Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vegetarian with Benefits

Hey - a girl's gotta eat right? (right!) I don't call myself a vegetarian because I do actually eat chicken about once every 10 days or so, and I'll eat a tuna sandwich from time to time. I just gave up the other stuff about 4 months ago and it hasn't been long enough to call myself anything other than healthier. I'm not one of those all the way girls anyway - well, not that it would necessarily be a bad thing to go all the way mind you - I mean, I might! I just might do it, and if I do I don't need anyone judging me on my choices OK? Hahaha...we are still talking food right? OK, anyway, I gave up beef and pork just because I wasn't getting the nutrients I needed but I was getting the bloat, the weight, the poor digestion, not to mention it was eating through my pocketbook! Wow! I have actually saved a lot of money, enough to buy the fruits and vegetables I needed to juice and dice up anyway.

I have another really interesting bit of information to confess too; now remember I'm not a Catholic, so if I confess I am apt to do it openly and you can forgive me if you want to. I found that not eating beef and not eating pork has allowed me to have even more lucid and vivid dreams - if that was even possible! I have colored, story-dreams complete with plot, dialog, starring roles of course belong to a very select few - OK two, but they're really wild now! I love the way I feel in the morning barring the kinks in my neck from the rock-climbing, sky-diving and the criminals I chase down on the streets of New York with Det. Mac...he's hot I have to give chase when I can.

This morning I was pouring my daily 8 ounces of fruit juice (always mixed with prune juice, aloe vera, and usually carrots) I noticed that the normally browny purple colors had all turned more browny brown so I was thinking to myself that my liver should have no problem helping me out a little - it may think it's been liquefied, but I'm just getting too healthy here...my flabby mid section had better start paying attention to the stuff going on in the inside of me because I'm coming after it! I'm calling for a war, and I'm bringing the big guns - - exercise and diet! We're going to do this damnit, we're going to fly the flag, sing the song, and dance the dance!

I never in a million years would have thought that I, Jude Stringfellow, would be considered a vegetarian - with benefits of course, I do the 5-8 ounces of chicken and a little can of tuna you know - I do keep the path open for some sin. I think the best two or three things about going green (red, orange, yellow, you name it) is that you don't have to go all over the supermarket to get what you need. You don't have to rush home and throw them in the frig. The kids don't eat them as quickly, and I save enough money to buy really cheap CDs on Ebay. My iPod has close to 3000 songs downloaded and most of that music came from my 1 cent madness buying online. I will however tell you that my latest music came from the internet! I downloaded (sorry if I'm not allowed to guys) songs from YouTube. I have Tainted Chains 4 songs that they have uploaded, and 3 from the Funeral Chasers. I'm into young punk indy people - always have been, I was one - I just refuse to give up the tag! I'm old, but I rock! Deal with it.

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