Friday, March 23, 2007

Latex in my SlimFast Optima!

Strange, weird and unusal things tend to fall on me, follow me, grasp ahold of me, and just basically happen - to me. I can't explain it. I'm a magnet for the oddities of the world I guess.

Yes, yes, yes, I called the 1-800-SlimFast line to report the lot and batch number from the can that I found a piece of what appears to be a latex glove inside of the can. It's a really good thing I always pour my drinks into clear glasses - actually, I only do that because it seems more like a real replacement meal if I do. I poured out the Chocolate Royale can into a 12-oz goblet type glass and took a really nice swig -- OH, and then I saw it. It came floating to the top of the surface! AAAHHHH!!

I used my finger to pull it out, laid it out on the kitchen granite and studied it for about a second before thoroughly rinising my mouth out with peroxide water! (OK, I'm a bit paranoid...but still) I'm OK, and the people at SlimFast were fast and quick to get right into the investigation of course. No, I won't be suing the company - I wasn't hurt - just shocked beyond belief. Caity of course was saying "Oh, sue them and get me a car!" Don't you love teenagers?

I gave the lot and batch number to the lady, then I thought I should go ahead and give that information to anyone out there who may be drinking a can from the same batch - so, here it is. On the bottom of the can it reads:

"Best by Dec. 2007" Under that it reads: "EGCA 6292 A 18:19" The flavor is Rich Chocolate Royale and it was purchased in Oklahoma City at Buy For Less on NW Expressway and Council Road a few days ago. The lot comes in a 6+2 box and like I said, I wasn't hurt so I guess all will be well - if I die in the next few days - I'll let Caity loose on the company.

Be safe people - pour out your drinks and keep peroxide close at hand! (Just kidding)

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