Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Love November

My Grandpa Edwards was born in November, and so was I. We had that. I miss him ever time I think about the fact that no one can buy me cordial cherries, and have it mean the same as when he did. He hid a dollar under the bottom row, and he ate the first cherry, EVERY TIME. This is a little girl's poem to my Grandpa's memory. Intended to be sweet, and without much fuss.

A Man I Know and Knew

I knew a man who had one leg
He had one leg to stand on
He had two arms, this man I knew
A chest that his heart could pound on

He had a head with white ringed hair
Hair from ear to ear
No hair on the very top
His eyes were crystal clear

What a nose! It stood out so
His mouth was just as large
His teeth he bought, he had two sets
He rode in Daddy’s car

This man I knew went away
Away to be with Jesus
So far away – I can’t be close
One day I’ll hold them both

I know a man who has two legs
He has two arms just waiting
Waiting for me to meet him where
His chest and heart are heaving

He has a head of hair I’m sure
With ears that still stick out
His nose is sure to be as big
As it ever was

I know a man whose teeth are real
Who never rides in cars
I know a man whose prayers I feel
I love you so, Grandpa.

Ernest Rivers Edwards
November 19, 1890 – July 5, 1982

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