Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring Break - Painting Pubic Hairs and Other Fun Activities

MY GOD! You have not lived long enough if you have not been in your room, minding your own business - and suddenly hear the eruption of four screaming teenage girls coming from the bathroom just down the hall! WHY? Why are they screaming? (No, why are they ALL in the same bathroom?) They're dying their hair - not the hair on top of their heads - NO that would be normal. They are all dying their pubic hairs: Purple, Red, Green, and I think Blue....I'm NOT about to go look!

They're screaming, laughing, dancing, and singing - just thumping around in the bathtub so that they don't make a big mess on the floor. Forget about the towel supply. I didn't ask when they grabbed every last towel from the cabinet. I didn't ask when they took my credit card and the car keys to go the beauty supply store. I should have asked. I didn't question a single thing when they went single file, piling into the bathroom and locked the door behind them. GIRLS ARE WEIRD! WEIRD!

Spring Break has a whole new meaning nowadays I guess. I made them promise that they wouldn't be taking any photographs to share their new found fun - and when they began slapping each other on the butts...well, I had to at least knock on the door. They were slapping each other to make the other one release the hand covering the newly colored "bo-bo" as one girl called it....(makes me wonder what I called it at 17?) Anyway, they came running through my room just after their initial shock of being so free - and I do mean free! They pranced and danced, laughed and fell about the room laughing at one another and comparing hand-slap prints on bare bottoms. Can it get stranger? It's ONLY Tuesday!!



SupernaturalDogTrainer said...

Oh my gracious! I had/have never heard of such a thing! And I live in PC!!!! Weird things go on all the time here.. but good Lord.. nothing like that! =) WOW!

jude said...

At least they are all cousins. They've been naked together since birth, but that's OK. I had to close my door and locked it to keep them from invading my SPACE. I'll have to check the laws about naked girls being outside after dark.

jude said...

After thought! It is now Friday, March 23, and the brightly colored cousins are disbanded! I have to say I don't think a senior trip to Hawaii or Panama City, FL would have been as educational, spontaneous, and adventureous as just a few days at Aunt Jude's! It's over! It's OVER!!! Get your decorated butts back to school!

(Delores, you get them for the summer!)