Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Switching Gears

OK hey, it's been quite a while since I last wrote. I have been doing so much, and just haven't gotten around to doing more writing. I'm thinking hard about changing all that, not only because I'm unemployed again, but also because I think the world is about to come to Jesus! I should actually clarify that, and say that Jesus is about to come to the air, where He'll take all of His Church! When that happens you can bet your ... well, your anything you care to bet, that the world will be mourning not only the loss of their loved ones, but also the babies, the children, the special needs people, and mostly those who thought they were going to go UP will realize they didn't go up with the Church. They will probably mourn the most! People, it could be in a matter of weeks, months, or days. We don't have time. We do not have the time that Satan wants people to think we have. We DO NOT have that kind of time; so get it through your hearts and heads now...it's time to SWITCH GEARS and kick it into overdrive!

Christians..STEP UP. Tell people. I doesn't matter if you'll lose your job. God will provide for you. YES, it sucks! It sucks really really badly, but it's time to tell the world that if they don't take Christ as their own personal Savior, there will be hell to pay - literally, HELL to pay.

With the 2 major signs coming this late summer and early fall, you can't help but know that God is fulfilling every last prophecy He ever said He would. He told us He would, and He even said in John 14 that He was telling us (them) that these things would happen, so that when they did happen we (us) would not be taken off guard. We (us) would see the coming of the Son of Man in the sky and we would meet Him there (rapture).  What signs?  Well, the Moon will be turned to blood, which we saw already, but there will also be a darkening of the Sun before the day of the Lord, which is the beginning of Jacob's trouble, or the Tribulation.  THIS August 21, the Moon will eclipse the Sun and there will be a nationwide eclipse over the U.S. and many other gentile nations.  That will be one sign. The 2nd will be on September 23, 2017, which is the Revelation 12 sign. THE GIANT BIG FAT SIGN that will tell the world, the WHOLE world, that Lord is God, and He will not tolerate the continued mocking of His word.

Revelation 12 talks of the star constellation in Virgo with the Moon at her feet, clothed in the Sun (during the day) and 12 stars above her head. That's 9 stars of the constellation of Leo, and 3 roaming planets: Mars, Mercury, and Venus...all lined up perfectly, with JUPITER between the legs of the virgin about to be "born". The BIRTHDAY is September 23, 2017.  Jupiter (which has been in the belly of Virgo for 42 weeks at that time) will exit. This HAS NEVER happened in the history of the history. NEVER has this constellation and/or sign ever happened, but God said it would, and He said it would in the LAST DAYS people.  If you don't hear anything else, pay attention. That day may be too late for you if you are not a Christian. I'm not saying it WILL happen, but there are a lot of reasons why it may.  These reasons would include, but are not limited to, the fact that Israel is 70 years old after May 12 of this year. Some think it will be 69 after the May 14 celebration, but God's calendar is 360 days, not 365 days, and since the day Israel became a nation, there have been 70 years of 360 days...so she's 70.  The Bible says THAT generation, the one that sees Israel become a nation, will NOT pass without these things happening, and it is not passing - - things are happening.

Of course there are signs such as wars, rumors of wars, famine, earthquakes, etc...that's the beginning, and not we have more birth pangs. THIS IS IT people, and I don't care how religious that sounds, it's Biblical, not religious.  There is a difference.  Now, that being said, Jesus is NOT bound by the Feasts dates to show up. He could come at any minute...any minute at all.  We are to live our lives accordingly. We are to occupy, and to plan for the next years to come, but not expect to live here for them. We know this generation will not pass.  We are there!!!

Please, to know more, to hear more: Go to YouTube and look up the following preachers and/or teachers.

1. Charlie Garrett of The Superior Word in Sarasota, FL
2. J.D. Farag of Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, HI
3. Perry Stone Ministries
4. Pastor Paul Begley
5. Thomas Ice
6.  Lamb and Lion Ministries
7.  www.gotquestions.org is a good one for Bible questions.

I just want you to be SAVED. I want you to know Jesus really really is the Son of God, and He really did die for you, and He really will forgive you. REALLY...have I said REALLY?  OK. I love Jesus, and I know you will too once you find Him and know it's not a joke -- this world as we know it is coming to an end; why not leave it and join Jesus in eternity, in peace.  I pray you do.