Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sometimes Less is More

This morning I was blessed by Jim Deel and Linda Lattin as they asked me if they could use Faith's picture to represent a poem Jim has written for Linda's website. Linda was stricken with polio at the age of 2, and then in 1985 she was in a terrible car accident that left her in a coma. She stayed in the coma for more than 4 months and suffered greatly because of it. Linda and Jim do all they can do now to spread Linda's unique message of survival - though brain injured, she is quite capable of living a very full life, one that includes writing a book about her experiences. Her humor, drive, and perseverance have earned her the right to be called one of the bravest people on this planet.

Here is the poem written by Jim. I will also encourage you to go to Linda's site and to purchase her book if you can. This opportunity comes very rarely, indulge yourself, and get to know another beautiful soul. (Well, OK 2 beautiful souls, we'll count Jim in there as well! LOL) Love to you both.

Sometimes Less is More

So many times while deep in thought "I wish that I had more."
Things that other people had or things I'd seen in stores.
If only I had fame and fortune, all eyes would be on me,
and they wouldn't notice the limp I had, or my insecurity.

Then one day I saw a dog sitting up as though to beg
With a closer look I noticed she only had hind legs.
A happier dog I've never seen, as she hopped and jumped around:
yet each time someone petted her, it pushed her to the ground.

So happy, and excited, and oblivious to her plight;
It taught me it's how you feel and think that makes everything alright
My eyes are now wide open, like the eagle when it soars
but now I see what it can not see, that "sometimes less is more."

Poem by Jim Deel Copyright 2007. Linda Lattin. All rights

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