Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dreaming of Naked Men in my Bathroom!

Oh, but I didn't mind whatsoever! I dream in vivid, lucid detail - I've mentioned that before, but it warrants telling you again. I dream in VIVID, LUCID detail - and there I was...minding my own business, because that's what I do. I am constantly minding my own business and trouble, fun, excitement, call it what you want - it finds me!! It imposes its naked self on me in my dreams...who said I wanted to see that? (She giggles under her breath, teeth slightly biting her lower lip as her eyes continue to look just a bit south of the sink's granite counter!)

He (yes, he...the same he I won't mention outright) was standing in my bathroom - completely, and beautifully, perfectly naked. He was actually washing his face and maybe brushing his teeth. I wasn't watching his face or hands. I was staring just below the waist at his sensual hips and ...well, the rest of his well toned tan lower extremities - smiling. He caught me. He looked in the mirror and suddenly his butt tightened from a little off guard nervousness - his thighs began to move a little, and the back of his neck began to blush just slightly. I smiled again - I do that. I smile a lot. I'm told I have a pyrate's smile actually. Silent and mysteriously mischievious - then the eye brows lift just a little...just a little, because he started to lift a little - oh, she is smiling again....moving in the sheets and questioning him with her eyes: Are you finished brushing your teeth Sir?

Oh, I love dreaming about naked men in my bathroom - not that it happens often enough, but it does happen, and this was - well - nice.

GOOD night Mr. Man.

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Jodi said...

You are very funny. And saucy! ;-)