Thursday, March 15, 2007

Quando, Quando!

"Every moment's a day - Every day seems like a lifetime."
Quando - Tell me when.

Great dreams my friends. Sometimes I feel like staying a sleep and never facing the day. The day, by the way, is going great guns too. I'm not in any legal troubles, I have my daily bread, family, love, fun, and even a little excitement - but the nights....Quando, tell me when. (You gotta love Michael Buble' - although, I will be honest, he's not my Quando.)

Little observations of the day yesterday - nothing too terribly exciting. I took a former student to the Zoo because he wanted to play hookie and I didn't want him alone running the streets on the side of town that he lives on. Being a former teacher, I decided to take him to a little tech school too so he could think about signing up next year when he's a junior - make something really great of himself. He's very very talented in the world of art and design. No better profession than graphic arts for a pen/paper and paint man. The Zoo is such a beautiful place to walk and to subject your senses to. Nothing smells quite the same on the Earth.

I noticed also while watching CSI-NY, that the Montana girl Lindsay used Mac Taylor's badge when she flashed it. Mac's badge went through Hell last season when it was on his person when he was inside a building that was blown up. The badge's shield was nearly complete, and we saw the number (not for the first time) as being #8433. So, what was Miss Montana doing with Mac's shield? If memory serves me he was suppose to be out with the M.E. Peyton the night before! OOPS....well, maybe the little British sprite doesn't have the leather-braiding callouses you'll find on Lindsay's strong and feminine hands...Oh, Mac, you shock me!

Let me see - I also noticed yesterday that Carlos Rossi makes a fairly decent wine; even with a screw top! I bought a bottle to make a batch or two of cannolis and there I was....drinking the fruits just for the hell of it. Yes, a good wine indeed. Hey, Montana - show me one of your whips girl, I have a little thought process going on. (Oklahoma girls know their way around the inside of a barn too!)

Oh, did I say that outloud?

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