Tuesday, July 22, 2008

That 70's Show - Is so "EVEN"

Picture of Ashton being Michael Kelso, I didn't take the picture.

When I watch that 70's Show I can't help but laugh or maybe the proper "OLD" word is chuckle, because they've completely researched some of the really minute details to the point that Kelso can come running up through someones garage and say something so random, but it hits home immediately. If you're young and you don't get it, but your parents are rolling over laughing, the writers have hit their mark - AGAIN.

Kelso comes running through Eric's garage almost late for an event, but he makes his excuse freely (paraphrased, I wasn't listening that closely to be able to say it verbatim) "I would have been here sooner but I was cutting through the Davis' yard when..." and he goes on about what new electrical appliance they had or something. I don't know, but to say "I was cutting through so-and-so's yard". WE DID THAT. We so did that. I'd walk across the street, but then cut through the Willis' yard by opening their gate latch, closing it of course as to not let the dogs out, then I'd cross their back yard - sometimes even look into their back sliding glass door to see if they were cooking, eating, on the phone, in the living room, or not - and I'd jump their back fence (6') in order to make it to 7-11 without having to walk around the blocks to get there. To get to school I could walk the 8 blocks properly, or just jump my own fence, cross over the Hambrick's fence, their yard, go through the circle, and find the latch on the Shuck's fence, open it, go through their yard, jump over whoever lived on the other side of them, I never even asked...open their latch and cross the street. There you have it - Apollo Elementary!

My sister just bought a new house in a city that has a lot of backyards abutting one another. When she heard someone in her yard this past weekend it scared her to death. Someone had used the support beams on the other side of her fence to cross into her yard, and they went through without a hitch, opening her gate, and exiting. She immediately went to the pound and got a German Shepherd, then to Target and bought a lock for the gate. Subsequently, on a cute little side note: Andie never jumped the neighbor's fences, and I have no idea why. We were all raised in the same house. Another cute side note: Andie thought her new dog was lonely and got him a playmate today. Now she has two German Shepherds. I think that's funny.

Kelso isn't my favorite character on That 70's Show. I like Hyde. I think I would love to have been given the chance to go back to the 70's and I'd so totally rock Hyde's world - I would. He's awesome. He's the type of guy I always stayed clear of when I was growing up, I would have been right around their age I think, maybe 2 years younger, I don't know, but I was always on the goody-goody side of things - but knowing what I know now - - yeah, he and I would have been in that basement. I'd turn the washing machine and the dryer on at the same time to drown out any noise that he might be making - - I'm serious, he's a hottie...at least I always seemed to think boys with longer curly freak hair were cute back in the day. Why was I so wrapped up with JOCKS back then - where is that time machine? I have a few more things to jump than just the neighbor's chain links.

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