Friday, July 11, 2008

5 Second Rule for Coffee

Is there a 5-second rule for coffee like there is for food? I mean, if coffee beans or grounds hit the floor or the sink, can you scoop them up and use them anyway? I've seen people at McDonalds pick up burger patties off the floor and put them back into the bin - hopefully they were fired soon afterwards, but I don't eat at Mc's anymore, so I don't care. I do care...I mean, it's nasty, but I encourage as many as I can to stop eating at fast food restaurants, all of them.

I ask the question about coffee because I grind my own. I buy a pound a week and I seem to be using about a pound a week - just under, and there's that factor of dust coffee that lands on the counter top and in the sink, or on the floor when its early enough and my hand-to-eye coordination if off a bit. Can I just pick it using a clean paper towel and use it? Maybe use the dust that falls and throw out the dust that stays on the towel - the ultimate dirty coffee, not the slightly maybe dirty coffee that was in the middle of the mix that got wiped? I wouldn't think of using a bleach towel wipette, nor would I ask the question if I were scooping it into my maybe not washed morning hands - so the paper towel thing? Its good right?

Is it feasible to think that I wouldn't be serving my dirty coffee to anyone? Not likely..I have surprise guests all the time. I could get a separate little canister for the dust coffee. I could be the only one ever subjected to it - is this even a real issue? Am I really thinking about saving it? OF COURSE I want to save it, it's coffee! It's Starbucks, and it's PIKE PLACE blend! Yes, I want to save it - dust or bean! I want to use it, I want to smother it in water and drink it. I want to bathe in it - not really, I said that for shock value - how are you feeling?

Believe it or not I'm not going to tell you (I'll tell Tim, he deserves to know) whether or not you're drinking 3, 4, 5 second coffee and if you're not offended I won't apologize...I'm only telling Tim because he's new in my life - he was my buddy in the 8th grade (he was in the 9th) we were in off-off-off Broadway stage plays together, and we were incredible! We stopped the show, you know we did....but then we got sent to the principal's office for it, and the rest is just pathetic! Tim is a really cool person some 32 years later....working in Beijing and just really being a neat new old friend. Can't wait to see him in September when he comes back from the Olympics, the dog! (Have fun in China and bring me back a Starbucks mug OK?) If I can just get a few more friends like Tim to round out my middle age crisis of needing to find connections from the past to remember who I am, what I was, where I'm going, and thank God what I am not anymore!!! (But I would like to be skinny as a rail and able to do 15 backhand springs down the hall again, that would be cool.)

OK..back to the coffee, my cereal is suffering while I write this. It's all bran so it'll be crunchy tomorrow no worries. I want more insight to what is moral, what is ethical, what is right on the coffee hitting the floor, counter top or sink issue. Feel free to write me. In my house the floor may be cleaner than the counter! My sink could be the poster child for gnarly at times, and other times smell of Clorox! The sink is out, we'll agree to that now. No cereal, spaghetti, or soy bacteria on my coffee, and certainly no bleach...but the floor? Is that so bad? FINE..I'll throw it really, I swear I will. I'll be more careful when I transfer it, maybe I need a bigger grinder I don't know....I'll throw it out.

Let me go, I have to get up and grind something.

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