Thursday, March 29, 2007

Happy About Something Obviously

I've been caught smiling today! I don't have a clue why either! One of my best friends is going into the Police Academy and she's going to be gone for four months - that can't be it. Our fair state has been rocked with tornadoes for the past two days - that can't be it. The pit bull puppy is chewing up my couch and loveseat - dang, that cannot be the reason.
So, I'm asking myself what the heck is this silly grin all over my face for. Then it hit me - I'm healthy. My son called me today. My mom and dad are still kissing after 51 years and I'm about to write two more books! That's it. I'm about to write two more books - at the same time. One book will be my dreams - ohhhhh, that one will be so much fun to write. I'll need to change my name just to do some of them justice! The other book is actually all of these blogs and a few others that I haven't written, or haven't published - gotta save something for the paying customers.
I could be smiling because nothing makes me happier than to hear from my kids - seriously. I just want to know they're in good, safe, warm places - Alaska counts. Reu called to say the entire unit was in severe lockdown and that they were literally living in a one-room cargo bunker because a "complete ass-hole" (his words) lost a very expensive and sensitive laser that goes on the new weapon the Army is testing. Until they find the thing (3 feet of snow) they're sleeping and sitting on the bare ground. My son is safe, and in a very warm and happy place - he was all pissed off, which means he's in good form, and he's eating well because there was NOTHING else to do.
Faced with the fact that I had to cheer my baby boy up -I smiled. I thought about my duty as a good mother to make him feel better about his current situation. I told the boy to concentrate and to think of something really gross - no, really really gross - like my parents making love - that kind of gross. He did...reported that he now had the image securely in his head - so I asked him "Where would you rather be son, where you are, or in their bedroom?" He was quiet - I could sense him nodding. He thanked me. "I'm OK Mom, thank you! I'll be fine here!"
Just so glad I could help.

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