Saturday, December 1, 2007

BCS - Big (12) Conferene Sooners!

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I've said it before, but it warrants me saying it again - I may move to Chicago, but I will never give up my Crimson! OU Baby! OU! If we'd only been able to see a little of the tunnel's light during the first 3 quarters of the Texas Tech game a couple (three) weeks ago, BAM! We'd be on our way to another (another) Sooner National Championship - Division 1 Football; that's what I'm talkin' about! BOOMER SOONER! Reuben had to go back to Alaska today and he missed the game. We would text, or I would call and leave a message every time something happened. He was in between flights texting, calling, getting scores. At one point (half time) when it was tied at 14, he was at the Anchorage airport about to board for Fairbanks and gave out one of those Oklahoma disappointment calls - you know the one, sounds like TRUCK...but starts with another letter. Security looked up - Reuben pointed to his hoodie, the guy nods...understood. But, in the end, as he landed, before he stepped off the plane he was on the phone asking "Did we win? Tell me we won!" 38-17 Baby Boy! 38-17!

I was asked tonight what a Sooner was - someone obviously passing through our state didn't know. My answer to him was this : It's a winner! Someone who chooses to win! Now he'll go back to Arizona or some other place and tell someone who may or may not correct him. I feel bad I don't! What a GAME, did you see it? You heard it first, all over the airwaves, all day long you heard the Mizzou Tiggers and their animal handlers talking trash and carrying that big fat stick around, pumping it in their hands and saying how they were going to the BCS...BCS stands for Big 12 Conference SOONERS - Don't forget it. Back to Back to Back to BACK....maybe I over spoke that one, but close enough.

What a week for OU too; we retired Boomer and Sooner our 15 year old ponies that pulled the mascot's Sooner Schooner around the field(s) every time OU scored a touchdown! They ran more than 20 miles over the course of their rein (no pun intended) - - they declined to make the trip to Texas for the Big 12 claiming it wasn't in their contract - True Sooners they are: if you don't HAVE to go to Texas, you don't! People say horses are stupid; these guys have people, whose people have people....and they're signing autographs and selling locks of their manes for charity I understand...great little ponies.

Not only did we have the big retirement party, but we had Senior night, one of the largest tailgate parties in the country during the Oklahoma / Oklahoma State Bedlam series (we won 49 to 21 by the way just in case you're a Cowboy fan) The trip to San Antonio proves we can beat the Tigers on another playing field, they were complaining a bit after we doused them earlier in the year - even with our over 100 yards of stupid and immature penalties, even with our best runner out of the game, and even with our Quarterback being wrongfully overlooked for the Heisman when he BEAT OUT every other contender for the prize - we beat them at the Alamo! Grab a big fat long horn steer - - Let's BBQ! TEXAS STYLE!

On to the Fiesta Bowl, on to the next season....Thanks Bob, and thanks to the team, the coaches, the staff, the trainers, the cheerleaders, and most of the MOMS and the DADS who made those little boys and then you grew them up to be the BEST! BOOMER SOONER!!!

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