Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Love This One

I can't add much to that one.

I remember thinking to myself I need to get a new hobby - kicking people is just getting old and you really can't do it in public anymore without people filming you and getting you in trouble at the school board meetings. This is a bad habit for a teacher anyway. Damn kids! LOL

Actually, I don't like to brag - but OK...I do have great legs for a woman my age, and one of the reasons has to be all the horseback riding, but it could also be a contributing factor that I was in gymnastics forever and ever. I managed to do most of my work with my butt and my legs. I didn't do the bars, the bench, or the beam as well as I did floor. I did so well on the floor because I was one of those new and innovative gymnasts (80's) that didn't use her hands much...I threw myself over and over without the use of my hands into what we call whippits; something like a back-hand spring but you don't actually land on your hands. I kept my hands in a cross on my chest, but others put them to the side. I could do 8 or 9 without a problem - by problem I mean landing on my face.

There was this guy one time - and yes, I was publicly kicking the boy. He jumped me from the side and began pulling on my arm to get me into his car. I'd say he wanted to date me, but I think he wanted to kiss me in private first to see if I would be a bit more submissive. I have authority/response problems when it comes to men sometimes - I just don't give in that often - I have this stubborn thing goin' on. So, he's pulling on me, asking me to get into the car with him. He's pretty adamant about it, but I wasn't playing that day. I kicked him so hard in the upper chest that I broke two of his ribs just below the heart and I swear I thought I killed him. I could have used this bumper sticker on my t-shirt that day! Sorry Mr. Cop, I swear I was just Riverdancing...yep, just practicing for the play officer! He got in the way.

Oh, and there was this other time - speaking of horseback riding. I was on a big horse named Clyde and we were riding along, but he decided to roll with me. That pissed me off. I got out from under him and without thinking I just round-housed him in the mouth! I think he got it. I climbed back on his back (no saddle that day) and just rode the damn horse back to the barn where he belonged. We didn't speak for a while - - sometimes I look at Laura, she's 19 now, and I think "I remember you" talking to myself that is....I remember 19. I remember the angst, the 10 mile a day run/walks and the horses. I remember gymnastics, I remember being in love with John Love and walking 25.6 miles to see him run a 800m dash. (No car that night and I didn't think they'd let me bring the horse to the stadium)

Wow...Bumper Stickers on Facebook. This one brought it back.

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