Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hooah! I know how to spell it now!!

HOOAH! I was actually spelling it "hoowa" but no, it's HOOAH! It's an Army thing. My son says it all the time, and his battle buddies - I was actually curious as to the origin of the word, the correct spelling - even if I can't always pronounce it as good as my soldier son does. I'm told I don't have the umph, but - I do have the heart! So, to my son, to the rest of the boys and girls in ACU green and tan - HOOAH! Thanks for being who you are! Thanks for doing what you do! Thanks for being where you are, and thanks for loving me, for loving yourselves, your country, and your mission. I love each of you, and I pray all the time for your wisdom as well as your protection.

I do have ONE warning: Stay away from the swirling sand storm outside of Kuwait City where the three old rivers meet! It's the original site of Eden, and there's an Angel there swinging a sword in all directions - hence the continual storm. Stay as far back as you can.....LOVE TO YOU ALL - HOOAH!

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