Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Lt. Dan Band - and their Webmaster Ben!

The LT. Dan Band - let me first give credit to Uptown Theatre Concerts for the beautiful photo - I did not take it. Ben is the good looking man on the back row - wait...there's three good looking men on the back row - OK, he's the taller one.
So, here they are, the Lt. Dan Band - easily googled, easily found and easily praised and enjoyed. I'm only mentioning them because I'm not so secretly in love with Sinise, as you know, and well - I gave the address to Ben today so he could pick up the blog and get a good laugh. However, I want you - my dedicated and most wonderful readers to get an opportunity to hear the band when they come to a city near you. ( for details)
I'll be in Cleveland this April and guess what - so will the LDB. Yes, I have to admit it was a giant plot and completely calculated ploy on my part. Can you even imagine all the detailed, finely orcestrated work I put into this collision of schedules? What a girl won't do! (She says laughing because I actually just picked up the phone when it rang and told the Cleveland Indians rep that I would be able to show up on April 27 to talk about my very famous dog and infact my very famous cousin Cal McLish, WHO, as you know, is a retired Cleveland Indian!) Can't wait.
The LDB - unlike LSD, will not send you into freakish flashback mode for more than a few songs - they do cover quite a bit of oldies, and you may wish you had a little recreational assistance when they play a few from the Who, maybe Steppenwolf - that Ben....Born to be Wild! I'm telling you. Check him out on the keys, and feed him if you see him in person will you? He's a bit on the thinner side. I'm sure the boy has a good mom, but she's obviously not seen him up close and personally in a few weeks. (Eat! Eat! She says waving her hands in her best Italian Mama accent)
Check them out - become a member of the fan/mail club and add to both your event horizons as well as your retro-brained music fix....thanks Ben for keeping the world updated as to what you're doing and how you're doing it. It is true that the band does a lot of USO tours, going all over the world to entertain for the troops - hugging, kissing, shaking hands, and crying with the best of the best of our American soldiers, but they do make it to local locations too. You'll even be able to take your Grandma! It's that friendly. (She may surprise you and out dance you! Go Grandma! Go Grandma! It's your birthday!) Smiles.

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