Thursday, March 22, 2007

There's Laura A., then there's Laura B.

Laura, Laura, Laura!

There are a bunch of little Laura's in my life - and there is enough love for all of them. My daughter of course, is my #1 Laura. She is Laura Ashleigh - named rather for me, Jude Leigh, rather than the sheets and pillowcases - Laura Ashley. Although, to be honest with you, my Laura A. spends a helluva lot more time in her bed sleeping than she does communicating with her mom!

My Laura, as I call her, is tall, thin, beautifully youthful - has long flowing purple hair (yes, purple today) and is often seen talking to her chest in the mirror - asking it to show itself and to make an entrance someday. At nearly 18 she resembles an eagar 14 year old freshmen at times, but she really can be quite mature when she sets her heart to it. Getting her to do that - well, that takes a little time. Being homeschooled she has created for herself an interesting cirriculum including horse-training and grooming, Japanese, drawing anime, writing anime episodes, and of course as little math as one can legally get by with. I think she's up to Algebra 2 and like me, keeps a good solid distance from all things mathematical - on priniciple. English majors unite!

Then there's Laura B. Bigenho! We love our new Laura. We've known her for about a year almost, and she's like another daughter, a sister, a gal we can call ours and yet we allow her to have her real family too, because we're really cool like that. Laura B. is an Army Soldier, a real life Specialist in the U.S. Army, serving you, serving me, and protecting the world from the patio of her Camp V. station in Iraq! She looks good in GREEN! Hooha!

We met Laura when Faith was doing a little tour of military bases last spring and summer. She was stationed out of our family's favorite location - Ft. Lewis, in Seattle! Laura is a journalist, writing stories and publishing them in the Army weekly newspaper and newsletter that she posts every week to not only the Army but to several of us lucky readers who know her wit and charm to be both professional and human. She has a great way with words and can make you feel as if you're standing right there in the middle of the sand with her as she journeys and ventures through the cities and streets that none of us would feel comfortable visiting. To say I am proud of her would be to understate my love and to understate my honor for such a woman. There are many others just like her, but she's MINE. Well, she's ours anyway.

Laura B. is about an inch taller than short, she has the prettiest red hair and freckles to go with it. Her green eyes sparkle in real life, and turn bright red under the camera's flash. I have to tease her about her real heritage, perhaps she's a Marine - a devil dog! OH NO! She's Army! Hooah! Thanks L.B. We couldn't do this war without you! You, like my baby boy, are the best of the best!

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