get him. I grabbed the phone but it was dead. The man was laughing at me through the window and was literally looking for something heavy to smash the glass with so he could gain entry. There wasn't a backdoor and only two windows. I was trying to see out one and protect the other by shouting out to him that I wasn't Melissa and my baby was not his baby.

All the while I was screaming, pacing, and frustratedly trying to figure out what I could do to protect my son, I did have the wherewithal to put Reuben in his bouncy seat and put him inside the closet with a light blanket covering him. It was August and even though it was 9:00 at night, it was hot. My electricity had been cut off earlier in the week and I was waiting on Friday to roll around to get it turned back on again - - it was dark, I was scared and my baby, God bless him, was sound asleep not aware of anything whatsoever happening right before his little eyes.

In near pitch darkness, with the light from the pole on the corner beaming in just a little, I was able to find duct tape and two strong kitchen knives. Using my right hand I taped one of the knives upward to my left wrist. It was harder to do the 2nd, but I did manage; all the while screaming that my baby was MY baby. God only knows how Reuben slept through my ranting, but he did.

I positioned myself on the back of the couch and in seconds the door was broken down with a fast and hard kick of the world's most freaked out would-be kidnapper "YOU WON'T GET MY BABY YOU SON OF A BITCH, I'LL KILL YOU FIRST, I SWEAR TO GOD!" Well, OK...I said more than that, worse than that, but it's public blog you know - - should keep it somewhat tame, right?

It didn't take the man long to see for himself that I wasn't Melissa - - whether or not he could see the gleaming lights from outside bouncing off the knives, or if he just saw them when I lowered them to gut him - - I don't know - - he ran. He ran and I cried and I wondered deeeeeeep deeeeep inside if I hadn't been too selfish not giving Reuben up. I wondered if he really would have been better off being raised in a wealthy renown home with fireplaces, plenty of food, morning newspapers and card games on Thursday nights....maybe a minute passed before my son cried for me. Maybe 4 seconds passed while I used one knife to free one hand and the other to do the same on the opposite side - - maybe I never had those thoughts again; all I know, and I mean this with everything I have - - HE IS MY BABY. Sometimes I wondered if when Reuben was in combat in the middle of Iraq - scared and/or thinking about his mission and trying not to get too emotional if he didn't somehow find the duct tape and the knives in the back of his head to be somehow comforting...because I would in a heartbeat pack my cutlery and head off to the Middle East if I thought someone was gunning for my son...at least I did in my heart, and he knew that.

My girls came into this world under such different circumstances and to be sure they have their own stories of how mom caused public scenes for and because of them - - all I can say is - - YOU DO NOT MESS with a momma's baby. EVER. LOL

Saturday, September 5, 2009


I was in Hobby Lobby today, a store like Michael's Hobbies, when I got the call. MY SON REUBEN called me from an unknown number, but I always answer these because it could be him. He called for about 30 seconds to say "Mom! I'm in the U.S." Those were words of joy, prayers answered and WOW - Wow - Wow - Wow. "Mom!, I'm in the U.S." can you fully understand the impact those few words can make on a woman's heart after she hasn't heard from her baby boy in over a week - waiting for him to board a military plane to leave Iraq and make it back to what we call Stateside? I was so happy to hear him and receive those words I let out a big "Woo! YES!" inside the store, and then I shouted at the top of my voice "Hey Everybody, my son is home from Iraq!" Immediately I heard clapping and people hollering, cheering, and then they came up to me and hugged me, laughing, some crying - - my son laughing on the other end of the phone asking me where I was. "I'm in Hobby Lobby son." He laughed a little more and said "Tell them I'm OK and Iraq is where I left it." My son is home. Let me say that again; a hero has landed back inside the borders of the greatest nation in the world.

Thank you Baby Boy. I know you won't be in my arms until Christmas, but I feel you, I hear you, I know you are in America - - and that just makes a mother sing.

Thank you Jesus. Where my son has left Iraq, I hope and pray Christ never does. Hooah! I love you boy.

