Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Love is a Rock (poetry flowing tonight)

Love is a Rock

Found on a path not so very odd
Routine in fact, just a step along the way
I found love - much like a rock,
under foot
Though not expected - felt really

Carefreely choosen, taken up
Carried near my heart's wing
Examined now and then again
Mulled over for a reason:
why I found it at all

Something held my gaze to it
Something not quite clear
Just a rock I told myself
Nothing more than stone
Or is it?

Love - like rock - is solid
Love holds its own through all
Failing not to be the rock - failing nothing
Because it merely is - What it is

Nothing changes love, not time
Nothing makes it different
Rock is rock, as love is love
Never to be a rose, a dream -
A mere feeling

A rock - love - never changes
It is - because it is.
Made to be what it will be
Created for a purpose
To remain - always (the same)

Jude Stringfellow

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