Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cannolis and Dead Beavers - Spring Break 2007

Oh, I love cannolis. I went to the William Sonoma store to look at the "Cannoli Kit" to see if I really thought $48.00 was a good price to pay for 6 cannoli (steel) forms, a pastry cutter, a little receipe book and I think they threw in a coupon for a $1.00 off a name brand of Ricotta cheese. I decided against the kit. Home Depot however, has stainless steel rods and I can have 12 cut into 6" pieces for about $10.00 (more cannolis for me!)

As spring actually breaks dawn tomorrow morning there is sure to be a few ethnic festivals in our fair city! The two I go to every year are the Orthodox Greeks and the Czechs (Although the Czechs have their festival in October). I love the food, I love the food, I love the food! So close to the time I'm having my belly surgeries too - so it looks like I'll have to behave myself and only dibble where I would rather dive into the cuisine. Dibble. Damn word. Oh, but still - cannolis!!!

Today's shopping spree was all about the food supply in my house. I have four (count them, 4) teenage girls to feed this week. Two of my own of course, Laura and Caity, and two cousins - Lauren and Mary. Spring Break for us meant Jude's House! Yes, the girls are having parties, gatherings, meetings, fights, walks, and then yesterday two of them - Mary and Caity found a real dead daddy beaver in the pond just about a 1/2 mile from the house. JOY! They turned him over, they poked on him with sticks. They discovered that his demise was not natural - he had been shot. They ran home (this is hilarious) they put on their CSI-Miami and CSI-NY t-shirts, hats, and took a box of rubber gloves (Yes, we have them) and they took little plastic bags with them so they could - - - wait for it - - - collect the evidence!

Here I am, minding my own business, making cannolis! Just trying to let the girls know how much I love them - and they want to dissect a dead beaver. No, I didn't let them run to the park with kitchen sheers or the butcher knife. I made them walk with their tools of trade in a big yellow tool box, and I made them take plenty of alcohol, old rags, plastic bags, and a pen & paper set. They took their digital camera (Caity has a 10x Mega Pixel) and they set off for the pond. Why couldn't I have had all boys? Sometimes I wonder - but then again, God made little girls for a reason. (Probably not this reason, but a reason, nevertheless)

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