OUCHY! THAT One REALLY Hurt Everyone of US

OH.....the pop you could hear all the way to the National Championship banquet! Sam Bradford (Oklahoma University's Jr. Heisman Trophy Winning Quarterback) was nestled UNDER BYU's defensive end #41 deep into the 2nd quarter tonight in the opening game of the 2009 College football season - - and it didn't turn out good for us. Us being Oklahoma fans - - Nope, it did not turn out good at all.

I suppose if we had the time to play each and every play and/or penalty over and over again we'd see that the winners of this game were wearing black and white! Brigham Young hadn't beaten a ranked team in over 20 years. That's a fact that doesn't change overnight...they got a lot of help. Noted: their team is a good team, their coach is a good coach, but BYU (try as they did) is not Oklahoma. They won't win more this year just because they ended up winning this one; no, it's one of those "Wow, we did it" moments - - and the referees couldn't have been a better allie to the Cougars. Oh, did I mention that the teams, although hosted by the Oklahoma Sooners, were playing in what some called a NEUTRAL stadium? They were playing in Texas at the new Dallas Cowboy stadium - - the one with the hole in the top, the one with the GIANT screen that caused a problem earlier this year with high kicked balls - but I won't make any excuses about the stadium. I will however, defend to my death, the FACT that the referees were not, in fact they were ANYTHING BUT neutral.

We lost Sam and it was devastating - - but you don't get to OU and make 2nd or even 3rd string quarterback without being great. Landry Jones played a great game - he did. I mean, he had butterfly moments, and he had 2 or 3 passes that he didn't complete due to lack of snaps (he hadn't take a single snap before this game actually) but Landry completed 2 passes to his receivers that were called incomplete and if a ref thinks he's going to call holding on OU but not on BYU he really needs to ask himself if he's truly partial or if he resides in TEXAS a state quite known for NOT wanting Oklahoma to do well in this particular sport. WHAT was our General Athletic Director thinking by accepting the offer to play in TEXAS without playing a TEXAS team? Are you kidding me? I don't run a program at any university and I know that much - - please!

If we're playing a Texas team the refs can't be from Texas, but that doesn't hold true if we're just playing in their stadium against a team from another state. Don't think for ONE SECOND that these men didn't want to see OU fail. Texas was playing at the same time OU was playing, just not in the same place - - if Texas had played and won earlier in the day these refs would have probably been a bit easier on us, but not now - - not when they don't know where Texas will end up on the weekly ranking. Imagine being given the chance to play in the best stadium before anyone else in college - - OK - - that's heady stuff, but NOT IN TEXAS!! Not if you're an Oklahoma team! C'mon, the Red River Rivalry isn't a hoax - - it's IN US. It's deeply seated in our blood. It doesn't matter if a good half of the Oklahoma Sooners are from the state of Texas, the REFEREES were from the state of Texas! They see CRIMSON and suddenly they see RED! (That last statement, infact, this entire blog only really makes complete sense if you're from either side of the Red River.) When you wake up tomorrow and go about your day without bitching about this one - - YOU ARE NOT from either side of the Red!

Well, it's over. It's in the books. A team that hadn't beat a ranked team in 20+ years beat the #3 (should have been #1) ranked Oklahoma Sooners by 1 - - and ONLY after our Heisman Trophy winning quarterback was hit (late by the way) and hurt. They won because they weren't from Oklahoma. They won because they don't really matter to anyone living in Texas - - they won because they showed up and ran their game well enough to slip by the "all-seeing" eyes of the cameras, which by the way caught much more than will ever be told on record - - unless you happen to have taped it like we did and can take out your own John Madden yellow marker and etch up your big screen like we do, and we will for the next 11 seasons -- it takes 11 full years for Oklahomans to get over something like this. We're rather thick - - but that's OK; we earned the right to be where we are, and it shouldn't be taken away JUST because a group of men with the power to do so make bad calls - - I will ask this; why the HELL didn't Bob (Stoops) challenge? That much I will ask.

