Saturday, July 26, 2008

Blitz / Rupert LOVE at First Kiss

I'm going to call him Blitz, Caity is going to call him Rupert. Either way - he's the kissing bandit everyone loves.

It wouldn't be fair or right to say that I went out and bought Caity a new puppy to replace her dog Cookie who was murdered last month. You can't replace a soul, you can't replace love. But, I think it would be quite fair to say that I went out and bought Caity a little puppy to ease her pain, to mend her heart, and to help her heal inside and out - - just what the mommy ordered. But, there is a problem. I fell in love immediately, and now I don't know if I can actually give Blitz to Caity if and when she moves out again. This could be a problem.

You see Caity went to San Antonio, TX to be with the whales and dolphins for her 18th birthday and I was thinking of the best way to surprise her when she came home. She kinda sort somewhat thought I might be going out and getting her a puppy, and she'd be sorta somewhat kinda even maybe right, but now I'm hating the fact that I'm feeling like a schmuck because I just don't know if I can surrender this guy when she leaves my house. If I thought about it I'd say I'd much rather have the dog stay for the next 16 years than to have Caity tag along another 6 months. She is the worst roommate in the world - - and the thing is, I'm not really into roommates. I prefer living alone - or well you know, there's that fantasy guy that lives with me, but even he picks up his towels and puts the flushes the toilet. She's disgusting!

Anyway - I went through the ads. Worst thing you can do when you have the money in your pocket, the gas in the car and the time on your hands. Don't go through the'll find one. You'll find 10. You'll go to one and buy them all. You'll bring home a dozen puppies - I know you, well in this case "I know me". I'm laughing because I texted Caity and told her I had a present for her, but that I wasn't sure she could have it - she said "I bet it barks" and I wrote back "only every once in a while, right now he's snoring." Can you imagine? Snoring little Dachshund breath on my leg while I type this very blog. Oh. I'm smitten.

I decided to call him Blitz - that is exactly what he did to my heart. I could have called him Colossal Heart Wrencher but that's a bit much for such a cute dog. Caity wanted a girl. She wanted a black and tan dapple or piebald Dachshund and me being me, I don't really have that color thing worked out in my head when I go look at little faces. I go for the eyes - what are the eyes saying to me? This guy was not the least bit shy about coming to me, he was all over me in a matter of seconds beating the others out of the way - running straight to me and saying in that little puppy way "Hey, there you are. I've been waiting an hour and a half since you called! What took you so long?" That's a good story actually?

I went to Borders Bookstore last night and bought a few things for Caity, but then thought better of it and decided to return the items and use the money to pay for Blitz (who Caity is calling Rupert, I don't know why). I approached the counter, told the clerk what I wanted, but found out that the items I had purchased had been either miscategorized, or the guy that was my cashier last night didn't register it properly - they wanted to give me a gift card. I don't think so! I paid cash I wanted my cash back - show me a breeder that takes Borders gift cards! It took a good half hour and the whole time I'm driving to the place way out in the country in my head - I'm maneuvering through cornfields, passing cattle, counting painted horses trying to get to my little dog faster. It finally happened.

Just south of Boomer Sooner land - Norman, is a town called Purcell, and that's where the baby was. Oh, and here's the really good news. Alice, the lady that breeds the puppies has a few females that will all be spayed this year. She has one more litter coming out of one of the piebald twin dapple black and tan girls she owns and in about 5 more weeks my daughter can start thinking of new names for her new dog, because 6 weeks after that I'm running away with Blitz and she won't be able to find me!! I'll leave a check on the table for Alice, give Caity directions on how to find the breeder and be gone - gone- far away with my new baby puppy. I can't say I'm a bad person for thinking what I'm thinking...I'm "lending" her my dog for a while - sort of a - therapy until she gets her own dog...and her own place.

That would be nice. Wait, I feel a real fantasy coming on...Caity out of my house. That was a good one. That will last me a good week...I'm happy now.

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