Friday, July 18, 2008

Dream: They Took the Children

Very interesting and strange dream last night. I couldn't get past part of it, most of it played out like a movie as they usually do when I'm dreaming. I don't always have a clean start, sometimes having to guide the dream from when I realize I'm dreaming. Last night was fun, but a bit off center.

Laura called me to let me know that she had been taken. She was younger than her 19 years, maybe 10 or 11. She was being held by a woman who owned "The Beauty Shop" and she gave me the address of 917 Memphis - I'll have to go look that one up. Naturally I went to this place, but not before using the attic as my doorway to get to my own apartment (don't ask) and I found my baby Caity there sleeping. I took her with me to go retrieve her sister. Laura's concern was that I would have to get several facials before they would let her go live with me again. It was sort of a payment plan I guess. Seems there was this woman, and in Laura's case it was the actual owner of the Beauty Shop that had masterminded the scheme for every child that was taken. Laura just happened to be taken by the mastermind. I wasn't quite sure how I was going to handle it, but I went to the shop with both emotional barrels loaded.

When I arrived at the shop to demand my daughter's return a very nicely dressed man took me to the house of the lady who held my daughter Laura captive. Naturally Laura was in bed - she sleeps all day in the real world as well. She sleeps until at least 2:00 p.m. and I wondered if the woman would find this upsetting. She could try as I did for years to get the dead-head up, and then she would be (as I was) subjected to bitching, complaining, moping, moaning, irritated conversation, and even physical acts of throwing things at me - or, were she indeed an intelligent woman who could be capable of masterminding these sorts of plots, let the kid sleep.

Laura's undoing, or the reason the woman surrendered her to me, was not that she slept all the time, it was that she put ROYAL TARTAN sheets and comforters on the bed. The woman was French. Laura's rudeness (for displaying her Celticness) in the face of knowing she was being held was too much for the woman and she allowed a DNA test to prove she was mine before giving her back - but even that was a bit of an elaborate ordeal. The man giving the test was testing two very simple pieces of clothing, but neither of them were Laura's they were Caity's. He was testing Caity's DNA and finding what we all knew he would find, that the subject of his tests was related to, but not the actual girl before him. HELLO..this is Caity! This girl over here, is Laura, and we told you that. He didn't mind. He let her make the decision as to whether she wanted to go home with me or live in the mansion of the woman who owned the Beauty Shop at 917 Memphis. Laura said she would go home with got it...after she woke up.

That was SO Laura. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and Caity asked me if we could go to Subway for lunch. I have no idea what happened to the other kids in town. I just knew my kid would be calling me in a few hours to pick her up and feed her. Oh, and then there was this golf ball that had been broken and sand poured out of it - no idea.

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