Thursday, July 24, 2008

Those Stretchy Tube Things

These are from Reebok I think. I didn't take the picture, and I only bought one.

I bought the one in the middle. My thought on that is, I don't want the easy one - I'll do it a few times and give it away. I don't want the hard one, I won't be able to do it and I'll give it away. Something tells me that I'm the Momma Bear in this Goldie Locks story of exercising, and I want the one in the middle! I want the one that will pull a little, hurt a little, be a little bit of a challenge, and then when I've mastered it I can keep it around for a while and just use it while I stand around watching CSI-NY. I don't sit when I watch that show anymore unless I'm sitting on the Reebox silver stud of a horse/ball that I find myself riding. My God my thighs love Mac Taylor! I can be riding along with my eyes on Stella Bonasara and heck, not much happens - a little ride, a little squeeze to keep my balance. But when Mac shows up....giddy up! LOL...I'm only saying that to freak the man out, sorry, hey Gary - did it make you laugh? LOL

The pulling, stretchy tube thing is cool. I think they have a real name, something really close to resistance tube or elastic restrictive bands. I don't know. I just call them the things that don't work well as a jump rope because the handles are too broad and they slide around on you. You have to stand on the bands to get the resistance you need, and you spread your legs to spread your feet, and you pull up on the bands using the handles and you concentrate really really hard on not popping yourself in the face with one side or the other. If you do what I do, and keep a 1/2 glass of wine just on the other side of the stretch you can find the true mark of the word resistance. 30 minutes of working out gives the wine just enough time to breathe and that headache you developed on top of the muscles you're intentionally pulling can use the flow of relief from Mr. Merlot.

Since CSI-NY doesn't come on every night you may have to improvise. I have the DVD set for all seasons, I know exactly what Danny Messer will say to anything that he has to react to - love that man's voice, sends me to the Bronx every time. He's not rally a Manhattan boy to me, he's more gritty. I think of Danny and I want to punch someone - OOOHHHH, yes, kickboxing. I need to start that too. I found that standing in one place (small apartment) can be beneficial for a few reasons. The dogs now realize that there's a Do Not Cross zone in the living room and Matrix will enter the room, jump onto the couch, and make his way through the room without touching the floor. Faith can't do that. She stands at the entry and just sort of waits on me to get finished kicking....pulling...stretching...riding. If I happen to be on my back she gives me a welcoming lick to the eyeball and I have no other alternative than to let her pass. Who can say no to a two-legged dog that really can't fight her way pass you to get to the bowl?

I've decided to join the gym again for a couple of months to kick the heck out of BOB the standing guy that doesn't mind if you hurt him really badly. He loves it. He's basically there for my pleasure - sometimes I imagine the face of the Sgt. Major that took my son into the Army and I just let him have it! Just kidding - I think of Santa Claus for not bringing me the fire truck I asked for when I was 4.
Oh, she went there!

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