Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday - Nothing too Extraordinary! THANK GOD

Well, it's Wed. Third day of Spring Break, unless you count the weekend. Nothing too big or too exciting happened today with the girls. They did decide to spice up the night and invite Craton to their all-girls-night party tonight. I won't let them strip down today with him in the house, I'm so not cool - but hey - someone has to be the adult.

We went shopping for houses today - something we've been doing for quite a while, but we're at least narrowing it all down to a few good choices and deciding on colors for walls, whichever walls we do end up purchasing. I'm "that" much closer as we've submitted my annotated (now nearly antiquated) outline for the publisher to examine. I swear, if they don't take it after all this work I'll face criminal charges! We have jumped through toooooo many hoops to be denied at this point.

The house we choose has to be perfect - meaning it has to be big enough to live in, have a great bathroom for me because I'm really really tired of cramped up little bathrooms without style. I have to have a huge walk in closet - if for NO other reason to hide in when the kids get too rowdy. I need three full baths in the house, 4 bedrooms, a study, and a formal dining, so we're not talking about a little house anymore. It's something we've worked for, we've worked HARD for, and we have come to the point in our lives as a family that this is what we need. However, I still can't bring myself to buy something overtly large because I feel so guilty for having spent so much on myself. (I'm not even Catholic or Jewish and I have the guilt gene built right into me I think.)

I do have plans to attend an intimate culinary party at Cafe' Bauer tonight. Bauer's is a place like NO OTHER in the world - very informal, in fact, the restaurant greatly resembles a real residence - clothes are strewn about the laundry room, there's a game or livingroom off to the side of the main dining so that customers can relax and just chill while they're waiting on Eric (top chef) to bring their food to them! He brings their food to them! I sup at the table usually with the owner's wife Niki. She is really an extraordinary gal - at just over 40 she became a real life police officer, passing the tests like a young-un, she's no doubt one of the best sharpshooters in the state, and with her romantic Greek looks - she doesn't even have to shoot - she's so sweet the criminals just simply surrender!

One of the nice things about dining at Cafe' Bauer is the price! You bring a little food of your own, Chef Eric makes whatever you want, or in some cases - whatever HE wants to make and you just eat it! Never a charge. Of course, it helps to bring a bit of wine to bribe the man from time to time, and being close to the family helps. Yes, I'd say that being free from the kids tonight, surrendering my own house for 4 hours while dining at the most unique and prestigious restaurant in the city is going to be a definitely highlight of Spring Break 07!

Pizza is on the menu - homemade with real ingredients!

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