Thursday, March 15, 2007

Theonopholous - AKA Sam (My Guardian Angel)

Call it what you want, say I'm a bit odd - it's OK, I'm used to it by now. When I was just a kid people said it all the time, and it really hasn't changed much since. It used to bother me a bit, but after a while I realized that if everyone is talking about me - about me talking to my angel Sam, they're either damn jealous that their personal guardian doesn't talk to them, or else, and this is sad - they don't have one.

I met Sam in Heaven actually, way before I was born and way before I was even being considered an add on to the Stringfellow household. I don't remember much about it, as humans we're limited in our before time thoughts, but you know it has to be true - that is if we accept that Heaven is, and that time really isn't all that permanent. I dont' know the circumstances of our relationship, how it began, or where exactly we met - but I do know that he's been with me since the very very beginning. My thoughts basically are this: I was born, I knew he was with me, and when I gave my soul to Jesus he was the first to be excited because it meant that the soul he had been assigned to was returning.

Being a Christian isn't about easy 1-2-3 steps of becoming saved and doing good - it's far more than that, and if you believe as I do that souls were living before our earthly (attached) bodies - then it becomes a bit more clear as to how this whole friendship works. Sam is mine. He was assigned to me. He has NO other job. NO other employment. He is my Guardian. I love him for it actually, he's a good one. I named him Sam, God named him something else. I knew this before, but after becoming a human, and being so very young (5 1/2) at the time that I surrendered fully my soul - I simply began calling him by the name I felt was best - Sam.

When I was about 30, sleeping, and really just communing with my friend, he appeared to me fully (very fully, and vastly strong) in a lucid and most beautifully vivid dream. He said to me "Judy, (as he calls me what my mom calls me) my given name is Theonopholous." I thought about it, nodded my head, and continued my conversation - whatever it was..I don't really remember. I do however, remember that I had not been paying the least bit of attention to his size, majesty, grace, or astounding beauty. Sam (Theonopholous) is somewhere between 12 and 15 feet tall. His biceps are larger than my thighs, and his color, his all-around color is stark white. Not pale or weak - no, but marble strong white. He has wings, thick, wide, bright lights really - I've never seen him use them, but merely appears and reappears, he never disappears. Does that make sense? Probably not, but he does. He's one helluva guardian too mind you! I never give him enough credit, not only for holding me back, but for shutting my mouth! Seriously...HE will shut my mouth at times when I would have opened it and caused a fair amount of damage.

I can recall, and often do, some of the times he has literally saved my life. We all have had near-death experiences, and this is something that guardians do. They watch. They protect. Call them the bodyguards if you must, but it really is more of a soulguarding going on. On June 16, 1986 he held me tight in my bed while my house was being robbed - I knew the men were in my home. I could feel, hear, even smell them - my only thoughts were for my infant son Reuben who was just down the hall. There was absolutely NO way to get to him before they could..I cried silently and tried to raise my body to protect him. Sam would NOT allow me to go - instead a wave of warmth overcame my heart and I knew my son would be protected (hidden even) from the men inside my house. Cabinets were opened, drawers fell to the ground, my purse taken, my televsion thrown to the ground when it proved too heavy to take. I waited, I continued to cry and pray that my son would be safe...I could not move. What I could see was a thin bright light around my head. I wondered if the men could see it's brilliance. Obviously not.

When the door slammed and the men's voices trailed from the window just outside my bedroom I was released by Sam to run down the long hall to my son's room. The illuminated digital clock read 1:13 A.M. I had been in my bed less than four minutes - the whole event so fast. From my son's crib (he was 3 months old) I could very clearly see a thin, vaporous light, white and swirling through the rungs on his bed, circling him, caressing him. I know my son was not a Christian, he was a baby, but his guardian was with him that night - in cooperation with Sam. We were protected. This is just one time - but a date, a moment I cannot live without.

Sam is ALWAYS on my left. YOU are not allowed to stand on my left. No one is - wait, that's not true. Reuben can actually stand on my left. He is the only one. When someone does venture to this side of me, they almost always retreat - easily, on their own, to my right. Some have even mentioned knowing a presence was responsible for moving them. My best friend Jeannie likes to push Sam around at times. She'll grab me on the left side, and hug me, walking with me and all the while laughing at Sam, but even she - after a second or two will move. Sam's rather large. He does give in to Reuben, which is interestingly strange....but is it?

So, to Sam - I lift my voice in praise, asking God to bless him, to continue his long and unchangable life. I do not, I will not worship him. I worship ONLY my God and Savior Jesus Christ, but for Sam, for my very dear and courageous friend - I say thank you Lord for this gift.

I also, from my heart, pray that you meet up with your angel personally too.

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