Monday, September 6, 2010

Not Everyone in Indy Races Cars

Hey there! We moved to the Indianapolis area and believe it or not, we're not race fans. We're going to start telling people we are, and in fact, we're thinking of telling them we bought a race car and we're looking for a driver - - but we'll be sure and come clean about it after a while. No sense in being mean, right? We moved to an area just west of the city where the most prominent natural resource seems to be golf. I mean, we see a lot of corn and soy out this way, but 4 courses in a ten mile radius tells you that Hoosiers are rather serious about their game. Funny, we don't golf either! We live on a course now, we can see the golfers in the morning just after daybreak - - we've scared a couple of them when Faith walked out to greet them. We're nice, we wait until they hit the ball before we freak them out completely. LOL

There is so much to do here really - - Indy is close by of course, but all the little towns and cities around the main focus of Indy are busting with shopping and museums. They have so much to do that my kids are pulling me in every direction. We only have one car still. That has to change. Laura was just hired today so we'll be able to save up soon enough. She got hired when she walked into the barn where she wants to board a horse. First she has to buy the horse, but we can take care of that easier than a car. Horses are pretty cheap these days in this economy. I am going to be buying one myself, one that Laura can train.

Laura walked into the barn today to hug a horse and Lucas the main employee asked her if she was ready to start working. She had previously spoken to the barn manager about a part time job mucking and feeding on the weekends. She was so happy!! You could say she was dancing, but she was also trying to look composed. Last time I saw her Lucas had handed her a shovel and a wheel barrel and was directing her to the first few stalls she'll be working on. She was smiling and if you can skip while pushing a barrel she was skipping. Give a girl a horse and she's in Heaven - - poop and all. She's all over that job. I'll pick her up at 3 and she probably won't get into the car. She'll be shampooing or brushing someones horse.

Indy has a lot to offer; those who live here may not think so, but having come from Oklahoma where unemployment and crime is on the rise - - this is a haven of peace and quiet. They say boring, I say great. I don't need a race car. I don't need to see a Colts game (but I will you know, I will) just give me a Target, Old Navy, Kohls, and maybe a few artsy things to pass my time. I'm good.

Caity will be working at the bookstore soon, her boyfriend Brandon wants to get hired at a distribution center. I don't think it will be a problem. There are "Now Hiring" signs everywhere. Maybe I should keep that quiet so as not to cause a stampede - - lol.

I owe it all to my good friend Liz who kept bragging about Indy. It's all her fault. Thanks Liz!