Congratulations to the Oklahoma STATE Cowboys who beat Georgia today. They'll brag about this one for awhile, which is another very good reason why it takes a full 11 years for Sooner fans to get over a loss like this.

Godspeed Sammy boy, Godspeed!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tis Gettin' Close to the Season

THIS year, THIS Christmas will be a bit different - - by "different" I mean it will be 100% traditional. REUBEN is coming home at Christmas. Now, for the rest of the world a traditional Christmas is probably somewhat ordinary, average, the norm, and certainly from time to time predictable, but in our family - - well, it's OUR family.

Reuben was born under the Sun sign of Aries, so he really should be (and most of the time is) gregarious, happy, fun-loving, giving, and above all friendly - -right? NOT when it comes to traditions. This man is a hard-ass about every tiny detail right down to the FACT that you can't eat Little Smokey sausages before or after the holiday season - - I don't eat them at all, as I am a vegetarian and that FACT pisses my traditionally traditional son off as well. I can't say he's ever held me down and forced me to eat meat; but I would NEVER put it past him to think about it. I think I hear him now - - screaming from Iraq, what, what is it son? "WE WILL BE A TRADITIONAL FAMILY MOM...and we'll love it! You hear me, we're going to have FUN AND THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT!"

This is the kid that used to come into my room and stomp his foot until I looked up from my iPod-induced trance and demand that not only do I turn the music down so I can hear him ranting about his sisters; I had also apparently forgotten that the Christmas SEASON does not start before Thanksgiving. Baby Boy called me from Iraq on my birthday (November 22) last year to bitch...he'd called his sisters first and found out they'd pulled the Christmas tree down from the attic early. EARLY. (I didn't know there was a TIME for that sort of thing.) He wanted to know "WHY IN HELL" did I pull the tree down from the attic? WHY IN HELL did I allow the girls to plug in the lights - - even if it's just to see if they work? WHY? WHY? Because Target has their lights on sale NOW and if the ones we used last year aren't working I want to save $1.00 if I can, is that such a bad thing? It was. It was a bad thing. That ONE dollar of savings cost me hours of lecturing, listening to the reasons why I can't have Pumpkin Spice coffee in the summer - it's not to be drunken until the first Monday Night Football Game! NO Preseason games get the Pumpkin Spice, that's a FALL drink Mom, a FALL drink. (WHERE did this kid come from?)
His father and I weren't this way - - his father invented the Christmas light game in JUNE - - we played it just before...yeah, OK...never mind. Reuben comes from outer space, not his dad.

Maybe because Reuben came into this world under NON-traditional Christmas activities he feels the need to re-track and get me back in line or something. Wow, does he have a ways to go. I was 24 years old before he came around! What did I do without him? I know I had to have survived somehow! LOL Kids can be so freaking demanding - - He'll come up with "Mom, I'm really a simple man. Very simple man. Just feed me, give me a job -- I do it. Why can't you get that through your head? Put the damn lawnmower back in the garage Mom, it's February! GOD will kill the grass, you don't need to cut it." That's when I explained to him I was going to sell the mower at the garage sale Saturday morning - and then I actually ASKED MY SON if that was OK. I did! I asked my son for permission to sell MY lawnmower - - well, that's OK really. He's been the man of the house for more than 12 years now; he's been a Christmas-Nazi longer - - but this year - - this YEAR....HE IS THE MAN!!! The BEST present God could ever ever ever give us was HIS Son, this year, He's giving me back MINE. If that means I have to keep my clothes on and turn the iPod down, hang the wreath with a red bow on the door - and drink PEPPERMINT MOCHA, well, BY GOD and all things HOLY I will do it! (and fall on my knees thanking my Lord for His grace and his mercy for protecting that hard-headed, narrow-minded, in-the-box thinking man I call my Baby Boy!)


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Quantum Physics and The Law of Attraction - WOW

It is true. I mean, you can accept the fact or deny it, but gravity is real and so are the other laws that universally rule us. We can't simply pick and choose which ones we will accept and which ones we don't. The Periodic Table is a guide to use in instructing us which elements are in existence and a good scientist (not me) can show or help guide you as to which of these elements should or should not be combined, exposed, pressured, you get the picture.

