Friday, November 9, 2007

National Enquirer Called Me Again

Hello....may I help you? I was minding my own business when a freelance writer for the National Enquirer called me yesterday evening to ask me a few things about the situation brewing with Faith and the so-far unnamed famous actor that we will be working with in order to restore order. Since the magazine has successfully found a business associate of mine who will tell names, and answer some of the questions surrounding the situation, I thought it best to go ahead and do my best, in my blog, to say the things I would like to say, just in case it gets a little fuzzy in the magazine. Since it's no longer a secret, and it will be out there, there are a few things that need to be straight from me. I'll do the best I can.

Here goes: I have hired Debra Opri to settle a matter between myself and Mr. Vince Vaughn, as Vince is the one I feel (and I believe Opri feels) is ultimately responsible for any damages that could have been caused when one of his employed comedians, Sebastian Mansicalco made some very inappropriate and even illegal (opinion) statements about my dog. Vince is a wonderful man, a great actor, and an advocate for the Armed Forces. It wasn't because of his acting career, his fame, or his fortune that I choose NOT to say who he was - it was his involvement with our troops. I am a troop-lover, a troop-mother, and I refuse to degrade, harm, or interfere with the way things are handled in the military. I simply won't get in their way. If I thought that asking Opri to sue Vince would be harmful to the military, I wouldn't do it. It is NOT in any way connected to the military, unless you consider that what Sebastian did could have a definite NEGATIVE affect on what we do for and with the military. THAT point must be made clear.

Because my dog was commissioned as a SGT in the Army, because Vince goes on USO tours, because I believe him to be a dedicated and true supporter of the troops, I was holding his name and therefore his involvement closer to the chest. Now, because the National Enquirer is asking business associates what happened, I feel it is actually better for me to explain it than to rely on the hearsay or secondhand stories that could be heard. The one man (a good man) that I know will be interviewed was with Faith and I in Chicago last month when a CBS television producer or director approached us and specifically asked how the "Vince Vaughn" thing was coming, if it had any impact on the "series" I was suppose to be in, and if there was anything he could do to help.

Well, that was a surprise to me! I knew Vince's involvement, and I had hired an attorney to handle it. I didn't know, and still don't have all the names I need, that we were definitely given a series part, or a movie part, as others have suggested. It has been tossed around, but this guy made it more evident that he was at one of the shows Maniscalco performed. He was in touch with Vaughn, or made it seem as if he was, because he knew what was going on with us. He also knew that I had hired a high profile attorney. Now, how did he know this? I don't know, but the point is, I wanted to keep it under wraps as long as possible since Vince's movie Fred Claus was coming out and I didn't want that to be soured in any way. Looks fun, looks like one of those movies where he is first the bad guy, the irresponsible guy, then makes up, or changes the perspective a bit to save the day. (Wait, that's sort of like what happened with us. He could be considered irresponsible for allowing the bit to be played not only on YouTube, but in a movie that was sold to a Canadian based studio, and then realized that it wasn't the best thing to do when I found out about it, and he got his money back, and decided to do the right thing. Except now we're being told that he may try to sell it to another buyer for more....where's the part where he turns good in the end?)

I want the whole thing to end well. I want it to be played out well enough that Vince is the good guy, that Faith is portrayed as she should be; gentle, loving, kind, and courageous. I want her to be in series, commercials, movies, wherever she is suppose to be without anyone stepping on her plans by making inappropriate statements of defamation. I want this to be a good story, not a gossip story. There is a way - - and that is for the truth to be told. Maybe it's a good thing that the National Enquirer asked me to tell my side. I refused because I'm with Opri, and I didn't want her to think I was being a publicity hound (no pun intended on the hound statement). I want the facts to be facts, my yes to be yes, my no to be no, and for the proper decisions to be made.

Were we hurt financially? Without a doubt. How badly? We'll never know. What to do? Let Opri handle that part of it. I would like the apology, yes, but more importantly, I want the standing. Faith is a U.S. Army (honorary) SGT and she is as proud of that as I am for her. We are 100% behind our troops, and we won't let anyone or anything degrade that fact. Lawyers are awesome! I love mine. Just found out she's from NY originally. That accent of hers came out this morning before she had her first cup of coffee! Hahahaha...

We'll take care of this! God is awesome. Vince, I love you man! I truly do. Do the right thing by Faith; she would accept you and Sebastian no matter what, do the right thing. (I love saying this..."Have your people call my people". It's so cliche, but fun. They're actually not even my people, they're Faith's.)

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