Monday, March 12, 2007

Dreaming about Driving Over People Who Piss Me Off

Last night was a good night. When I dream about driving semi-tractor trailers I know I'm actually behind the wheel of my own destiny. That's what driving a tractor-trailer means when you're actually dreaming about driving one. So, there I was at the mall - I had driven my car. I parked in the rear by a backdoor. I walked in and a kid about 19-20 years old asked me what I was driving. I knew the kid, he was one of my old students. I also knew he liked to mess with cars and break their windows. I told him I wouldn't tell him what I was driving - "You don't get it Ms. Stringfellow", he said "I don't want my buddies messin' with your car!" So I told him. Well, I come out of the mall and the front windshield was smashed in, the back doors open, the trunk open, but whatever was in my trunk was still was too large for them to take it out. I started the engine and began to drive the car out of the parking lot.

That's when the car became a semi-truck with a 53' yellow trailer. Cars seem to change inmy dreams all the time. Sometimes I'm driving a cardboard box and it turns into a dog or something. So, there I was (now) driving my semi when I saw the boys I knew were smashing random windows. I slowed the big rig down to about 5 mph and slowly, ever so deliberately RIGHT OVER THEIR BODIES...they didn't die. They were flat like in cartoons. I got out of my truck and scooped them up with a paint brush (must have been in my back pocket) and I threw them into the trailer.

I pulled into a house, INTO a house, and I delivered the boys. I think there were 4 of them. The father was thanking me, but he reached out his hand to shake mine and the trailer on my truck sprouted yellow hands and offered his/her hand instead! Yes, the truck shook the hand of the father of the boys. I had to laugh...."I'm dreaming" I told him, the father...he nodded as if he understood and I skipped off down the road with a little white toad that just happened to be in my path.

Me and toad...we left the scene. Great dream!

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