Monday, October 25, 2010

Matrix is Missing - - Not Good

Mr. Matrix ran away from home, but I don't think he meant to. He must have been roaming around the woods and the golf course and just thought he would go visiting ONE more house before he came back. His partner in crime, our little Jack Russell Teagan, did come home. She's not the type to go into ANYONE else's house. No way, she is the type (the Jack Russell Terrier type) that would stand outside someone else's house and bark at them as if the house was her own. Matrix takes another approach. He would waddle himself into their house, past everyone except the kids and show off that wiggle-waggle body of his. He's a mooch! He knows that kids have food, and that kids love friendly little dogs. He's not stupid. He'd take his collar off if he could, suck in his gut and pretend to be homeless - - he's that good! I think Matrix is actually living it up in someones house thinking he'll be brought home soon enough; but why not get all the love and hugs he can for now?

Being a perfect dog as he is; half Beagle and half Dachshund, Matrix is about 27 pounds, and only 15" off the ground. He likes belly rubs of course, but loves to nuzzle, cuddle and snuggle even more. Infact, if you start cuddling and scratching the old guy you have an all-day job. He'll push and nudge your lazy hand if you stop, and look at you with those ... well, those dog-eyes and tell you that you're being derelict in your duties. He obviously needs to be loved, and you obviously have hands to scratch him with. He certainly won't pass up an opportunity to sit on your lap or clean out your nose with his tongue. He's one of THOSE dogs that has to sleep with you, on you, under the covers, and as he's pinning your legs down and you're thinking he should move, the thought hits you hard that he's a dog and he's sleeping and it would be a blasphemous sin to move the animal...that's the thought I get anyway - - maybe that's why he loves sleeping with me.


I let him out to go pee-pee but didn't realize Teagan was planning to dig a hole and go roam about the place. We live on a golf course in Avon, Indiana, and there are woods, creeks, deer to catch, squirrels, all sorts of golfers to visit, and then there are the miles and miles of nothing but cornfields to run through - - come on, it's a dog paradise!! House after house after house to find, kids to love, dogs to chase up and down fences...but sooner or later you'd think the boy would miss me and come home. He's not allowed out, and he knows that, but we do walk the course a lot and he's marked every single tree along the 10, 11th, 12th, holes as well as the front of the country club...he should able to find his way back. I just think he's in someones arms right now being held and kissed. They can call the number on his tag and find out that he's loved...I hope they do. Come home Matrix....I miss you!!

No, seriously mutt, get yourself home right now, I know you follow me on Twitter too. You see your face on my Facebook profile, get yourself home boy! (I love you)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

IndyStyle and Pet Pals TV

Faith and I have been in Indianapolis, or the surrounding area since the end of August. I've been so very very busy trying to find work, and working on getting my book published that I haven't really kept up with the blog. Rather than calling it "Jude's Almost Daily Blog" I may have to change the title to "Jude's Whenever She Can Spare Time Blog". Honestly, this area of the country is not only gorgeous it has some of the nicest people I've ever met - - and that includes those Southerners from my own homestate of Oklahoma! Hoosiers are really very kind people. If you have an opportunity to meet a few I'd highly recommend it.

This past week Faith was interviewed by WNDY-TV host Patty Spitler who has been in the television industry for more than 25 years. For 23 of those years Patty was on WISH-TV, a CBS-TV affiliate, as an anchor and reporter. Today she's with Indianapolis' first real pets and animals show called Pet Pals TV. I was honored to be a guest on the show this morning (prerecorded) where I spoke a little about Faith coming to Indiana to do more in the Midwest. It just seems like she has been to all the corners of the nation, and hasn't really made that big of an impact in the very middle of it. I love the Heartland! It's so full of great things to do, to see, to be a part of, and just watch! Some of my favorite teams are from no more than 2.5 hours away - - all of the Chicago teams really, but I do have to admit that I'm not really a Bulls fan; never really got into basketball, but since OKC has the Thunder I'm sure I'll have to join that force soon. I am however very much into baseball, hockey, football and horse racing! I don't know all the names of the players, but I love the sport(s) for sure.

I was downtown the other day and saw Peyton Manning out and about with friends. You don't think about things like that in Oklahoma because we don't have a professional football team. He's tall - - really tall. You know that from his stats, but when you're standing right next to him and looking up to see his big smile you think - - yep, he's tall!

I love downtown Indinapolis -- I met cops, horses, Starbucks baristas, attorneys, groups of people from the Future Farmers of America, and I ran into a beautiful red-headed girl wearing a German Barmaid costume selling apple dumplings and beer at lunch time. It was fun. One of things I did this week besides being on Pet Pals TV was to interview LIVE on WISH-TV's IndyStyle show with Host Andi Hauser. It was October 22, and it happened to be Andi's birthday! There was a little party on the set, and she had her favorite meal cooked on stage, and with that came an amazing triple chocolate cake! OH HECK YEAH! Oh, and we met Actor Chris Burke on set too. He was in town to promote a great cause, a walk that he and his musician crew do to bring about the awareness for the cure of Downs Syndrome. He is the BEST. He is so very very sweet, and literally fell in love with Faith the second he saw her. I hope to work with Chris in the future too - - that would be a blast.

Well, so much for what's going on right now. Like I said, I'm still looking for a permanent job, and I'm writing, hoping to get the book written and published very soon. I have 2000 names ready to buy it the second it hits the shelves - - which means about 3500 books will be sold -- to join the list and get a $3.00 off coupon just go to: and sign up! EASY!!

Lets hope every week and month in Indiana is as good as the last one. Fall is a wonderful time of year and I'm soaking in as much of it as I can. I hear the winters can be....well, grisly cold. I may have to find myself a good pair of thermals and light up the fire! (I'm thinking caramel apples, hot cocoa, a good book! Maybe I'll watch an old Gary Sinise movie to stay a bit warm in my never know!) LOL