Wednesday, December 12, 2007


(Best looking eyes in the Army!)

I'm sick! Just absolutely sick tonight. I was sitting on my couch drinking a little wine with my friend Niki, we were enjoying a great batch of hot chocolate chip cookies....when CSI-NY opens up their new episode with a boy getting shot and killed. His name was RUBEN. Can't tell you how that struck me! I wanted to reach out and rip the head off the shooter, right then, right there. Of course, my good friend Niki looks over and says "Betcha anything they didn't spell his name REUBEN, I know they didn't. Your son is fine." I wasn't really all that personally touched, just maybe a little.

So this kid, this RUBEN, he's living in the apartment complex where Danny Messer lives. Right down the hall. He kept Messer up sometimes with his laughing, and his playing little boy they OFF THE GUY! Oh, please...two minutes, just two minutes with that, I'm OK...I'm fine. Drink a little more wine, Jude, you'll be OK.

The phone rings. "Hey Mom" came the voice. I love my son. Seems someone in Oklahoma City called him on his cell to say a RUBEN had been killed on CSI-NY; it's not a name you hear that often. Reu didn't blink. He knew I would be watching, it's my show. He thought maybe 1 second about it, and decided to put in a call to let his little-more-than-letting-on mom know that he's perfectly safe in his bunk up in the Tundra of Fairbanks, Alaska. (Although, this week Oklahoma had worse weather than the Tundra with our record breaking ice storm.)

"I love you baby. Don't drive your Stryker on the streets of New York Baby Boy, there's a killer out there." He laughed. "I heard about it. Hey, can that RUBEN do this?" he asked, and he reared back and burped one of the longest, loudest, what he would say juiciest belches this side of the Atlantic! That's my son. That's what mom, priority one. If he can do that, he's perfectly fit. He's warm, he's been fed, he's just - - well, the most wonderful son in the world.

So, maybe after thinking about it, I need to thank the writers of CSI-NY for putting the name out there. What this world needs, and I mean this; are a few more Reu. No matter how you spell it. Good night Soldier Boy! Thanks for thinking of me when you knew I was thinking of you.

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