Curiosity can be a great launch-pad for discovering new worlds in physics; especially when you know that some of these physics involve ideas, thoughts, patterns, and behaviors WAY above the scope of your (my) imagination. I love digging into that sort of thing. I love unearthing, or unspacing something and just pulling out the stops long enough to drift in and out of intellectual bliss; literally drowning myself in information I can't possibly survive alone. That really turns my head...and it should turn yours.

Did you know that people vibrate at a certain numbered frequency? Everything does. You know those really really cool light scopes they have on CSI that you can put ANYTHING into and depending on how long it takes the laser light to pass through the object determines the make and material of the object you placed in the scope? Well, they work and so do sonar machines, wave machines, equally neat equipment measuring past the nth degree both our sound vibrations, luminous frequencies and because of this we fall subject to (because it's the LAW) to the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction simply says: That which you send out you will receive back. Let's break that down. If you have a vibration level of 10 you send out that frequency and more "10" comes back to you because that is what you put out...10.

If you raise that level, or lower that level in any way, that is the new signal you are sending out, and that is the new level that will come to you in time. Did you read that last part - - in time. It does take time. Time is a good thing. You want time to be a factor here - - if you put out hate all of a sudden you don't want hate to come back - - time allows you to change and break down those hate signals into more usable love and goodness signals; believe me - it works.

Test it: Go into a WalMart and walk around. Notice the energy levels of the people in the building, see them, hear them, listen to them, try to gauge if you can the level of vibrational frequencies they're putting out. There will be many many many different signals, but there is an overall pattern to it. Then, go into a high-end department store and do the same thing. Vibration and frequency patterns can and are measured every day - - so you or me making this discovery is not rude or selfish. It's not mean or belittling - -it's a fact. The mall has a different level of energy flowing through it EVEN if the same people are in the mall that were JUST inside the WalMart. It is a fact.

OK - - now for the really super cool news that just begs to be shared. Are you ready? You can, and I do this all the time, manifest your wants and your desires (dreams included) by simply sending out the signals for it, waiting for it to happen and repaying the universe with gratitude and joy. It's up to you to respond with joy when something bad happens - - the Bible was very clear in James when it says: "Count it all JOY when you come to a trial in your life" JOY is not fake, it is a decision, a very conscious decision that you choose to make in order to play HIGHER levels of energy out into the universe so you can receive it back. More pain and more suffering begat more pain and more suffering.

DID YOU KNOW - - that you can (it's measurable)scientifically prove that a vibration becomes a signal after you've been giving thought to one desire or one thing for only 17 seconds? JUST 17 seconds is all you need for the "dew point" if you will, for a vibration to take off and form -- and then go out into the world ready to retrieve a like thought -- that's why time is important. Hate and passion are two very strong feelings, the fact that you would have to hold these thoughts for a full 17 seconds is WHY it takes a vibration that long to form.

DID YOU KNOW - - that if you hold that thought, that desire, (through meditation) for 68 seconds it will be bonded, braided even, stronger, and more powerful, and will return to you with it's like strong bonded vibration FASTER because of it's measurable weight...frequency? TRUE...just 68 seconds will bring it! BRING IT!

So, here's the plan: You knew I had a plan. I'll sit on my bed and think. I'll pull out the stops, adding sensory alert music, sensory arousing incense, and THINK not only for 68 second, but patterns, of 68 seconds over and over again - - just to see his face when that vibration hits him and drags his butt over my way - - it has to happen - - he's a law abiding man. He can't be THAT resistant - - I LOVE this universe! I REALLY LOVE IT. Poor Gary. Resistance is ... you guessed it, futile. LOL Oh, and yes, along the way I'll think of the book I'm writing, the movie I'm producing, and all the things I'm suppose to be busying my mind with when I'm not plotting to quantum physically with my fantasy....but I do love the mind - - I do love the mind.