Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007! (Jesus, you're getting old)

(Portrait by H.C. Christy)

According to various scholars Jesus wasn't born on December 25. It may have been the day he was conceived, and as was/is practiced in the Orient, the day of conception is the day celebrated. It makes more sense to think this way, because the first of the year for the Jewish nation is celebrated in mid September. If you recall your Bible stories, Mary and Joesph were on their way to pay taxes - which is what happened at the end of the year, and the first real census was being taken. Besides that, the zodiac's sign for that time, around mid September, is Virgo.

Nevertheless, this is the day we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, and I have to say Happy Birthday! Which by earthly timetables would make the man about 2011 since he was born approximately 4 BC (By the way, BC doesn't stand for before Christ either, so it's OK) The things you learn when you go to college! What will you do today to celebrate? We've always been a low-key family when it comes to Christmas. Unlike the Griswalds, we don't even always put up a tree (that is when my son isn't here, he's the traditional man!) We didn't exchange gifts this year whatsoever except to buy a few memberships for the kids. Reuben got the family a membership to the Zoo for the year. We love that one! I picked up the yearly cost for a membership at both the gym and the Oklahoma Science Museum. I think it may give us discounts at the Oklahoma Historical Museum.....gotcha, that one's free to enter. We love history and science stuff, bunch of geeks my family.

Laura wrote and sang a song to me. That was cool. Caity got herself a tattoo on her forearm. It's a puzzle piece that she designed. It's pink and has the word "Friends" in it. I believe she's having the "Family" tattoo placed on her left forearm. That must have hurt...on the inside, not the outside. OUCH, pain, and suffering, but you know, she's been telling me for years that she was going to do it - she's at least true to her word. It was one of those moments I wasn't sitting on her I guess. I think by this time next Christmas she'll have 10, but I do pray she doesn't have anything placed on her pretty face, her neck, or her hands....please, and thank you.

Jesus has been so awesome to us that I wanted to tell Him thank you personally. I had a little jam session with Him last night, where I just sat on the bed and played my guitar and talked to Him. It's always great when you can just chill out with the Creator of the Universe and talk about what you are grateful for, and follow up with a little suggestion here and there. He likes me, He laughs, I know. He does however answer my prayers, and in time, always in time, I receive exactly what He believes is best for me. You gotta love a God that does that for you! And I do.

So, Merry Christmas to the world, Happy Birthday to my King, and I do believe He'll be reaching out, picking up the ONE that I love today, holding him, kissing him, telling him that in time, always in time, I get exactly what I need....sometimes, what I want. Gotta love a God that does that for me....and I do.

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