Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pancakes Flying Everywhere!

(This didn't really happen)

What you DON'T want is this girl cutting up your pancakes for you at her place of employment! She's working with her little sister at the *** Pancake House in OKC, and let me tell you - she can wield a pretty mean sword! Halloween found the girls wearing costumes of course, out trick or treating, throwing an on-and-off again party at their new place, when BAM - out of no where they both got called into the Pancake House to waitress for the 2 a.m. crowd that shows up just after the drinks stop at the local pubs. Laura, because she's THAT WAY, decided to keep the Halloween party a-go, bringing her lethal weapon with her and using it in the best possible way - - to assist patrons in cutting up their food! Well, thank GOD, she only helped a couple of people she personally knew, and only one table was marred for life!

Can you imagine being a patron at 2:40 in the morning following a wickedly loud or obnoxious costume party, going out for substance, and getting your pancakes chopped up at the table Japanese style by a Harajuku anime character from Hell? The wig isn't in this particular picture, it was taken before the wig and the shoes. Have you SEEN the Japanese style or fashion known as Harajuku? I suppose I'm slow, but it's been out a while - Laura's been into it, but I thought she was just over the top compensating for not having her horse any longer - no, she's up to date in Tokyo! When she visits she'll need 3 or 4 giant suitcases just to carry the costumes and of course, the swords will have to be checked!

Pancakes and dinner tables were cut into pieces at the Madison Halloween night and into the early dawn hours of November 1 - what a sight! At least Caity had the brains and stability to dress as a hooker! (Wait a minute...)

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World Champ Stephen Neal said...

You're a writer, a poet, a genius (you know it). You don't buy lettuce, you grow it.