Sunday, July 27, 2008


OK, so I own the rights to LAURA, but Rock Band isn't my logo....or my kid.

Laura has been so cute lately. She's a singer and a songwriter, but she's just now getting really excited about it and showing off in front of strangers that may or may not have any idea that she's been singing for a few years OUT THERE in the big, fat, scary world. She's been to places like Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago, and even Dallas and Seattle singing at military bases. She toured with a rock band festival last year but they were metal and she only performed as a side show artist at the set ups. She had fun though. NOW, the crazy woman is out in the supermarket where she works singing and rocking out to people who come through her line if they're not the uptight stuffy types. If she thinks they'll nark on her, or try to get her in trouble with the boss - who by now realizes she's a temporary employee - then she's apt to sing right at the customer when she takes their money! Usually something from Kelly Clarkson, but she and singer/songwriter buddy Wally Cox have a few new things to add to the CDs she's creating.

Like Clint Eastwood making two films from opposing sides of the war, Laura is creating a Japanese CD and an English CD with some of the same cover songs being sung in both languages...isn't that cool. You can actually hear the girl sing at: and hear for yourself, but it wasn't produced professionally - so don't think it's CD quality. (The video, not the songs recorded under the word SONGS - they were recorded professionally. Laura was just screwing around on the video) People like her! She's likable and she's cute too - if I don't say so myself, I mean yeah, I'm biased, but she's really cute. Talent must run in the family - her brother writes, her sister writes and sing - I be honest with you I think Laura is the better singer of any of us - better than me anyway, and God knows she's better than Reuben! I love you son, but you did NOT inherit your father's vocal skills. Reuben's dad actually sang professionally for a while - you'd think he'd have passed a little of that down the pike - but no, the boy sucks. At least he DOES sing though. He's out there.

Laura's agent Mike Maguire is working on her appearances including her singing at several baseball and basketball games this year - not award winning, but you can't beat having 35,000 people listening to you at one time. (18,000 at a basketball game I guess) If they let her she'll do a half-time show or the equivalent to it, can you tell I don't do other sports, I'm calling it a half-time show! Damn, I have football on the brain. 34 more days to kick off! OU baby!

So, Laura just talked me into getting her the Rock Band for the XBox 360, but we didn't have the Xbox either - so I bought that too. I'm one of those sucker parents that really loves hearing my kid sing, so anything to help right - I just bought the machine, got the software, got the microphone and now all I need is the brat - I need the kid! She's about 70 miles away, and I have to wait! I hate waiting! I don't want to wait - so, I called her up, forced her to sing to me on the phone while she's working and people in line jammed right along with us. The manager thought about getting onto her, but my darling turned to him and said "You don't want my mom coming in here and bopping you on the head do you?" (We went to middle school together, and I wasn't very nice to him then, I'm better now.) He let her sing....thanks Matt! I mean, Mr. Bridges!

Have fun at the store singing and dancing little one..I'll go alert the media and get the press releases in order.


buster said...

Not professionally recorded? Not CD quality? Never again.
Marvin McElvany

jude said...

Marvin, read it again, the work she recorded was not quality work. She could have been much better but she was goofing off. Look at the video - that's what I'm talking about. I hope you aren't thinking that your work was bad. You know you do a great job - - she needs to be more professional. When she's ready she will do a better job.