Friday, March 16, 2007

Symphony of Love

Most of my poetry (all of which is originally written) can be nailed down to a time, a place, a face, a thought or a deep and meaningful feeling.

Symphony of Love

Is my voice a symphony
Do I rage with song
When our hearts are melding
Two becoming one

Are your notes of tenor
Forced with breathless thrust
Are the whispering of woodwinds
Leaping from my tongue

Quicken heart! Hold time
Surround the sound - silence
Mewl for no one else to hear
My lover's lips will thunder

Rage, lift up my very soul
In crescendo - rapture!
Deep inside, harmonious tides
Melodies - captured

Songs for only our ears
Sweet in every note
Panting - exhausted refrain
Music is your stroke

Sing sweet lover to me
Your song a kind surrender
Symphonic pleas, submission
Orchestra in motion

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