Wednesday, July 30, 2008

CBS - SCREWED the Pooch! (Tillman and Ron)


Episode 4 of the Greatest American Dog (Ha!) is in my opinion the LAST episode of the show. You can't expect the audience for next week's show to be kind to you CBS, not after literally throwing out the TALENT and the ONE team that carried the show! Bill and Star are great, but Ron had the remarks that people listened for. Like tonight when he asked Brandy how she even got through the doors of the show, it was priceless. Those remarks are not written for him,his down-to-earth surfer-boy talk is real - that is RON. That's what made the show watchable, and Tillman's good looks, come on!

Tillman is so adorable, so talented, so off the wall GREAT but you didn't even capitalize on his abilities! Why? Hey judges - Teresa used citric acid to make her dog look mean. KICK HER OFF the show for cruelty. Then she lied! Hello - video! Remember when producers asked me to be on the show and I said no? I smelled the controversy. I sensed that you wanted to play it, you wanted to jimmy it. How would they have overlooked Faith's lack of arms if we were expected to swim or shake hands? I can't tell you how happy I am for saying no to money - sure the exposure would have been great, but not at that cost. I won't HURT my dog for it. It never was about the dog now was it? It couldn't have been, otherwise you wouldn't have hired so many TRAINERS.

Another thing. Who paid these judges to open their mouths tonight? They were so inconsistent, so very broad, completely off the topic usually - and given their mightier-than-thou attitudes I won't be surprised to see the record of all records broken this week - millions and millions of would be viewers (Yes, including me) STOP watching. The ONLY thing good about Tillman and Ron going home tonight is that I have that one hour in my life back to trim my nails, wash my hair, pick the neighbor's dog's poop up before I go to bed - - without Tillman and Ron on the show there is no show. CBS, are you listening? Because you don't listen to the viewers, so why should we watch your show? Oh, I remember, Criminal Minds came on after the Greatest American Dog did tonight. That's why people tuned into the last 3 minutes of the show to see the executives of CBS shoot themselves in the foot! Did it hurt? It will next week when Neilsons come out - do yourselves a favor - apologize to us and put Tillman on a regular weekly show so we can see his precious mug over and over the show Surfer Dude and have Ron and Tillman running a skateboarding shop on Venice Beach. It may not be Baywatch, but I'm sure we can convince Tillman to jog in slow motion and let his jowls flop around.

Sorry Ron, sorry Tillman baby...I just had to rant. You guys rock and they know it by now I'm sure. Faith said to tell you guys hi, and we'll be out in L.A. soon enough. We'll stop by and get the mutts together I'm sure. Kiss kiss to Erika and Reef. You got some great guys, I'm sure you're glad they're safe and happy. Feed them well. (Hey Mikey, you thinkin' reality show? I am! Have your people call my people - wait, you are my people! Call me.) LOL


Mark said...

I can't believe they threw Tillman out last night. We've had a ditzy contestant argue with the judges, we've the whole snarl bands issue--complete with lies, as recorded and shown. And for all of that, they threw out Tillman.

My heart is broken. Walking across the yard, or floating (and farting) in the pool, I really enjoyed watching Tillman every week. At least as much as "Eddie" on Frazier and "Murray" on Mad About You. Tillman will be missed, at my house.

jude said...

After several conversations with trainers and Hollywood producers about snarl guards or bands, I understand they are harmless. I also understand that Teresa used very little citric acid to mix with water to make Leroy's eyes water for the picture. Where I don't agree with her methods I was harsh to say it was reason to kick her off. I do apologize, but I would have voted her off before voting for Tillman, please!