Monday, November 12, 2007

Sarah's Flat Stanley!

It is NOT every day (well, nearly every day) that Faith gets to meet a big time celebrity, but today was one of those days. We were just hanging out around the apartment, when from across the pond in the back yard we heard Faith's new little fan club calling to us. She is often recognized by local beautiful people, so we waved and we called back and forth over the water to say hello to our new friends. I decided that I would take Faith over to the office building where her little group worked at a real live urology clinic. We were a little confused when we entered the building on the 2nd floor, but this is Oklahoma - we just let it roll!

Inside the urology clinic we met two of the sweetest ladies out there. I know one of them is Sheila, but I forgot to get the other woman's name. I do however know her little niece's name - it's SARAH. Sarah had previously made a little Flat Stanley doll for her class project, and her Flat Stanley had been visiting the clinic with her aunt for a little while. The idea behind Flat Stanleys are to have the dolls visit various places, have their individual pictures taken while visiting, and the student (Sarah) then writes up an essay about the adventures of her particular Flat Stanley!

Wow! To be in the presence of such a world-renown doll! It was awesome. We were honored and pleased to have Faith's picture taken with Sarah's Flat Stanley, and you can tell from the smile on Flat Stanley's face that he was equally thrilled to be with Faith. Faith even sniffed his little body and accepted him as a new friend. Maybe Sarah's Flat Stanley will be the hit of the classroom now that he's met Faith!

For more information about getting your school or students into the fun, just Google it! You'll find a new friend and fun like you've never imagined. Flat Stanley goes EVERYWHERE!

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