Monday, November 26, 2007

My Best BEST BESTTTTT Friend Jeanie

OK, so there you go, my best friend and my son. Two of my favorite most wonderful people in the world. If my girls were in the picture, you'd have all 4 of my favorite most wonderful people. Look at that woman! Doesn't she make you sick to think that she looks that good at HER age? Please, we met in high school 30 years ago...she was....1 at the time. I have no problem admitting my own 46 years, but I'm not about to squeal on Jeanie and tell you that she graduated before way, I wouldn't do that to her. She's my bestest best best friend, and well, I'm jealous as heck is what I am.

So, when you know someone for 30 years you start thinking about some of 300+ concerts you've seen together, or the gazillion rock stars you've met together, and you think about the trips to the State Fair, football games; both high school and college - but we laughed this weekend over the 138 jobs that I've lost since we've met and the 3 I think she's actually had for all this time. You can see we're perfect for each other in terms of being friends because she stabilizes me and I give her a living entertainment package. If she doesn't call me every week she's bound to miss out on something life changing...seriously, mine or hers, but it will be changing.

I was the maid of honor at her wedding, and she was the matron of honor at mine. We both hated her first husband, and we both hated my first husband too. See how that works? She married well the 2nd time though, we both love him....and me, well, I have no intention of getting married again (except for you know who, and even then I'd be compromising my lifestyle, and giving up things I'm not all that sure I'd like to give up, I mean - I'm an independent thinker, a maverick at times and even if Gary were to ask I'd have to think....3 full seconds before nodding my speechless head.) She'd approve, she thinks turtles are worth saving, and she likes the fact that he's employed. One of us would have to be I guess.

I think Jeanie's favorite "I-Got-Fired-Again" quote from me was when I worked for a grocery store. I was Oklahoma City's FIRST girl-sacker. They didn't even call me a female, I was a girl in 1977. Anyway, the funny thing is, at 16, it wasn't anywhere near my first job. I left and when she asked me about THIS employer and why it didn't work out, I simply said "It was a mutual agreement between the two of us that I should no longer be working for the establishment." Even then I used longer sentences to explain myself than I needed to. By 16 I had been fired a least 4 or 5 times. I always had a great excuse too, but she's always liked that one, so when I can I pull it out and I explain myself first by expressing the's an ice breaker.

I've been fired for walking in on my boss when I shouldn't have. I've been fired for showing up a day late. I've been fired for doing too good of a job in fact, and they called it working myself out of employment. I just couldn't pace myself, and ended up doing a bang-up-you-gotta-go job after a week or so. One of my favorite firing stories was when I worked at a nursing home. I was young, going to high school and thought I was naturally going to be off for the arch rival football game. No, I was not let off, I was scheduled, and I was scheduled to show up an hour before the game started. Something about people needing to be fed on time every day. I quit. I wasn't fired. I was officially fired when I walked out, this place didn't let a person quit - if they fired you they didn't have to bring you back.

Jeanie understands me. She understands that football games are always (then and now) a top priority. I rescheduled my wedding day folks! We got married on a bye week. No, I'm serious. I don't joke about OU football. Jeanie gets that, and if it means that every year she's forced to go out and buy new OU t-shirts, hoodies, and stuff, or if she has to drink a beer with me at the pub and scream obscenities at the guys wearing other than Crimson, so be it. Besides being perfect every fall, she's a Cancer, I'm a Scorpio. If she was a guy I could marry her I guess, but she's already married, and Darren being an Aquarius would never go for the threesome thing.

There you have it. MY BEST friend in the world......forever! I love you! (Oh, and don't worry about the Big 12, we got that!)

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